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17 Dec 2002 : Column 707W—continued


John Barrett: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development if she will make a statement on recent levels of malnutrition among children in Gambia. [87172]

Clare Short: The most recent figures for levels of malnutrition in The Gambia that we are aware of, come from a nutritional survey carried out in October 2002 by the World Food Programme (WFP), in collaboration with other agencies, in 29 villages. This found levels of acute malnutrition among children surveyed to be 11.2 per cent. Children in the age group between 12 and 23 months were found to be worst affected.

17 Dec 2002 : Column 708W

Landmines (Angola)

John Barrett: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development what impact she estimates landmines are having on humanitarian efforts in the Mavinga region of Angola. [85878]

Clare Short: On 2 December, a vehicle belonging to Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) working on an emergency relief project in the southeastern region of Mavinga, funded in part by DFID, was blown up by a mine resulting in the deaths of 7 people, and the wounding of 6 others. As a result of this tragic incident, MSF have stated their intention to reduce their humanitarian activities in the area—one of the worst affected in Angola. Relief agencies in Angola state that landmines continue to restrict the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

According to the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Human Affairs (OCHA), Angola is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world. As many as 70,000 Angolans are believed to have lost limbs as a result of landmine explosions. My Department has allocated US$ 459,000 to UNDP for a project aimed at improving the effectiveness of mine action through strengthened coordination and planning at the provincial level in Angola. We will also be contributing 19.7 per cent. of the Euro6 million which the EC has recently made available for mine action in Angola. This includes 5 million for a variety of mine-clearance agencies.


John Barrett: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development what assessment she has made of the fairness of political party registration in Nigeria; and what impact the registration of political parties in Nigeria has made on the country's transition to democracy. [87173]

Clare Short: The Supreme Court ruling of 21 November 2002 upheld the Independent National Electoral Commission's (INEC) right to set guidelines for the registration of political parties, but held that these guidelines could not impose requirements in excess of those set out in the constitution. As a result, 22 new political parties have now been registered, bringing the total to 28. Though the initial ruling by INEC was exclusive, the court system was used to good effect by the excluded parties to ensure a much broader participation. Thus, while the courts ruled that INEC was not 'fair' to have excluded parties in the first place, the system as a whole can be judged to have been fair.

The registration of the additional parties will cause administrative difficulties, but it could have a beneficial impact, allowing more people to become involved in politics, and could increase the likelihood that parties will form on issue-based platforms. However the full impact of the registration of 22 new parties is yet to be felt. My Department is working closely with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to monitor developments.

Primary Education

Tony Worthington: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development in which countries increased

17 Dec 2002 : Column 709W

funding for primary education over the next five years will be spent and how; and how much of this will be spent in World bank Fast Track countries. [87569]

Clare Short: I refer my hon. Friend to the answer I gave to the hon. Member for Clydebank and Milngavie on 18 November 2002, Official Report, columns 15–16W).

Spending Review

Mr. Frank Field: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development if she will list for her Department (a) those Comprehensive Spending Review 1998 targets that were outstanding at the time of the statement on the Comprehensive Spending Review 2002, (b) progress on such targets since then and (c) the expected date when targets not yet achieved will be met. [87698]

17 Dec 2002 : Column 710W

Clare Short: My department publishes progress against all our outstanding Public Service Agreement targets in our Departmental Report (published in April 2002) and our Autumn Performance Report (published in October 2002). These are available at

Sub-Saharan Africa (Health Care)

Mrs. Spelman: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development how much money was spent on healthcare services per person last year in sub-Saharan Africa. [87088]

Clare Short: Latest figures available in the World Bank's publication XWorld Development Indicators 2002, Table 2.15 Health expenditure, services and use" shows $41 of health expenditure per capita in Sub Saharan Africa. This includes public and private health expenditure, plus for some countries, external sources (mainly foreign assistance).

