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3 Dec 2002 : Column 779W—continued

Counterfeit Goods

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (1) what recent discussions she has had with the Secretary of State for Trade

3 Dec 2002 : Column 780W

and Industry regarding the sale of counterfeit and illegal music album sales; and if she will make a statement; [85305]

Dr. Howells: This Department and the Department for Trade and Industry work together closely on the fight against music piracy and the protection of copyright, and are in regular contact with the industry on these issues. Among other things, the Government supported the Private Member's Bill introduced by the hon. Member for Twickenham (Dr. Cable), which was enacted on 20 November as the Copyright, etc. Trade Marks (Offences and Enforcement) Act 2002; this increased the maximum sentence for copyright offences from two to 10 years' imprisonment and an unlimited fine. Furthermore, the role of this Department's new music industry adviser, Stephen Navin, includes the provision of advice on combatting piracy. The British Phonographic Industry estimates that the total value of commercially pirated singles and albums in 2001 totalled £27.6 million; information on the number of illegally produced records in 2002 is not yet available.


Mr. McLoughlin: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport if she will list the grants funded by her Department for which individual members of the public and organisations may apply; and if she will make a statement as to (a) the total of such funding in the last financial year, (b) the total number of awards and (c) their administrative costs. [82193]

Dr. Howells: The information you requested is as follows:

2001–02 grantTotal number of awardsTotal value of grants paid (£000)
Designated Museums Challenge Fund (administered by Resource)568,465
Wolfson Public Libraries Fund (administered by Resource)162,580
Spaces for Sport and Art (administered by Sport England on behalf of DCMS and DfES)306579
Listed places of worship7071,659

This table covers grants paid directly by the Department or by its NDPBs from ring-fenced monies allocated by the Department for a specific scheme to which individuals or organisations may apply. Grants paid to third parties by NDPBs from general grant-in-aid or lottery funds have not been included in the table.

The administration of the specified grant programmes is carried out by a number of different units within the department and relevant NDPBs to which a range of staff make a contribution. It is not possible to provide an accurate estimate of these costs centrally other than for the listed places of worship, where administration costs incurred in the last financial year were nil.

Heritage Grant Fund

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport what measures her Department has taken to transfer responsibility of the Heritage Grant Fund; and if she will make a statement. [83755]

Dr. Howells: Responsibility for the Heritage Grant Fund was transferred to English Heritage on 1 April 2000.

3 Dec 2002 : Column 781W


Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport how much has been (a) made available through her Department's challenge fund and (b) spent in each year since 1998–99 by each museum; and if she will make a statement. [83734]

3 Dec 2002 : Column 782W

Dr. Howells: The 62 museums with designated collections have each received awards from the designation challenge fund, administered by Resource: the Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries, to help meet the costs of caring for and interpreting their designated collections. The awards are set out in the following table.

