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11 Dec 2002 : Column 355W—continued

Pollution Incidences

Norman Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will list the incidences of (a) marine, (b) oil and (c) other pollution incidences recorded in United Kingdom waters in each year since 1990 from shipping registered in (i) the UK, (ii) the EU and (iii) other countries; what actions were taken to clean up in each case; what the cost was and by whom this was paid, including details of fines levied; and if he will make a statement. [85849]

Mr. Jamieson: Information is not available in the form requested.

The Advisory Committee on Protection of the Sea (ACOPS) produced a report entitled long-term analysis of oil spill statistics for the waters around the British Isles 1964 to 1995. For this period there was a consistent and continuing decline in the numbers of beach pollution incidents accompanied by a significant reduction in reports of crude oil and tar in the marine environment, reductions in the annual totals of tanker-source pollution and reductions in the annual total number of incidents attributed to the handling and transportation of oil around the UK coastline.

11 Dec 2002 : Column 356W

Between 1978 and 1999 the ACOPS annual data has reported 12,746 oil pollution incidents.

The recently published ACOPS annual survey report 2001 identified 678 accidental or deliberate polluting discharges from vessels and offshore installations operating in the UK pollution control zone. There was a downward trend identified in the annual number of oil discharges in the open sea (excluding discharges from offshore installations).

Principal pollution incidents during the period 1990 to 2002 requiring a concentrated cleanup included the Braer in 1994 spilling 85,000 tonnes of crude oil, clean-up cost #52 million and the Sea Empress in 1996 losing 72,000 tonnes of crude oil, clean-up cost #39 million.

Since 1995 the Maritime and Coastguard Agency has successfully prosecuted 10 ships, with an average fine of #20,000. This excludes prosecution by port authorities.

Norman Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will make a statement on changes in the frequency of monitoring of pollution incidences from shipping in United Kingdom waters. [85850]

Mr. Jamieson: The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) undertakes regular aerial surveillance of the UK Counter Pollution Control Zone through a contract it has with Air Atlantique. In August 2000, the contract was revised and awarded as a MCA/Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) joint contract, to provide 600 hours of programmed flying per year for the MCA to monitor pollution from shipping, and 300 hours for the DTI to monitor pollution from offshore installations. In addition to these programmed hours, the MCA has the capability to mobilise these aircraft at short notice to reports of pollution at sea.

Although the allocated hours in the new contract did not change, it provides faster aircraft and has enhanced Side Looking Airborne Radar, which allows the aircraft to scan 20 miles either side of the aircraft, compared with 10 previously. The aircraft can typically survey 32,000 square miles in a five hour period of surveillance, compared with 14,000 square miles in the past.

The aircraft are therefore able to respond quickly to reported incidents over a wider area, increasing the chances of identifying offending vessels and gathering evidence for use in court.

The MCA also commissioned a satellite oil spill sensing trial to assess whether satellites could be used to improve the detection and identification of polluters. Information from this survey was used to target surveillance aircraft to potential incidents in the survey area and surveillance flights were timed to coincide with reports from satellite imaging. The MCA are presently evaluating how this trial can be developed further to enhance their monitoring capability.


Richard Ottaway: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport pursuant to his answer of 2 December 2002, Official Report, column 498W, if he will place in the Library the calculations upon which his long-term grant offer is made. [85742]

11 Dec 2002 : Column 357W

Mr. Jamieson [pursuant to his answer, 10 December 2002, Official Report, c. 210W]: A statement of how the Government intends to fund the London Underground in the long-term was annexed to the draft letters of comfort reported to Parliament by my right hon. Friend the then Secretary of State's Minute of 20 March 2002.

Railway Rolling Stock

Mr. Don Foster: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will list the (a) collisions, (b) derailments and (c) SPADs involving Mark 1 passenger carriages in each of the last four years, broken down by (i) vehicle stock and (ii) train operating company. [86554]

Mr. Jamieson: The Health and Safety Executive's Railway Inspectorate have advised that this information is not available in the form requested.

Mr. Don Foster: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport when all Mark 1 passenger carriages will be replaced, broken down by (a) vehicle stock and (b) train operating company. [86553]

Mr. Jamieson: New vehicles to replace Mark 1 rolling stock have been ordered and are being manufactured to allow the withdrawal of all Mark 1 vehicles by the statutory deadline of 31 December 2004. However, it may not be possible to introduce all the new vehicles by this date because of scale of the power supply upgrade that is required. The industry is exploring various options—one of which includes the accelerated installation of TPWS by 31 March 2003.