17 Dec 2002 : Column 711W



Mr. Keetch: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many ambulances are available to each armed service; and how many of these are air conditioned. [87685]

Dr. Moonie: The Army and the Royal Marines have 768 battlefield ambulances (BFA) and 68 armoured ambulances. At present, all the armoured ambulances, and 43 of the BFA are fitted with air conditioning units (ACU). Units are also able to convert the FV 432 and BV 206 vehicles for use as ambulances as and when appropriate. These are not air conditioned.

The RAF has 28 BFA and 55 trauma management vehicles for crash rescue on airfields. These are not air conditioned.

In addition to ambulances, the Ministry of Defence has 109 coaches with an ambulance role, which are not air conditioned.


Mr. Liddell-Grainger: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what types and tonnage of ammunitions were brought into the United Kingdom by his Department in the last 12 months. [86564]

Dr. Moonie: During the past 12 months, the following types of ammunition have been brought into the United Kingdom as a result of overseas procurement:

7.62 mm BALL, 21 mm Rocket System, 21 mm Training System, 0.5 4B/IT, 338 inch (various), 12.7 mm IMP, 5.56 mm AP, 9 mm (various), 66 mm, Goalkeeper FMPDS, 14.5 mm Artillery Training L21A1 (Charge), 40 mm Grenades (various), Enhanced Performance Grenade, 60 mm Mortar Bombs.

I am withholding information regarding the tonnage of ammunition brought into the United Kingdom in accordance with Exemption 1 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information.

Cyprus (Christmas Mail)

Mr. Gray: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what delays he expects to occur with the forces' Christmas mail to Episcopi in Cyprus. [87637]

Dr. Moonie: No delays are expected to any mail posted by the published Xlatest posting" dates, which were 6 December for parcels and 16 December for letters and packets.


Mr. Keetch: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what plans he has for UK involvement in celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy; and if he will make a statement. [87036]

Dr. Moonie: I refer the hon. Member to the answer I gave on 31 October 2002, Official Report, column 881W, to the hon. Member for North Essex (Mr. Jenkin).

17 Dec 2002 : Column 712W

Dalton Barracks

Mr. McNamara: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence pursuant to his answer of 19 November 2002, Official Report, column 36W, what the regular staff complement of officers and ranks at the Dalton Barracks in Oxfordshire is; how many deaths have been reported in and around the barracks since 1990; and what is the numerical breakdown of these deaths by cause. [86050]

Mr. Ingram: There are some 1,500 military personnel currently based at Dalton Barracks, Abingdon, with three Close Support Regiment and 4 General Support Regiment Royal Logistic Corps. Available records indicate that there have been four deaths at Abingdon since 1990. I am unable to release details of the cause of death in each case, as this may lead to the identification of individuals and compromise service personnel confidentiality. I am therefore withholding the information under Exemption 12 (Privacy of an Individual) of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information.

Defence Diversification Agency

Angus Robertson: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many inquiries have been received by the Defence Diversification Agency since its inception; how many of these were received through its Scottish office; how many led to a successful outcome; and if he will make a statement. [86386]

Dr. Moonie: The Defence Diversification Agency, now in its fourth year of operation, has received some 2,653 inquiries, of which 198 were from Scotland. All inquiries were successfully processed with about 50 per cent. leading to follow-up technology/knowledge transfer.

Angus Robertson: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence which Scottish firms have had negotiations with the Defence Diversification Agency in each year since its inception; and if he will make a statement. [86393]

Dr. Moonie: The Defence Diversification Agency has had dealings with some 200 companies through its Scottish offices. The listing of these companies by date of inquiry, where we have such a record, is set out in the table.

