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Criminal Justice Bill

Criminal Justice Bill



Duty of court to explain sentence

      157        Duty to give reasons for, and explain effect of, sentence

Publication of information by Secretary of State

      158        Duty to publish information about sentencing


      159        Interpretation of Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Community orders: offenders aged 16 or over

      160        Community orders

      161        Power to provide for court review of community orders

      162        Breach, revocation or amendment of community order

Chapter 3

Prison sentences of less than 12 months

Prison sentences of less than twelve months

      163        Prison sentences of less than 12 months

      164        Licence conditions

Intermittent custody

      165        Intermittent custody

      166        Restrictions on power to make intermittent custody order

      167        Intermittent custody: licence conditions

      168        Further provisions relating to intermittent custody

Revocation or amendment of order

      169        Revocation or amendment of order

Suspended sentences

      170        Suspended sentences of imprisonment

      171        Imposition of requirements by suspended sentence order

      172        Power to provide for review of suspended sentence order

      173        Periodic reviews of suspended sentence order

      174        Breach, revocation or amendment of suspended sentence order, and effect of

further conviction

      175        Interpretation of Chapter 3


Criminal Justice Bill



Chapter 4

Further provisions about orders under Chapters 2 and 3


      176        Meaning of “relevant order”

      177        Meaning of “the responsible officer”

      178        Duties of responsible officer

Requirements available in case of all offenders

      179        Unpaid work requirement

      180        Obligations of person subject to unpaid work requirement

      181        Activity requirement

      182        Programme requirement

      183        Prohibited activity requirement

      184        Curfew requirement

      185        Exclusion requirement

      186        Residence requirement

      187        Mental health treatment requirement

      188        Mental health treatment at place other than that specified in order

      189        Drug rehabilitation requirement

      190        Drug rehabilitation requirement: provision for review by court

      191        Periodic review of drug rehabilitation requirement

      192        Alcohol treatment requirement

      193        Supervision requirement

Requirements available only in case of offenders aged under 25

      194        Attendance centre requirement

Electronic monitoring

      195        Electronic monitoring requirement

Provisions applying to relevant orders generally

      196        Petty sessions area to be specified in relevant order

      197        Requirement to avoid conflict with religious beliefs, etc

      198        Availability of arrangements in local area

      199        Provision of copies of relevant orders

      200        Duty of offender to keep in touch with responsible officer

Powers of Secretary of State

      201        Provision of attendance centres

      202        Rules

      203        Power to amend limits

Chapter 5

Dangerous offenders

      204        Meaning of “specified offence” etc.


Criminal Justice Bill



      205        Life sentence or imprisonment for public protection for serious offences

      206        Detention for life or detention for public protection for serious offences

committed by those under 18

      207        Extended sentence for certain violent or sexual offences: persons 18 or over

      208        Extended sentence for certain violent or sexual offences: persons under 18

      209        The assessment of dangerousness

      210        Imprisonment or detention for public protection: release on licence

      211        Appeals where previous convictions set aside

      212        Certificates of convictions for purposes of section 209

      213        Offences under service law

      214        Determination of day when offence committed

      215        Detention under ss. 206 and 208

      216        Conversion of sentences of detention into sentences of imprisonment

Chapter 6

Release of prisoners on licence


      217        Meaning of “fixed-term prisoner”

Power of court to recommend licence conditions

      218        Power of court to recommend licence conditions for certain prisoners

      219        The Parole Board

Effect of remand in custody

      220        Crediting of periods of remand in custody: terms of imprisonment and


      221        Effect of direction under section 220 on release on licence

      222        Interpretation of sections 220 and 221

      223        Persons extradited to the United Kingdom

Release on licence

      224        Duty to release prisoners

      225        Power to release prisoners on licence before required to do so

      226        Release on licence of prisoner serving extended sentence under section 207 or


      227        Power to release prisoners on compassionate grounds

      228        Duration of licence

      229        Licence conditions

      230        Duty to comply with licence conditions

      231        Curfew condition to be included in licence under section 225

Recall after release

      232        Recall of prisoners while on licence

      233        Recall of prisoners released early under s. 225

      234        Further release after recall


Criminal Justice Bill



Additional days

      235        Additional days for disciplinary offences

Persons liable to removal from United Kingdom

      236        Persons liable to removal from the United Kingdom

Consecutive or concurrent terms

      237        Concurrent terms

      238        Consecutive terms

Drug testing requirements

      239        Release on licence etc: drug testing requirements


      240        Alteration by order of relevant proportion of sentence

      241        Interpretation of Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Other provisions about sentencing

Deferment of sentence

      242        Deferment of sentence

Power to include drug treatment and testing requirement in certain orders in respect of young


