Amendments proposed to the Criminal Justice Bill, As Amended - continued House of Commons

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Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     208,     line     31,     [Schedule     8],     at end insert 'and for the offender to be supervised in accordance with the arrangements referred to in sub-paragraph (1)(b)'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     208,     line     31,     [Schedule     8],     at end insert—

     '(3A) For the purposes of sub-paragraph (3), any reference in sub-paragraph (1)(a) and (b) to the time when the order comes into force is to be treated as a reference to the time when the amendment comes into force.'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     209,     line     1     [Schedule     8],     leave out sub-paragraph (3) and insert—

    '(3) The following provisions are omitted—

            (a)   subsection (7) of section 183 (activity requirement),

            (b)   subsection (7) of section 184 (programme requirement),

            (c)   subsection (4) of section 188 (residence requirement), and

            (d)   subsection (3) of section 197 (electronic monitoring requirement).'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     210,     [Schedule     8],     leave out lines 22 to 25 and insert—

            '(a) any power to discharge or revoke the order (other than a power to revoke the order where the offender has been convicted of a further offence and the court has imposed a custodial sentence),

            (b) any power to deal with the offender for the offence in respect of which the order was made,'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     210,     line     29     [Schedule     8],     at end insert 'and,

            '(d) in the case of a community order imposing a curfew requirement, any power to vary the order by substituting for the period specified in it any longer period than the court which made the order could have specified.'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     210,     line     49,     [Schedule     8],     at end insert 'or the court which last amended the order in England and Wales'.


Mr Charles Kennedy
Mr Menzies Campbell
Simon Hughes
Mr David Heath
Annette Brooke
Mr Andrew Stunell


Page     94,     line     38,     [Clause     166],     at end insert—

    '( )   This section shall not be brought into force under section 278(2) of this Act until the Secretary of State has put in place sufficient funding arrangements for the National Probation Service to cover the cost of implementing custody plus orders imposed under this section.'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     95,     line     24     [Clause     166],     leave out 'a residence requirement'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     98,     line     21     [Clause     172],     leave out 'Great Britain' and insert 'the United Kingdom'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     218,     line     38     [Schedule     10],     leave out 'Great Britain' and insert 'the United Kingdom'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     219,     line     3     [Schedule     10],     after 'the' insert 'petty sessions'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     219,     line     6     [Schedule     10],     after 'Scotland' insert 'or Northern Ireland'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     221,     line     34     [Schedule     10],     leave out '18' and insert '14'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     104,     line     28     [Clause     183],     leave out subsection (2) and insert—

    '(2)   The specified activities may consist of or include activities whose purpose is that of reparation, such as activities involving contact between offenders and persons affected by their offences.'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     117,     line     16     [Clause     205],     after 'amend' insert '(a)'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     117,     line     17     [Clause     205],     after 'requirement' insert 'or

      (b) subsection (2) of section 186 (curfew requirement),'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     120,     line     23     [Clause     210],     leave out 'in the case of a person aged 18 or over'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     120,     line     29     [Clause     210],     leave out 'in the case of a person aged 18 or over' and insert—

    '(6)   Any reference in this section to the maximum term of imprisonment permitted for an offence is a reference to the maximum term of imprisonment that is, apart from section 207, permitted for the offence in the case of a person aged 18 or over.'.


Mr Graham Allen


Page     123,     line     26     [Clause     219],     at end insert—

    '(3)   In this Chapter, "Sentence" means—

      (a) the term of imprisonment as defined in (4) below and

      (b) any additional requirements thereafter in respect of licence

       requirements or community sentences so specified by the Court.

    (4)   In this Chapter "imprisonment" means the full term which a prisoner shall serve, which shall be subject to a maximum reduction by one-tenth in accord with—

      (a) good behaviour by that prisoner as judged by the Governor of that institution, and

      (b) the attainment of personal targets set in the Personal Prisoner Plan for items including numeracy, literacy, educational qualifications, personal and emotional development.

    (5)   In this Chapter "a Licence" shall be any penalty additional to imprisonment which may further condition the liberty of the individual sentenced and if breached within the term of the licence shall result in the immediate return to custody until the date of the expiry of the licence.'.


Mr Graham Allen


Page     127,     line     32     [Clause     226],     leave out paragraph (a) and insert—

      '(a) the full prison sentence imposed by the court for offences of up to 12 months, apart from a maximum reduction of one-tenth for good behaviour or personal development.'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     128,     line     3     [Clause     227],     leave out '90' and insert '135'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     128,     line     6     [Clause     227],     leave out '90' and insert '135'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     128,     line     30     [Clause     227],     leave out 'for the purposes of this Chapter'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     128,     line     40     [Clause     227],     at end insert—

    '(4A)   For the purposes of subsection (4)(f), a person is liable to removal from the United Kingdom if—

      (a) he is liable to deportation under section 3(5) of the Immigration Act 1971 (c.77) and has been notified of a decision to make a deportation order against him,

      (b) he is liable to deportation under section 3(6) of that Act,

      (c) he has been notified of a decision to refuse him leave to enter the United Kingdom,

      (d) he is an illegal entrant within the meaning of section 33(1) of that Act, or

      (e) he is liable to removal under section 10 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (c.33).'.


Mr Graham Allen


Page     133,     line     31     [Clause     237],     after 'days', insert 'in prison'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     134,     line     4,     leave out Clause 238.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     136,     line     42     [Clause     243],     at end insert—

    '(3A)   In subsection (5), after paragraph (e) there is inserted "and

          (f) a sentence of detention under section 208 or 210 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003,".'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     244,     line     9     [Schedule     18],     leave out 'are' and insert 'to be'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     245,     line     3     [Schedule     18],     leave out 'sub-paragraph (5)' and insert 'sub-paragraph (6)'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     245,     line     9     [Schedule     18],     after 'by' insert 'the supervisor or'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     245,     [Schedule     18],     leave out lines 23 and 24 and insert 'the supervisor to be communicated to the supervisor.".'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     245,     line     26     [Schedule     18],     leave out 'after "5"' and insert 'before "or 7".'.


Mr Graham Allen


Page     138,     line     14     [Clause     248],     leave out 'are' and insert 'shall be referred to the Sentencing Guidelines Council for an opinion as to whether they should be'.


Mr Oliver Letwin
Mr Dominic Grieve
Mr Nick Hawkins
Mr Mark Francois


Page     253,     line     25     [Schedule     19],     leave out paragraph 94.

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