CompanyInquiry date
360pano Ltd.30 April 2002
Accuscene Corporation Ltd.4 September 2002
Acuid Corporation Ltd.7 June 2001
Acuid Corporation Ltd.10 August 2001
Adam Smith Ltd.
Ademco Michrotech Ltd.6 February 2001
Advanced Biometric Systems Ltd.30 November 2001
Alacom Dundee
Alcan10 January 2001
Allenwest Wallacetown Ltd.23 August 2001
Appledore Shipbuilders Ltd.
AROS Developments Ltd.30 May 2002
Artifactus Ltd.23 January 2001
Ascom IT Ltd.17 April 2001
B.A. Aviation and Marine18 September 2001
Babcock International BES Division30 July 2002
BAE Systems
Biotrix International Ltd.1 November 1999
Bitwise26 March 2002
BMT Cordah Ltd.22 September 2002
Bob Cameron1 August 2002
Bonnybrae Ltd.26 September 2000
Capt. Bruce Hitchings8 February 2001
CCI Engineering Ltd.25 July 2002
Central Science Laboratory8 January 2001
Chilton International23 June 2000
Clariant13 March 2002
Cleenbore11 November 2002
CoDrive Technologies Ltd.7 June 2001
Collaborative Technology Ltd.18 July 2002
Computer Training and Business Support24 November 2002
Covus Engineering Steels, Aerospace and Energy Products26 October 2001
CS Tendering Services Ltd.1 April 2002
Cyberline International Ltd.1 March 2001
David Burns25 February 2000
De-Mining Systems UK Ltd.27 October 2000
DenMac Medical International Ltd.22 October 2001
Diagnostic Potentials30 April 2001
Digital Animations Group plc.12 October 2002
DNA Interactive Ltd.24 February 2000
Donnie McDonald
Dovetail19 September 2000
DSM Geodata1 October 2002
Dynamic Knowledge Corporation11 December 2002
ECom Scotland Ltd.17 October 2001
Ectopharma Ltd.17 July 2001
Electronic Aromas Ltd.16 April 2002
Electro-Mechanical Assembly Ltd.10 February 2001
Electronic Arts
Enfocast Ltd.1 June 2001
Engineering Services (Paisley) Ltd.10 February 2001
Environmental Technology (Scotland) Ltd.27 August 1999
Evolon7 August 2001
Ezeeark Ltd.18 July 2001
Ferranti Photonics Ltd.23 November 2001
Fisher Powerware25 March 2002
Footle18 October 2001
Forth Ports plc18 April 2002
Frankipile S. Africa
Free Aqua14 January 2002
FreeForm Technology Ltd.31 May 2001
Frio Cooling Products/GPN Thermoelectrics11 September 2000
Fugro Structural Monitoring24 October 2002
Futo Ltd.8 July 2002
Fyne Diagnostics27 November 2001
Gemini Corrosion Services Ltd.19 June 2001
Gentech International
Glasgow Caledonian University29 October 2002
Gorham and Partners Ltd.15 August 2001
Greenhouse Ventures
Gulf Coast Seal (UK) Ltd.28 August 2000
Harris Hynd Ltd.23 November 2000
HCS Fluid Power Ltd.
Heriot-Watt University7 November 2001
Hi Cad Technical Services4 February 2002
I vision9 March 2002
Ian Dean7 January 2002
Iatros Ltd.13 April 2000
IceRobotics Ltd.20 September 2001
ICM Fortronics Ltd.9 January 2001
Image Fusion Systems Ltd.16 October 2000
Infinite Data Storage Ltd.9 November 2000
Innovative Engineering Systems Ltd.31 August 2000
Intelligent Earth
IRC Executive, Targeting Technology Ltd.3 May 2002
John Rae
Johnstone Castings and Engineering Ltd.14 August 2002
KOGG Caledonia13 February 2001
Kongsberg Simrad23 August 2002
KSMsuperclean11 November 2001
Kvaener Oil and Gas20 March 2002
LandRover/David McWha28 March 2000
Laplace11 December 2002
Leading Edge Advantage International Ltd.31 May 2001
Link Scotland17 September 2002
Linn Products Ltd.26 February 1999
Lux Biotechnology Ltd.18 September 2002