Designation challenge fund awards 1999–2004

Amount awarded Total awardedAwards made
Ref/name of museum1999–20002000–012001–021999–20022002–04
1 University of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum54,193.4496,613.52146,845.48297,652.44100,025.00
2 University of Cambridge, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology32,732.6988,879.7883,701.06205,313.5311,400.00
3 University of Cambridge, Whipple Museum of the History of Science48,000.23164,815.96113,562.38326,378.5799,912.00
4 Courtauld Gallery, London50,000.1475,000.0075,000.00200,000.14100,000.00
5 University of Manchester, Manchester Museum50,004.0047,071.17113,068.00210,143.1750,000.00
6 University of Manchester, Whitworth Art Gallery44,690.00115,000.00122,000.00281,690.0086,500.00
7 University of Oxford, Ashmolean Museum60,000.00100,291.93102,329.26262,621.19154,800.00
8 University of Oxford, Museum of the History of Science150,000.0058,000.000.00208,000.000.00
9 University of Oxford, Museum of Natural History31,420.69114,639.84102,276.49248,337.0286,843.00
10 University of Oxford, Pitt Rivers Museum59,484.00122,885.97129,972.00312,341.97149,716.00
11 University of Reading, Rural History Centre62,076.3095,244.0487,709.08245,029.4291,500.00
12 Horniman Museum, London96,295.7899,812.0063,500.00259,607.78157,000.00
13 Museum of London0.00117,970.67232,029.34350,000.01153,000.00
14 Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester34,408.69135,000.0089,401.00258,809.6991,750.00
15 Birmingham City Museums and Art Gallery66,482.56170,000.00187,974.00424,456.56239,178.00
16 Leeds Museums and Galleries63,319.0036,469.92116,000.00215,788.920.00
17 Manchester City Art Galleries60,112.0031,843.4284,220.44176,175.8692,810.00
18 Stoke-on-Trent Museums Service104,036.80110,280.60106,417.04320,734.4496,476.00
19 Tyne and Wear Museums(32)
20 York Museum Service90,193.15129,812.49200,660.21420,665.85100,000.00
21 Beamish, the North of England Open Air Museum30,000.000.00770,000.00800,000.00500,000.00
22 Bowes Museum57,383.5029,906.5095,400.00182,690.00222,000.00
23 Wiltshire Heritage Museum35,000.0045,815.1720,423.37101,238.540.00
24 Dulwich Picture Gallery52,000.0080,000.0059,687.79191,687.7952,723.00
25 Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust71,520.0090,106.0099,654.21261,280.2180,000.00
26 Jewish Museum62,960.0073,989.7676,171.00213,120.7697,533.00
27 London Transport Museum52,500.0095,000.0095,500.00243,000.0050,000.00
28 Mary Rose Trust77,658.00120,000.00137,770.20335,428.20100,000.00
29 National Motor Museum31,298.6663,166.59123,208.81217,674.0671,395.00
30 National Tramway Museum33,054.2097,273.56215,181.74345,509.50100,000.00
31 Wordsworth Trust66,149.0786,080.0086,882.00239,111.0767,400.00
32 Museum of British Road Transport, Coventry20,000.00100,000.00100,000.00220,000.00145,000.00
33 Tank Museum, Bovington Camp50,000.0088,221.2079,117.26217,338.46135,000.00
34 Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museums6,060.0044,218.0056,117.82106,395.8240,000.00
35 Northampton Museums and Art Gallery60,000.0080,000.00160,000.00300,000.000.00
36 Norfolk Museums Service86,776.36112,994.14182,617.60382,388.10249,813.00
37 Harewood House78,197.6399,225.00177,097.00354,519.63196,000.00
38 Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham77,751.0048,657.5430,000.00156,408.5468,475.00
39 University College London, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology62,618.35104,634.96125,510.69292,764.00137,158.00
40 Colchester Museums42,188.8285,080.0057,960.00185,228.8248,000.00
41 Exeter City Museums and Art Gallery117,297.39173,389.0871,867.89362,554.3699,700.00
42 Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum26,034.56114,460.0064,000.00204,494.5627,760.00
43 Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham22,849.0968,554.2375,320.19166,723.510.00
44 National Museum of Labour History, Manchester64,216.6796,949.3883,580.00244,746.0586,760.00
45 University of Cambridge, Sedgwick Museum of Geology50,731.55148,479.21178,029.79377,240.55178,000.00
46 University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge36,355.0033,025.00219,361.00288,741.00100,230.00
47 Southampton City Council Cultural Services43,928.0039,528.4462,031.20145,487.6450,000.00
48 Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Chichester74,949.6664,000.0075,800.00214,749.6610,000.00
49 Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery46,331.5259,925.2569,278.40175,535.1750,000.00
50 Royal Pavilion, Libraries and Museums28,,250.00135,000.00
51 Bristol Museums and Art Galleries59,492.4273,639.45112,693.05245,824.9296,644.00
52 National Waterways Museum52,533.36116,608.0093,184.50262,325.8650,000.00
53 The Wedgwood Museum Trust0.0042,880.8861,250.00104,130.885,000.00
55 Roman Baths Museum and Museum of Costume, Bath0.0043,625.18109,874.82153,500.0050,000.00
56 Museum of Artillery in the Rotunda0.00101,250.0091,589.20192,839.200.00
57 Sir John Soane's Museum0.0095,000.0082,360.00177,360.0081,007.00
58 Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art0.0083,393.2132,882.31116,275.520.00
59 Kingston upon Hull City Museums and Art Galleries0.0067,871.4858,855.12126,726.600.00
60 Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust0.00120,536.7870,444.61190,981.390.00
61 Lancashire County Museums Service, Textile Industry Collection0.0032,693.85122,210.28154,904.1380,000.00
62 Museums of the Royal College of Surgeons of England0.0050,955.2731,613.5882,568.8594,400.00
Joint Manchester Project25,000.0025,000.0030,000.00

(32)Joint project with Beamish—see number 21


Awards for 1999–2002 have now been spent. New awards made in July 2002 for the period 2002–04 total sum not yet claimed by grant recipients.

3 Dec 2002 : Column 783W

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport what measures her Department has taken to maintain the quality of exhibitions in major museums funded by her Department since the removal of entry charges; and if she will make a statement. [83739]

Dr. Howells: The day-to-day operation of Government-funded museums and galleries, including the staging of exhibitions, is a matter for the Boards of Trustees and management of such bodies. In October 2002, my right hon. Friend, the Secretary of State, announced the provision of increased grant-in-aid to the national museums and galleries to enable them to continue the Government's highly successful policy of free admission.

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