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7 Jan 2003 : Column 107W—continued

Speed Cameras (Residential Areas)

Mrs. Calton: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what redress is available to residents whose homes are situated adjacent to speed cameras which they deem visually unacceptable. [88554]

7 Jan 2003 : Column 108W

Mr. Jamieson: Fixed site speed cameras are structures and equipment for the detection of traffic offences. As such highway authorities have powers under the Highways Act 1980 section 95(A) to install and maintain speed cameras on or near a highway. Any resident concerned about the visual presence of camera installations may make representations to the highway authority concerned.

STCW 95 Convention

Mr. Prosser: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many seafarers have been detected by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to be in breach of the STCW 95 Convention requirements since February 2002. [88904]

Mr. Jamieson: Inspectors from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency recorded 437 breaches of the STCW Convention between 1 February 2002 and 18 December 2002. Some of these breaches are recorded in relation to ships rather than individual seafarers.

Strategic Rail Authority (Consultants)

Mr. Don Foster: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will list the technical and financial consultants employed by the Strategic Rail Authority, the nature of the assignment for each consultant, and the value of each contract. [87627]

Mr. Jamieson: The following table relates to contracts over #25,000 that have been awarded by the Strategic Rail Authority since April 2002.

ConsultantProjectContract value (#)
AEA Technology BR research report provision Less than 50,000
AEA Technology Study into why operational performance has failed to recover to pre Hatfield levels 240,000
AEA Technology ELL Provision of timetable validation study Less than 50,000
AEA Technology Project Radar Less than 50,000
Arups Market study of coal market Less than 50,000
Arups Merseyrail franchise replacement programme 57,000
Arups Joint working with Railtrack 55,000
Arups West Coast route modernisation—Rolling stock investigation 69,000
Arups Infrastructure project work 71,900
Arups WARM (E) project Less than 50,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton Transport Appraisal Services for ELL 76,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton Demand and economic analysis Less than 50,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton West Midlands rail strategy next steps 80,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton Capacity to utilisation strategy 50,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton Strategic Plan economic analysis Less than 50,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton Due diligence of Railtrack and CLG bus plan 234,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton ECML Project support services Less than 50,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton High Speed Interoperability management 464,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton ITL 2000 risk manager Less than 50,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton Scotrail technical advice 130,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton ECML Rolling Stock strategy definition Less than 50,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton West Coast route modernisation—project Less than 50,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton VGR negotiations 55,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton Baseline 3 analysis 146,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton Tools for capacity utilisation analysis 130,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton Virgin trains franchise negotiation 1,100,000
Booz Allen & Hamilton Development of database for route specification and strategic modelling 243,000
Bovis Project management services (small works) 650,000
Bovis Technical advice on Chiltern replacement Less than 50,000
Bovis ECML support services 275,000
Bovis Freight project management 137,000
Consolidated communications Benchmarking exercise 56,000
EC Harris Felixstowe—Nuneaton commercial assistance Less than 50,000
EC Harris Project baselining 2 Less than 50,000
Fluor Project baselining RFP 75,000
Fluor Review of RPI costs and risk management for infrastructure 75,000
Jacobs Gibb Consultancy Support for Mark 1 rolling stock Less than 50,000