MacDuff Ship Design Ltd.
MacFarlane Packaging Ltd.1 December 2000
MacGregor Traders and Consultants Ltd.1 December 2000
MacTaggart Scott and Co. Ltd.8 October 2001
Malcolm Stevenson15 September 2002
Marketing Management Services International5 October 2002
MB Aerospace Ltd.15 September 2002
McCrindle Group Ltd.25 October 2002
Meiklewall Ltd.7 December 2000
Metron Technology
Milestone International Ltd.21 November 2000
Miller Methil Ltd.
Mine Ordinance Ltd.
Mission Technology Ltd.22 August 2000
MMC Marketing Consultants13 August 2002
MoTech Software Private Ltd.
Motherwell Bridge Group15 August 2002
Motorola26 April 2000
Mr. Ian Robertson13 September 2001
Murrell Dynamics Ltd.1 September 1999
NERAC8 October 2000
New Medical Technology Ltd.
New Product Technologies Ltd.5 November 2001
Newlands Technology Ltd.7 December 2000
Nickleby28 October 2002
NOI Scotland19 July 2002
NTTU Ltd.14 June 2002
Nutrior Ventures23 October 2002
NXT3 December 1999
Occo Nolf/Charlie Nolf10 July 2002
Ocean Power Delivery9 November 2001
Optima Enclosures Ltd.18 July 2001
Optimat1 August 2002
Orcam Engineering Ltd.27 August 2001
Oxley Systems
Partnerships UK11 October 2002
Peter Bradley26 March 2002
Photonic Materials5 April 2002
Plade Ltd.11 September 2001
Polaroid (UK) Ltd.14 October 2001
Prosyst Ltd.
Proven Engineering Ltd.23 August 2001
Psymetrix Ltd.
Qdos Media Ltd.
Q-One Biotech Ltd.23 October 2001
Quad Techns/University of Strathclyde16 October 2002
Randak Design Consultants
Raytheon28 February 2002
ReacTec Ltd.9 November 2001
Reactivise Ltd.24 July 2002
Realise e-Security Ltd.15 May 2001
Red Box Recorders23 October 2002
Reign of Sound14 November 2001
RIVIVO Ltd.28 August 2000
Robert McAnnanay24 October 2002
Rolls Royce
Root2 Ltd.20 September 2002
Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh and Lothian7 November 2002
Scottish Enterprise Network/Proof of Concept Fund29 November 2001
Scottish Mountain Rescue/University of Strathclyde25 January 2002
Sericol Ltd.14 March 2002
Shady Lady25 July 2002
Shell International Exploration and Production B.V.11 February 2002
Shell Live Wire
Simclar International Ltd.18 October 2001
Smartfloor UK Ltd.1 August 2002
Stenmar Sonavision Ltd.9 July 2002
Strathclyde Personal Alarm Company Ltd.10 November 2002
Sub Post-Office Initiative16 June 2000
Sustainable Technologies Group29 January 2002
Tannoy Ltd.
Tazco Ltd.14 January 2002
The Ltd,29 September 2001
The Peak Group30 October 2001
The R.E.L.A. Invention
Thought Storm10 January 2002
TRAK Microwave Ltd.1 June 1999
Trevor Baylis Foundation
Triton Developments (UK) Ltd.19 March 2002
UKAEA26 August 2002
University of Stirling26 October 2001
University of Strathclyde11 April 2002
University of Strathclyde/Industrial Control Centre10 March 2002
Valentine Audio Visual8 December 2000
VeriSIM Ltd.21 February 2002
Version 73 August 2001
Viscotest17 May 2001
Walker Precision Engineering Ltd.13 August 2002
Weidlinger Associates Ltd.15 July 1999
Westica Ltd.16 May 2001
Whiland Press Gratings25 February 2002
William Prestsell10 January 2002
Willie Gorman18 October 2002
Willmot and Associates16 August 2000
Wood Group
WSP Communications26 February 2002
Xantac Chemicals Ltd.
Zygomatics Ltd.13 January 2002

17 Dec 2002 : Column 715W

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