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Tuesday 8th July 2003



On Consideration of Lords Amendments to the Railways and Transport Safety Bill

Lords Amendment No. 10


Mr Secretary Darling
To move, That this House disagrees with the Lords in their Amendment.


Mr Secretary Darling
To move the following amendment to the Bill in lieu of the Lords Amendment:—


Page     48,     line     19,     at end insert the following new Clause—

    'Traffic regulation on long distance routes

       The following shall be inserted after section 22A of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (c. 27) (traffic regulation for purpose of conserving natural beauty)—

    "22B    Traffic regulation on long distance routes

    (1)   This section applies where the Secretary of State thinks that, because of the use of a long distance route by vehicular traffic, members of the public cannot safely and conveniently—

(a) enjoy the amenities of any part of the route or of the area through which the route runs;

(b) take advantage of opportunities for recreation in any part of that area;

(c) study nature in any part of that area.

    (2)   The Secretary of State may make an order preventing the use of the route or a specified part of the route—

(a) by vehicular traffic, or

(b) by vehicular traffic of a specified kind.

    (3)   An order under this section may have effect only in relation to a long distance route which is, or in so far as it is, in England.

    (4)   An order under this section shall be treated for all purposes as if it were a traffic regulation order made by the Secretary of State in relation to a road for which he is the traffic authority (and, in particular, any provision of this Act about the making or effect of such an order shall apply).".'.

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Prepared 8 Jul 2003