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Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Bill

Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Bill



Part 5


      172        Replacement of the Welfare Food Schemes

      173        Appointments to certain health and social care bodies

      174        Appointments to certain health and social care bodies: joint functions

      175        Validity of clearance for employment in certain NHS posts

      176        Abolition of Public Health Laboratory Service Board

      177        Loans by Secretary of State to NHS trusts

      178        Amendment of provision relating to reform of Welsh health authorities

Part 6

Final provisions

      179        Financial provisions

      180        Interpretation

      181        Orders and regulations

      182        Repeals and revocations

      183        Wales

      184        Commencement

      185        Transitional or transitory provision and savings

      186        Supplementary and consequential provision

      187        Extent

      188        Short title

                  Schedule 1                                         Constitution of public benefit corporations

                  Schedule 2                                         Independent Regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts

                  Schedule 3                                         Transfer of staff

                  Schedule 4                                         Amendments relating to NHS foundation trusts

                  Schedule 5                                         CHAI: supplementary

                  Schedule 6                                         CSCI: supplementary

                  Schedule 7                                         CHAI and CSCI: transfers of property and staff, etc

                  Schedule 8                                         Part 2: minor and consequential amendments

                  Schedule 9                                         Recovery of NHS charges: exempted payments

                  Schedule 10                                         Part 4: minor and consequential amendments

                  Schedule 11                                         Privy Council appointments

                  Schedule 12                                         Amendments consequential on the abolition of the Public

Health Laboratory Service Board

                  Schedule 13                                         Repeals and revocations

                  Part 1                    —                     NHS foundation trusts

                  Part 2                    —                     Standards

                  Part 3                    —                     Recovery of NHS charges

                  Part 4                    —                     Dental services

                  Part 5                    —                     Replacement of Welfare Food Schemes

                  Part 6                    —                     Loans by Secretary of State to NHS trusts

                  Part 7                    —                     Abolition of the Public Health Laboratory Service Board


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