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16 Dec 2002 : Column 657W—continued

Aviation Fuel (Taxation)

Mr. John Taylor: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what plans he has to increase revenues from taxation of aviation fuel; and what recent studies he has commissioned of the effect on air passenger numbers. [86898]

Mr. Jamieson: Decisions on taxation are a matter for my right hon. Friend the Chancellor of the Exchequer. As announced in his pre-Budget report, the Government will discuss with stakeholders the most effective economic instruments for ensuring that, where justified, the industry limits or reduces its contribution to climate change, local air quality and noise pollution. Any decision to tax fuel used for international aviation would be subject to international agreement under the Chicago Convention. And EU Directive 92/81/EEC, on

16 Dec 2002 : Column 658W

the harmonisation of the structures of excise duty on mineral oils, prohibits levying duty on most aviation fuel.

An analysis published in Air Traffic Forecasts for the United Kingdom 2000 (May 2000, pages 19–20) indicates that an environmental fuel tax introduced in 2006 and increased by 10 percentage points every year for the next nine years until the tax were 100 per cent. of fuel costs in 2015 would reduce passenger demand by 10 per cent. by 2020.

Ministerial Engagements

Mr. Andrew Turner: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many engagements were undertaken outside London (a) by him or his predecessor and (b) by Ministers in his Department in January (i) 2000, (ii) 2001 and (iii) 2002. [87346]

Mr. Jamieson : I refer the hon. Gentleman to the answer given by the Minister of State for the Cabinet Office (Mr. Alexander) today.

Railway Rolling Stock

Mr. Don Foster: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what types of, and how much, new rolling stock have been ordered in each year since 1994 by each train operating company. [86548]

Mr. Jamieson: The following table provides the required information.

Year/TOCVolume (vehicles)Type
Information not available
Information not available
Connex South Eastern120EMU
Midland Mainline34DMU
South West Trains120EMU
Arriva Trains Northern48EMU
Central Trains76DMU
Connex South Eastern90EMU
First Great Western40DMU
First North Western70DMU
Catwick Express64EMU
Virgin Cross Country352DEMU
First Great Western30DMU
Virgin West Coast477EMU
Arriva Trains Northern8EMU
Arriva Trains Northern8EMU
First Great Eastern84EMU
Midland Mainline10DMU
South Central240EMU
South West Trains785EMU
Connex South Eastern408EMU
Midland Mainline127DMU
South Central460EMU

16 Dec 2002 : Column 659W

Mr. Don Foster: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport (1) how many railway rolling stock leases involving Mark 1 passenger carriages are in existence; and in respect of each lease, what is (a) the name of the rolling stock company owning the vehicles and (b) the name of the train operating company leasing them; how many Mark 1 vehicles are covered by that lease; and what is the date to which the train operating company is committed to leasing the vehicles; [86549]

Mr. Jamieson: There are 1,741 Mark 1 vehicles leased through 19 leases as follows:

The dates to which train operating companies are committed to leasing the vehicles are commercially confidential. However, in general terms, leases are being extended up to 31 December 2004 where necessary.

Station Improvements (North Wales)

Chris Ruane: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what funds he has allocated for rail track and

16 Dec 2002 : Column 660W

station improvements in the last three years; and how much of this funding has been spent in North Wales. [87155]

Mr. Jamieson: Most public funds for railways are channelled through franchise support payments and cannot be allocated to specific expenditure. The Strategic Rail Authority has recently awarded over #2.4 million of funding from its Rail Passenger Partnership scheme for the 'Inform Cymru' project, providing customer information systems at stations along the Cambrian Line.

Transport Police

Mr. Heath: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what additional funding has been made available since 11 September 2001 to the Chief Constable of British Transport Police to assist with the policing of the London Underground system. [87100]

Mr. Jamieson: The British Transport Police (BTP) Committee sets the budget for the force and the users of the BTP, such as London Underground, the train operating companies and Network Rail, provide the funding.

The BTP have advised me that LUL's contribution to the BTP's budget in 2002–03 increased by 4.5 per cent. on the #30.9 million paid in 2001–02. It was announced on 1 July 2002, Official Report, column 115W, that my right hon. Friends the Secretary of State for Transport and the Home Secretary were providing #1.36 million of central funds to the BTP to support their participation in the Street Crime Initiative in London.

Trust Ports

Mr. Chope: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what action his Department has taken following the classification by the Office for National Statistics of major trust ports as public bodies. [87558]

Mr. Jamieson: We have been working with the Office for National Statistics to identify the implications of this classification.


Bow Street Magistrates Court

Mr. Malins: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department (1) how many hours the night session at Bow Street Magistrates' Court has operated; and how many cases have (a) been disposed of at first hearing and (b) been remanded over to a later date; [82096]

Yvette Cooper: The consultation report has just been received by.ministers The Department is still completing its consideration and analysis of the findings and I hope to be able to write to the hon. Member with the figures requested shortly.

16 Dec 2002 : Column 661W


Mr. Andrew Turner: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department to which bodies the Lord Chancellor's Department makes appointments; how many members there are (a) in total and (b) in each body; and how many of those appointed are (i) businessmen, (ii) businessmen in SMEs and (iii) businessmen in micro-businesses. [87394]

Ms Rosie Winterton: I refer the hon. Member to the answer given by the Minister for the Cabinet Office today.

Boundaries Review

Huw Irranca-Davies: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department if she will make a statement on progress with the review of policies and processes to be adopted during the fifth general review of parliamentary constituencies and the review of Assembly electoral regions by the Boundary Commission for Wales. [85619]

Mr. Leslie: I have been asked to reply.

In carrying out the fifth general review of parliamentary constituencies and Assembly electoral regions in Wales, the Boundary Commission for Wales will publish provisional recommendations for groups of constituencies, following the rules on the redistribution of seats set out in Schedule 2 of the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 1986. Provisional representations will be publicly available and interested parties will have one month from their publication in which to make representations.

Local inquiries will be held if representations objecting to the proposals are received from an interested local authority or from a body of 100 or more electors. Inquiries will be conducted by Assistant Commissioners who will report to the Commission.

Following receipt of reports, the Commission may decide to modify their revised recommendations before submitting their final proposals to my. right hon. Friend the Deputy Prime Minister, the procedure for publication and inviting representation is again repeated. The report containing the Commission's final recommendations relates to all constituencies for Wales. No separate reports are submitted on any group of constituencies.

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