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Fireworks Bill

Fireworks Bill



           (b)           section 29(1) to (5), (6)(a) and (7) and section 30(1) to (9) (powers of

search etc.), apart from the references to forfeiture and suspension


           (c)           section 32 (obstruction of officer),

           (d)           section 33 (appeals against detention), apart from subsections (2)(a)(ii)


and (3)(a)(ii),

           (e)           section 34 (compensation for seizure and detention),

           (f)           section 35 (recovery of enforcement expenses), apart from subsections

(1)(b) and (2)(b),

           (g)           section 37 (disclosure of information by Customs and Excise),


           (h)           section 41 (civil proceedings), and

           (i)           section 44 (service of documents),

            apply in relation to fireworks regulations as to regulations under section 11 of

that Act.

     (3)    In Schedules 14 and 15 to the Enterprise Act 2002 (c. 40) (disclosure of


information), insert at the appropriate place—

                         “Fireworks Act 2003.”.

 13    Savings for certain privileges

Section 47 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 (c. 43) (savings for privileges)

applies in relation to this Act.


 14    Prohibition of supply etc. of other explosives

     (1)    The power to make regulations under section 3 or 4(2) applies to explosives

other than fireworks as to fireworks; and regulations made by virtue of this

subsection are fireworks regulations for all the purposes of this Act.

     (2)    In subsection (1) “explosives” has the same meaning as in the Explosives Act


1875 (c. 17).

     (3)    The Secretary of State may by regulations substitute a new definition of

“explosives” for the definition in subsection (2).

 15    Repeals and revocation

The Schedule (repeals and revocation) has effect.


 16    Parliamentary procedure for regulations

     (1)    Any power to make regulations under this Act is exercisable by statutory


     (2)    Regulations under section 1(2) or 14(3) must not be made unless a draft of the

statutory instrument containing them has been laid before Parliament and


approved by a resolution of each House.

     (3)    A statutory instrument containing fireworks regulations is subject to

annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.



Fireworks Bill



 17    Financial provisions

     (1)    There is to be paid out of money provided by Parliament—

           (a)           any expenses incurred by the Secretary of State in consequence of any

provision of this Act, and

           (b)           any increase attributable to this Act in the sums payable out of money


so provided under any other Act.

     (2)    Any sums received by the Secretary of State by virtue of this Act are to be paid

into the Consolidated Fund.

 18    Commencement

     (1)    Sections 1 to 16 (and the Schedule) do not come into force until a day appointed


by order made by the Secretary of State by statutory instrument; and different

days may be appointed for different purposes.

     (2)    The Secretary of State may by order made by statutory instrument make such

transitional provision in connection with the coming into force of any

provision of this Act as the Secretary of State considers appropriate.


 19    Short title and extent

     (1)    This Act may be cited as the Fireworks Act 2003.

     (2)    This Act does not extend to Northern Ireland.




Fireworks Bill
Schedule — Repeals and revocation



Section 15


Repeals and revocation


Short title or title

Extent of repeal or revocation


Explosives Act 1875 (c. 17)

Sections 30 to 32.


In section 40(4), the words “, and for the




minimum amount limited by Part One of this


Act to be exposed for sale or sold otherwise


than in a substantial case, box, canister, or


other receptacle as therein mentioned”, the


words “or minimum” and the words “, as the




case may be,”.


Section 80.


Health and Safety at Work etc.

In Schedule 1, in the entry relating to the


Act 1974 (c. 37)

Explosives Act 1875, in the third column, the


words “30 to 32, 80 and”.




Explosives (Age of Purchase

The whole Act.


&c.) Act 1976 (c. 26)


Roads (Scotland) Act 1984

In Schedule 9, paragraph 7(3) and (4).


(c. 54)


Explosives Act 1875 etc.

In Schedule 1, the entry relating to section 32 of




(Metrication and Miscellan-

the Explosives Act 1875.


eous Amendment) Regu-


lations 1984 (S.I. 1984/510)


Consumer Protection Act 1987

In Schedule 4, paragraph 1.


(c. 43)




Criminal Justice and Police Act

In the Table in section 1(1), the entry relating to


2001 (c. 16)

section 80 of the Explosives Act 1875.



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