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Anti-social Behaviour Bill

Anti-social Behaviour Bill
Schedule 3 — Repeals



Schedule 3

Section 56.




Short title and chapter

Extent of repeal


Firearms Act 1968 (c. 27)

Section 22(5).


In section 23(2) the words “or (5)”.


In Part 1 of Schedule 6, the entry relating to


section 22(5).


In Part 2 of Schedule 6, in paragraph 7 the


words “or (5)”.


Prosecution of Offences Act

In section 3(2), the word “and” after paragraph


1985 (c. 23)



Firearms (Amendment) Act

In section 1(4), the word “or” at the end of


1988 (c. 45)

paragraph (a).


Noise Act 1996 (c. 37)

In section 2(7) the words from “and


accordingly” to the end.


Housing Act 1996 (c. 52)

Sections 152 and 153.


In section 158—


     (a)    in subsection (1), the entries relating to


“child”, “harm”, “health” and “ill-treatment”;


     (b)    subsection (2).


Crime and Disorder Act 1998

In section 1(1A), the word “or” after paragraph


(c. 37)



Powers of Criminal Courts

Section 37(4).


(Sentencing) Act 2000 (c. 6)

In Schedule 6, paragraphs 3(2)(e) and 4.


In Schedule 7, paragraph 5(3)(b) and the word


“or” immediately preceding it.


Police Reform Act 2002 (c. 30)

In Schedule 4, the word “and” at the end of


paragraph 1(2)(c).


In Schedule 5, the word “and” at the end of


paragraph 1(2)(b).



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