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Criminal Justice Bill


Criminal Justice Bill





Part 1

Amendments of Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984

General amendments

      1        Extension of powers to stop and search

      2        Warrants to enter and search

      3        Bail elsewhere than at police station

      4        Use of telephones for review of police detention

      5        Limits on period of detention without charge

      6        Property of detained persons

      7        Codes of practice

      8        Amendments related to this Part

Amendments relating to drugs

      9        Power of arrest for possession of Class C drugs

      10        Drug testing for under-eighteens

Part 2


      11        Grant and conditions of bail

      12        Offences committed on bail

      13        Appeal to Crown Court

      14        Appeals to High Court

      15        Appeal by prosecution

      16        Drug users: restriction on bail

      17        Interpretation of Part 2

Part 3

Conditional cautions

      18        Conditional cautions

      19        The five requirements

Bill 6353/2

Criminal Justice Bill



      20        Failure to comply with conditions

      21        Code of practice

      22        Interpretation of Part 3

Part 4

Charging etc

      23        Charging or release of persons in police detention

      24        New method of instituting proceedings

      25        Further provision about new method

      26        Removal of requirement to substantiate information on oath

Part 5


      27        Initial duty of disclosure by prosecutor

      28        Defence disclosure

      29        Notification of intention to call defence witnesses

      30        Notification of names of experts instructed by defendant

      31        Further provisions about defence disclosure

      32        Continuing duty of disclosure by prosecutor

      33        Application by defence for disclosure

      34        Faults in defence disclosure

Part 6

Allocation and transfer of offences

      35        Allocation of offences triable either way, and sending cases to Crown Court

Part 7

Trials on indictment without a jury

      36        Application by defendant for trial to be conducted without jury

      37        Applications by prosecution for certain complex or lengthy trials to be

conducted without jury

      38        Application by prosecution for trial to be conducted without jury where

danger of jury tampering

      39        Procedure for applications under sections 36 to 38

      40        Discharge of jury because of jury tampering

      41        Appeals

      42        Further provision about trials without a jury

      43        Application of Part 7 to Northern Ireland

Part 8

Live links

      44        Live links in criminal proceedings

      45        Effect of, and rescission of, direction

      46        Magistrates’ courts permitted to sit at other locations


Criminal Justice Bill



      47        Warning to jury

      48        Rules of court

      49        Interpretation of Part 8

Part 9

Prosecution appeals

      50        Meaning of “terminating ruling”

      51        Prosecution right of appeal against certain rulings

      52        Appeals against terminating rulings

      53        Appeals against certain other rulings

      54        Expedited and non-expedited appeals

      55        Continuation of proceedings for offences not affected by ruling

      56        Determination of appeal by Court of Appeal

      57        Appeals to the House of Lords

      58        Costs

      59        Effect on time limits in relation to preliminary stages

      60        Restrictions on reporting

      61        Offences in connection with reporting

      62        Interpretation of Part 9

Part 10

Retrial for serious offences

Cases that may be retried

      63        Cases that may be retried

Application for retrial

      64        Application to Court of Appeal

      65        Determination by Court of Appeal

      66        New and compelling evidence

      67        Interests of justice

      68        Procedure and evidence

      69        Appeals

      70        Restrictions on reporting

      71        Offences in connection with reporting


      72        Retrial


      73        Authorisation of investigations

      74        Urgent investigative steps

Arrest, custody and bail

      75        Arrest and charge

      76        Bail and custody before application


Criminal Justice Bill



      77        Bail and custody before hearing

      78        Bail and custody during and after hearing

Part 10: supplementary

      79        Functions of the DPP

      80        Rules of Court

      81        Interpretation of Part 10

Part 11


Chapter 1

Evidence of bad character


      82        “Bad character”

      83        Abolition of common law rules

Persons other than defendants

      84        Non-defendant’s bad character


      85        Defendant’s bad character

      86        “Important explanatory evidence”

      87        Offences “of the same description” or “of the same category”

      88        “Matter in issue between the defendant and the prosecution”

      89        “Matter in issue between the defendant and a co-defendant”

      90        “Evidence to correct a false impression”

      91        “Attack on another person’s character”

