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Waste and Emissions Trading Bill [HL]


Waste and Emissions Trading Bill [HL]



Explanatory notes to the Bill, prepared by the Department for Environment, Food and

Rural Affairs will be published separately as Bill 66—EN.


Secretary Margaret Beckett has made the following statement under section 19(1)(a) of

the Human Rights Act 1998:

In my view the provisions of the Waste and Emissions Trading Bill [HL] are

compatible with the Convention rights.

Bill 6653/2


Waste and Emissions Trading Bill [HL]




Part 1


Chapter 1

Waste sent to landfills

Landfill targets

      1        Target years

      2        Non-target years

      3        Non-target years: default rules

Landfill allowances scheme

      4        Allocation of landfill allowances

      5        Alteration of allocations under section 4

      6        Borrowing and banking of landfill allowances

      7        Trading and other transfer of landfill allowances

      8        Offences under regulations under sections 6 and 7

      9        Duty not to exceed allowances

Scheme operation and monitoring etc

      10        Monitoring authorities

      11        Scheme regulations

      12        Powers in relation to waste disposal authorities

      13        Powers in relation to landfill operators

      14        Disclosure of information by monitoring and allocating authorities

      15        Monitoring information: registers

      16        Registers: public access

Strategies for reducing landfilling of biodegradable waste

      17        Strategy for England

      18        Strategy for Scotland

      19        Strategy for Wales

Bill 6653/2

Waste and Emissions Trading Bill [HL]



      20        Strategy for Northern Ireland

Interpretation of Chapter 1

      21        “Biodegradable waste” and “municipal waste”

      22        “Landfill”

      23        “Scheme year” and “target year”

      24        Other definitions


      25        Activities to which Chapter 1 does not apply

      26        Penalties under Chapter 1: general

      27        Regulations under Chapter 1: consultation

      28        Regulations under Chapter 1: procedural provisions

Chapter 2

Waste management in Wales

      29        Municipal waste management strategies

      30        Provision of information about waste by local authorities

Chapter 3


      31        Directions to waste collection authorities in England

      32        Regulations under Part 1

      33        Meaning of “waste” in Part 1

Part 2

Trading of emissions quotas

      34        Pollution regulations: emissions trading schemes

      35        Penalty provisions of UK Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme 2002

Part 3


      36        Commencement

      37        Extent

      38        Short title


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