Jacobs Gibb Business Case manual Less than 50,000
Jacobs Gibb Greater Anglia replacement 100,000
Jacobs Gibb T2000 LTS preparation and other CLRL tasks 50,000
Jacobs Gibb Thames Trains franchise extension technical support 51,000
Jacobs Gibb Joint working with Railtrack 50,000
Jacobs Gibb Capacity utilisation 130,000
Jacobs Gibb Mrk 1 strategic reserve vehicles Less than 50,000
Jacobs Gibb The impact of crossrail on the national rail network 128,000
Jarvis Facilities Ltd. Feasibility Study re mauchline remodel 88,000
KPMG National Express Work Less than 50,000
KPMG Virgin Rail Ltd. scope review 150,000
KPMG Financial advisers for Virgin Rail Group Negotiations 367,000
KPMG WCML Review implementation, scope and costs 191,000
KPMG Central trains extension 180,000
KPMG CSE Financial adviser 160,000
KPMG West Anglia Route modernisation project 92,000
KPMG Franchise replacement programme and strategy 100,000
KPMG Strategic planning process 84,000
KPMG ISWT replacement project 200,000
KPMG Project Tide 50,000
KPMG Financial adviser to Scottish passenger rail franchise relet 958,000
KPMG Due Diligence—Transpennine express 130,000
KPMG Northern Franchise accountancy advice 100,000
KPMG Review of TOC Franchise replacement 50,000
KPMG East London Line financial modelling services 55,000
KPMG East London Line Corporate and project finance advice 60,000
Lazards1 Project Ariel, SPVs and enhancements 3,000,000
LEK Case for rail freight 50,000
LEK Policy evaluation of track access grant Less than 50,000
LEK Review of freight performance regimes 60,000
LEK Freight performance 75,000
LEK Conventional interoperability 168,000
LEK Financial advisers Northern 650,000
MDS Transmodal Innovation competition Less than 50,000
Mott McDonald Transport Modelling Services for ELL 125,000
Mott McDonald West Anglia Route modernisation 70,000
Mott McDonald Cherwell Valley re-signalling project Less than 50,000
Mott McDonald Value of Rail studies 89,000
Mott McDonald Appraisal of PLANET models Less than 50,000
Mott McDonald Regeneration impacts of changes in rail services Less than 50,000
Mott McDonald Asset management survey desk top study ELL 220,000
Mott McDonald CSE 2003 budget review Less than 50,000
Mouchel Central railway demand forecast review 200,000
Mouchel Interchange funding 100,000
Mouchel Central Railway growth and strategic fit 97,000
Mouchel Interchange funding 150,000
NERA Due Diligence work for CLG 373,000
NERA Due Diligence work for CLG (appendix B) 51,000
NERA Management and remuneration advice 193,000
Nichols Review of Thames Trains financial information and projections 85,000
Nichols Mark 1 Rollingstock project support team 490,000
Nichols Freight project management 133,000
Nichols TL 2000 Blockade project management Less than 50,000
Parsons Brinkerhoff ELL value engineering facilitation Less than 50,000
PKF Reporting accountant Scottish passenger rail franchise relet 114,000
PKF Reporting accountant Wales and Borders 160,000
PKF British Transport Police audit plan 120,000
PKF SRA audit plan 78,000
Pricewaterhousecoopers IRT open book audit Less than 50,000
Pricewaterhousecoopers Review of financial models in freight grants 50,000
Pricewaterhousecoopers Project support for TL2000 work 1,300,000
Pricewaterhousecoopers Thames Trains extension 129,000
Pricewaterhousecoopers ITL2002 project support 450,000
Steer Davies & Gleave Review of International rail services 70,000
Steer Davies & Gleave Modelling and strategic review of rail industry 75,000
Steer Davies & Gleave Review of international services 50,000
Symonds Business case review of freight interchange Less than 50,000
UK accreditation service Assessment of notified bodies 130,000
WS Atkins Thames Trains extension 51,000
WS Atkins Production of regional freight strategies Less than 50,000
WS Atkins Newco-Immerys FFG: Port of secondary aggregates scheme Less than 50,000
WS Atkins Review FFG application for McAlpine slate waste project Less than 50,000
WS Atkins Proposed development of Mossend Eurotunnel Less than 50,000
WS Atkins Regional Strategies 100,000
WS Atkins Mersey docks—Birkenhead Less than 50,000
WS Atkins High Speed Line study (Trent Valley upgrade) Less than 50,000
WS Atkins ECML (upgrade) Development Business Transport Case 175,000
WS Atkins Development of business case for Kings Cross expansion 120,000
WS Atkins ELLEP digital mapping 67,000
WSA Island line infrastructure 60,000

1 Annual equivalent

7 Jan 2003 : Column 111W

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