Amendments proposed to the European Parliament (Representation) Bill - continued House of Commons

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Yvette Cooper


Page     11,     line     42     [Clause     24],     at end insert—

    '(2)   In this Act "enactment" means (subject to subsection (3))—

      (a) a provision of an Act (whether passed before or after this Act), including a provision modified by this Act; or

      (b) a provision of subordinate legislation (whenever made).

    (3)   In section 12(4) and 17(3)(c) "enactment" also includes a provision of law passed or made in Gibraltar (whenever passed or made) and in section 12(4) it also includes a provision of Part 1 or 3 of this Act.'.


Mr William Cash
Mr David Maclean
Angela Watkinson
Andrew Rosindell
Mr David Ruffley


*Page     12,     line     6     [Clause     25],     after 'Lord Chancellor', insert 'after consultation with the Government of Gibraltar and the Chief Minister in particular in pursuance of section 25(3A).'.


Mr William Cash
Mr David Maclean
Angela Watkinson
Andrew Rosindell
Mr David Ruffley


*Page     12,     line     7     [Clause     25],     at end insert—

    '(3A)   Where under Part 2 of this Act legislation is enacted or may be enacted by order that legislation shall not come into effect until the Lord Chancellor has consulted with the Government and Chief Minister of Gibraltar in particular as to whether it would be more appropriate (having regard to the Constitution of Gibraltar) for that legislation to be legislated by order or regulation on the one hand or by Ordinance of the House of Assembly in Gibraltar on the other hand.'.



Mr David Heath
Bob Russell


To move the following Schedule:—


Schedule 1B to the 2002 Act

"Schedule 1B

Periodic reviews of the method of election of MEPs

    1.—(1)   As soon as possible after 1st May in a pre-election year the Electoral Commission ("the Commission") must carry out a review of the method of election of MEPs;

    (2)   In carrying out the review mentioned in sub-paragraph (i), the Commission shall—

      (a) review the methods of election of MEPs used at the previous election;

      (b) make an assessment of the efficacy of the methods of election in ensuring—

      (i) proportionality;

      (ii) accountability; and

      (iii) effectiveness of representations; and

      (c) report its conclusions to the Secretary of State.

    (3)   The report must be published by the Commission and laid before Parliament by the Secretary of State.".'.


Yvette Cooper


Page     14,     line     15     [Schedule     ],     leave out 'supplementary, incidental'.


Yvette Cooper


Page     14,     [Schedule     ],     leave out lines 16 and 17 and insert—

      '( ) Provision made under sub-paragraph (2) may modify any enactment.'.


Yvette Cooper


Page     15,     line     32     [Schedule     ],     at end insert—

            '( )   persons who are registered but have not attained the age of 18 are to be counted as electors;'.

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