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Legal Deposit Libraries Bill

Legal Deposit Libraries Bill



     (5)    After subsection (5) add—

           “(6)              In this section, “publication” includes a publication made available to

the public by means of an electronic retrieval system.”

 12    Commencement and extent

     (1)    The preceding provisions of this Act, except so far as they confer power to


make regulations, come into force in accordance with provision made by the

Secretary of State by order made by statutory instrument.

     (2)    Different provision may be made for different purposes.

     (3)    An order under subsection (1) may not be made unless the Secretary of State

has consulted the Scottish Ministers and the National Assembly for Wales.


     (4)    This Act does not apply to works published before the commencement of

section 1.

     (5)    This Act extends to Northern Ireland.

 13    Short title

This Act may be cited as the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003.




Legal Deposit Libraries Bill
Schedule — Repeals and revocation




Section 11(1)


Repeals and revocation



Extent of repeal or revocation


Copyright Act 1911 (c. 46)

Section 15.


British Museum Act 1932 (c. 34)

The whole Act.




British Library Act 1972 (c. 54)

Section 4(1).


National Assembly of Wales

In Schedule 2, the entry relating to the


(Transfer of Functions) Order

Copyright Act 1911.


1999 (S. I. 1999/672)



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