      92        Stopping the case where evidence contaminated

      93        Offences committed by defendant when a child


      94        Assumption of truth in assessment of relevance or probative value

      95        Court’s duty to give reasons for rulings

      96        Rules of court

      97        Interpretation of Chapter 1

      98        Armed forces

Chapter 2

Hearsay evidence

Hearsay: main provisions

      99        Admissibility of hearsay evidence

      100        Statements and matters stated


Criminal Justice Bill



Principal categories of admissibility

      101        Cases where a witness is unavailable

      102        Business and other documents

      103        Preservation of certain common law categories of admissibility

      104        Inconsistent statements

      105        Other previous statements of witnesses


      106        Multiple hearsay

      107        Documents produced as exhibits

      108        Capability to make statement

      109        Credibility

      110        Stopping the case where evidence is unconvincing

      111        Court’s general discretion to exclude evidence


      112        Expert evidence: preparatory work

      113        Confessions

      114        Representations other than by a person

      115        Depositions

      116        Evidence at retrial


      117        Rules of court

      118        Proof of statements in documents

      119        Interpretation of Chapter 2

      120        Armed forces

      121        Repeals etc

Chapter 3

Miscellaneous and supplemental

      122        Evidence by video recording

      123        Video evidence: further provisions

      124        Use of documents to refresh memory

      125        Interpretation of Chapter 3

      126        Saving

Part 12


Chapter 1

General provisions about sentencing

Matters to be taken into account in sentencing

      127        Purposes of sentencing

      128        Determining the seriousness of an offence


Criminal Justice Bill



      129        Reduction in sentences for guilty pleas

      130        Increase in sentences for racial or religious aggravation

General restrictions on community sentences

      131        Meaning of “community sentence” etc.

      132        Restrictions on imposing community sentences

      133        Passing of community sentence on offender remanded in custody

      134        Community sentence not available where sentence fixed by law etc.

      135        Community order for persistent offender previously fined

General restrictions on discretionary custodial sentences

      136        General restrictions on imposing discretionary custodial sentences

      137        Length of discretionary custodial sentences: general provision

General limit on magistrates’ court’s power to impose imprisonment

      138        General limit on magistrates’ court’s power to impose imprisonment

      139        Consecutive terms of imprisonment

      140        Power to increase limits

Procedural requirements for imposing community sentences and discretionary custodial


      141        Pre-sentence reports and other requirements

      142        Additional requirements in case of mentally disordered offender

      143        Meaning of “pre-sentence report”

Disclosure of pre-sentence reports etc

      144        Disclosure of pre-sentence reports

      145        Other reports of local probation boards and members of youth offending


Pre-sentence drug testing

      146        Pre-sentence drug testing


      147        Powers to order statement as to offender’s financial circumstances

      148        General power of Crown Court to fine offender convicted on indictment

      149        Fixing of fines

      150        Remission of fines

Savings for power to mitigate etc

      151        Savings for powers to mitigate sentences and deal appropriately with

mentally disordered offenders

Sentencing and allocation guidelines

      152        The Sentencing Guidelines Council


Criminal Justice Bill



      153        The Sentencing Advisory Panel

      154        Guidelines relating to sentencing and allocation

      155        Functions of Sentencing Advisory Panel in relation to guidelines

      156        Duty of court to have regard to sentencing guidelines

      157        Annual report by Council

Duty of court to explain sentence

      158        Duty to give reasons for, and explain effect of, sentence

Publication of information by Secretary of State

      159        Duty to publish information about sentencing


      160        Interpretation of Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Community orders: offenders aged 16 or over

      161        Community orders

      162        Power to provide for court review of community orders

      163        Breach, revocation or amendment of community order

      164        Transfer of community orders to Scotland or Northern Ireland

Chapter 3

Prison sentences of less than 12 months

Prison sentences of less than twelve months

      165        Prison sentences of less than 12 months

      166        Licence conditions

Intermittent custody

      167        Intermittent custody

      168        Restrictions on power to make intermittent custody order

      169        Intermittent custody: licence conditions

      170        Further provisions relating to intermittent custody

Revocation or amendment of order

      171        Revocation or amendment of order

Suspended sentences

      172        Suspended sentences of imprisonment

      173        Imposition of requirements by suspended sentence order

      174        Power to provide for review of suspended sentence order

      175        Periodic reviews of suspended sentence order


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