      243        Inclusion of drug treatment requirement in action plan order or supervision


Alteration of penalties for offences

      244        Alteration of penalties for specified summary offences

      245        Alteration of penalties for other summary offences

      246        Increase in maximum term that may be imposed on summary conviction of

offence triable either way

      247        Enabling powers: alteration of maximum penalties for summary and either

way offences

      248        Increase in penalties for drug-related offences

Term of detention and training order

      249        Term of detention and training order

Chapter 8


      250        Sentencing: repeals

      251        Amendments relating to sentencing


Criminal Justice Bill



      252        Interpretation of Part 12

Part 13


Miscellaneous provisions about criminal proceedings

      253        Non-appearance of defendant: plea of guilty

      254        Preparatory hearings for serious offences not involving fraud

      255        Preparatory hearings to deal with severance and joinder of charges

      256        Reporting restrictions for preparatory hearings

      257        Awards of costs

Jury service

      258        Jury service

Individual support orders

      259        Individual support orders

      260        Individual support orders: consequential amendments

Parenting orders and referral orders

      261        Parenting orders and referral orders

Assessing etc. risks posed by sexual or violent offenders

      262        Arrangements for assessing etc risks posed by certain offenders

      263        Review of arrangements

      264        Section 262: interpretation

Part 14


      265        Orders and rules

      266        Further minor and consequential amendments

      267        Repeals

      268        Supplementary and consequential provision, etc.

      269        Provision for Northern Ireland

      270        Expenses

      271        Commencement

      272        Extent

      273        Short title

                  Schedule 1                                         Amendments related to Part 1

                  Schedule 2                                         Charging or release of persons in police detention

                  Schedule 3                                         Allocation of cases triable either way, and sending cases to the

Crown Court etc

                  Schedule 4                                         Qualifying offences for purposes of Part 10


Criminal Justice Bill



                  Part 1                    —                     List of offences

                  Part 2                    —                     Supplementary

                  Schedule 5                                         Evidence of bad character: armed forces

                  Schedule 6                                         Hearsay evidence: armed forces

                  Schedule 7                                         Breach, revocation or amendment of community order

                  Part 1                    —                     Preliminary

                  Part 2                    —                     Breach of requirement of order

                  Part 3                    —                     Revocation of order

                  Part 4                    —                     Amendment of order

                  Part 5                    —                     Powers of court in relation to order following subsequent


                  Part 6                    —                     Supplementary

                  Schedule 8                                         Revocation or amendment of custody plus orders and

amendment of intermittent custody orders

                  Schedule 9                                         Breach or amendment of suspended sentence order, and effect

of further conviction

                  Part 1                    —                     Preliminary

                  Part 2                    —                     Breach of community requirement or conviction of further


                  Part 3                    —                     Amendment of suspended sentence order

                  Schedule 10                                         Persons to whom copies of requirements to be provided in

particular cases

                  Schedule 11                                         Specified offences for purposes of Chapter 5 of Part 12

                  Part 1                    —                     Specified violent offences

                  Part 2                    —                     Specified sexual offences

                  Schedule 12                                         Scottish offences specified for the purposes of section 209(4)

                  Schedule 13                                         Northern Ireland offences specified for the purposes of section


                  Part 1                    —                     Violent offences

                  Part 2                    —                     Sexual offences

                  Schedule 14                                         Release of prisoners serving sentences of imprisonment or

detention for public protection

                  Schedule 15                                         The Parole Board: supplementary provisions

                  Schedule 16                                         Deferment of sentence

                  Schedule 17                                         Inclusion of drug treatment and testing requirement in

supervision order or action plan order

                  Schedule 18                                         Summary offences no longer punishable with imprisonment

                  Schedule 19                                         Increase in maximum term for certain summary offences

                  Schedule 20                                         Increase in penalties for drug-related offences

                  Schedule 21                                         Amendments relating to sentencing

                  Part 1                    —                     General

                  Part 2                    —                     Offences: abolition of imprisonment and conversion to

summary offence

                  Schedule 22                                         Jury service

                  Schedule 23                                         Parenting orders and referral orders

                  Schedule 24                                         Transitory, transitional and saving provisions

                  Schedule 25                                         Further minor and consequential amendments

                  Part 1                    —                     Bail

                  Part 2                    —                     Disclosure

                  Part 3                    —                     Trials on indictment without a jury

                  Part 4                    —                     Evidence of bad character

                  Part 5                    —                     Miscellaneous

                  Schedule 26                                         Repeals

                  Part 1                    —                     Repeals relating to amendments of Police and Criminal

Evidence Act 1984


Criminal Justice Bill



                  Part 2                    —                     Bail

                  Part 3                    —                     Disclosure

                  Part 4                    —                     Evidence of bad character

                  Part 5                    —                     Hearsay evidence

                  Part 6                    —                     Sentencing: general

                  Part 7                    —                     Abolition of imprisonment for certain summary offences

                  Part 8                    —                     Jury service

                  Part 9                    —                     Miscellaneous


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