Amendments proposed to the European Parliament (Representation) Bill - continued House of Commons

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Mr David Heath
Bob Russell


Clause     23,     page     11,     line     31,     after 'Act', insert 'shall be exercised by a Minister in the Lord Chancellor's Department who is a Member of the House of Commons, and who is designated for that purpose, and'.


Mr William Cash


Page     11,     line     30,     leave out Clause 23.


Mr William Cash


Clause     24,     page     11,     line     35,     at end insert '"consult" and "consultation" mean paying due regard to the views expressed and includes publishing the reasons of the Secretary of State, following such consultation, for the making of an order under this Act and the 2002 Act no sooner than three months before making the order.'.


Mr William Cash


Clause     25,     page     12,     line     3,     after '(3)', insert 'Subject to the provisions of this Act and the 2002 Act,'.


Mr William Cash


Clause     25,     page     12,     line     6,     leave out 'Lord Chancellor' and insert 'Secretary of State'.


Mr William Cash


Clause     25,     page     12,     line     8,     leave out 'Lord Chancellor' and insert 'Secretary of State'.


Recommendations by Electoral Commission relating to methods of election of United Kingdom MEPs

Mr David Heath
Bob Russell


To move the following Clause:—

    '(1)   Before making any recommendation as to the distribution of MEPs between the electoral regions under section 2, the Electoral Commission shall—

      (a) review the methods of election of MEPs currently used;

      (b) make an assessment of the efficacy of the methods of election in ensuring (i) proportionality; (ii) accountability; and (iii) effectivness of representations;

      (c) make such recommendations to the Lord Chancellor as it shall determine.

    (2)   A recommendation under this section must be published by the Electoral Commission and laid before Parliament by the Lord Chancellor.'.

Expiry of Act


Mr William Cash


To move the following Clause:—

    '.—   Part I of this Act shall cease to have effect if the electorate of any of the states whose government or governments have agreed to accede to the European Union (where such state or states are required by law to hold a referendum before such accession) votes in such a referendum to decline accession to the European Union.'.

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