Amendments proposed to the Criminal Justice Bill - continued House of Commons

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Hilary Benn


Clause     10,     page     7,     line     27,     after 'means', insert '(a)'.


Hilary Benn


Clause     10,     page     7,     line     29,     at end insert 'or

(b) in relation to a police station, the chief officer of police of the police force for the police area in which the police station is situated.'.


Simon Hughes
Mr David Heath


*Page     6,     line     9,     leave out Clause 10.


Hilary Benn


Clause     12,     page     8,     line     39,     leave out from 'offence' to end of line 44.


Hilary Benn


Clause     12,     page     9,     line     2,     leave out from 'defendant' to end of line 3 and insert 'was on bail in criminal proceedings on the date of the offence."'.


Graham Allen


Clause     13,     page     9,     line     4,     leave out 'Crown', and insert 'Regional Criminal'.


Hilary Benn


Clause     13,     page     9,     line     11,     at end insert—

'(ca) section 24C of that Act (intention as to plea by child or young person: adjournment),'.


Mr Dominic Grieve
Mr Humfrey Malins
Mr Mark Francois


Clause     13,     page     9,     line     25,     at end insert—

'(e) that the person concerned does not enter a specified postal area.

(f) that the person concerned does not come within a specified distance of a property.

(g) that the person concerned resides at a particular address.

(h) that the person concerned makes no contact with another person or persons'.


Hilary Benn


Clause     14,     page     10,     line     2,     after 'bail)' insert—

'(a) after "Where" there is inserted "(a)", and



Hilary Benn


Clause     14,     page     10,     line     3,     after 'and' insert '(b)'.


Hilary Benn


Clause     14,     page     10,     line     19,     at end insert—

    '(4A)   The High Court is to have no power to entertain an application in relation to bail where the Crown Court—

(a) has granted or withheld bail, or

(b) has varied the conditions of bail,

under section 75 or 76 of this Act.'


Hilary Benn


Clause     14,     page     10,     line     29,     at end insert—

    '(7)   Any reference in this section to the witholding of bail is to be read as including a reference to the revocation of bail.'


Mr Dominic Grieve
Mr Humfrey Malins
Mr Mark Francois


Clause     15,     page     10,     line     37,     after 'imprisonment', insert 'for two years or more'.


Hilary Benn


Clause     16,     page     11,     line     37,     at end insert—

    '(6F)   In subsection (6E)(a) above, "suitably qualified person" means a person who has such qualifications or experience as are from time to time specified by the Secretary of State for the purposes of this subsection.'.


Hilary Benn


Clause     16,     page     11,     line     38,     leave out '3A' and insert '3A(3)'.


Hilary Benn


Clause     16,     page     11,     line     39,     leave out '(6E)' and insert '(6F)'.


Hilary Benn


Clause     16,     page     11,     line     41,     at end insert—

'( ) the existing text of paragraph 2 is to be sub-paragraph (1) of that paragraph, and after that sub-paragraph (as so re-numbered) there is inserted—

    "(2)   If the defendant falls within paragraph 6B below, the court shall determine whether or not it is satisfied as mentioned in paragraph 6A below before turning (if it is so satisfied) to this paragraph.",'.


Hilary Benn


Clause     16,     page     12,     line     13,     leave out from 'is' to to 'or' in line 15 and insert 'one under section 5(2) or (3) of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and relates to a specified Class A drug,'.


Hilary Benn


Clause     16,     page     12,     line     23,     at end insert 'or (if the court is considering on a second or subsequent occasion whether or not to grant bail) has been, and continues to be, satisfied.'.


Hilary Benn


Clause     16,     page     12,     line     47,     leave out '8' and insert '8(1)'.


Graham Allen


Clause     126,     page     73,     line     18,     leave out from 'crime' to end of line 19.


Graham Allen


Clause     126,     page     73,     line     22,     at end insert—

'(c) the reform and rehabilitation of offenders'.


Graham Allen


Clause     126,     page     73,     line     22,     at end insert—

'(f) in the case of an offender under 18 years of age, his welfare.'.


Hilary Benn


Schedule     25,     page     274,     line     35,     at end insert—

'(1A) In subsection (1)(g) after "examination)" there is inserted ", section 52(5) of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (adjournment of proceedings under section 51 etc)".'


Hilary Benn


Schedule     25,     page     274,     line     38,     leave out 'or'.


Hilary Benn


Schedule     25,     page     274,     line     38,     at end insert—

'(2A) In subsection (1)(g) after sub-paragraph (iii) there is inserted "or

    (iiia)   section 24C (intention as to plea by child or young person: adjournment);".'


Hilary Benn


Schedule     26,     page     279,     line     39,     column 2, leave out '22(3),' and insert '22, in subsection (1) the words "subject to section 25 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994" and in subsection (3)'.


Hilary Benn


Schedule     26,     page     280,     line     16,     column 2, leave out 'paragraph' and insert 'paragraphs 15 and'.

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