11 Dec 2002 : Column 358W

Stingray Mobile Camera System

John Barrett: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what the final cost was of the implementation of the Stingray mobile camera system, broken down by (a) purchase of equipment, (b) staffing and (c) other costs. [85951]

Mr. Jamieson: The cost of developing and implementing the Stingray mobile camera system was some #2.2 million. This is made up of #1.4 million for purchase of equipment and IT system developments; #0.3 million staffing; and #0.5 million for other costs, including publicity.

In its first year of operation, Stingtray generated #2.08m in fines, penalties, court costs and relicensing revenue.

Transport Projects Awards

Mr. Don Foster: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport for which transport projects awards for funding under the European Communities Objective 1 programme have been made for the period 2000 to 2006; and how much was allocated from the (a) Government and (b) the European Community in each case. [86095]

Mr. McNulty: I have been asked to reply.

The table sets out the transport projects approved under the 2000–06 Objective 1 structural funds programmes in England.

The implementation of Objective 1 in Wales is a matter for the Welsh Assembly.

Region Name of transport scheme Approved for Objective 1 funding (Yes/No)Total amount of funding from Objective 1 (# million)Total amount of funding from government (# million)
Cornwall and Isles of ScillyConnecting Cornwall: project to help develop and implement transport strategy in the CountyYes0.170
Cornwall and Isles of ScillyNewquay Cornwall Airport Business Development: to develop opportunities to invest in and improve airport facilitiesYes0.220
MerseysidePort of Liverpool—Strategic Transport Access Study (Applicant—Sefton MBC)Yes0.180.02
MerseysideSt. Helens Eastern Approach Phase 1: Corporation Street Bridge (Applicant— St. Helens MBC)Yes0.340
MerseysideAxis/River Alt. Footpath (Applicant—Liverpool City Council)Yes0.070.009
MerseysideNew Pathways Bus Links to Atlantic Gateway SIA (Applicant—Merseyside Passenger Transport Authority)Yes0.250.62
MerseysidePathways Bus Links (Huyton/Prescot) (Applicant—Merseyside Passenger Transport Authority)Yes0.940.48
MerseysidePathways Bus Links (Kirkby/Gillmoss) (Applicant—Merseyside Passenger Transport Authority)Yes0.410.62
MerseysideLTP Smart Scheme A—Stage One (Applicant—Merseyside Passenger Transport Authority)Yes1.550
MerseysideBus Priority Measures One—Chalon Way Bus Gate (Applicant—St. Helens MBC)Yes0.120
MerseysideLTP Smart Scheme Q—incorporating St. Helens Centre (Applicant—Merseyside Passenger Transport Authority)Yes1.100.3
MerseysideLTP Smart Scheme E (Applicant—Merseyside Passenger Transport Authority)Yes1.230
MerseysideLocal Initiative For Transport (LIFT) (Applicant—Liverpool City Council)Yes0.080.14
MerseysideNorthwood Star Community Transport) (Applicant—Merseyside Community Transport)Yes0.050.049
South YorkshireM1 Junction 31–32 WideningYes (Design Phase)0.390.72
South YorkshireM1 Junction 32–33 WideningYes (Design Phase)0.420.78
South YorkshireM1 Junction 33 ImprovementsYes (Design Phase)0.390.72
South YorkshireM1 Junction 33–34 WideningYes (Design Phase)0.420.78
South YorkshireM1 Junction 36–37 WideningYes (Design Phase)0.701.30
South YorkshireM18 Junction 2–3 WideningYes (Design Phase)0.280.52
South YorkshireHalfpenny Bridge Transportation InitiativeYes (Design Phase)0.340.64
South YorkshireSupertram ExtensionYes (Feasibility stage)0.090.16
South YorkshireSheffield-Barnsley-Leeds Rail service—infrastructure and rolling stock imps.Yes (Feasibility stage)0.040.08
South YorkshirePICASSO (two fully accessible minibuses)Yes0.210.75
South YorkshireStar Line (one stop shop for access to training and employment)No (approved in principle, working up application)0.160.32
South YorkshireDunscroft Community BusNo (approved in principle, working up application)0.230.23
South YorkshireHeeley Community TransportNo (approved in principle, working up application)0.060.06
South YorkshireNorth Sheffield Link ServiceNo (approved in principle, working up application)0.400.30
South YorkshireTransport for all projectNo (approved in principle, working up application)0.010.01
South YorkshireDearne Valley PlaybusNo (approved in principle, working up application)0.160.16
South YorkshireCoalfields Community TransportNo (approved in principle, working up application)0.300.30
South YorkshireCommunity Transport SkillbuildNo (approved in principle, working up application)0.220.21
South YorkshireSheffield East End Transport SolutionsNo (approved in principle, working up application)0.180.18

11 Dec 2002 : Column 359W

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