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Written Answers to Questions

Thursday 13 February 2003


Civil Service (Recruitment)

Mr. Gareth Thomas: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office what action he is taking to increase (a) graduate recruits, (b) recruits from the private sector and (c) recruits from the voluntary sector into the senior civil service; and if he will make a statement. [97600]

Mr. Alexander: The Civil Service is committed to ensuring that it has the right skills and experience at all levels. The service does this both by developing its own staff and by bringing in talent from outside the service including the private and voluntary sectors. In 2001–02 there were 200 posts at SCS level filled by open competition, up from 107 in 1998. Of these 77 (39 per cent.) were filled by civil servants, 86 (43 per cent.) from the broader public sector and 37 (18 per cent.) from the private sector. In addition, the service makes use of expertise from the private and voluntary sector through a programme of interchange, including at SCS level.

The service does not target graduates specifically for recruitment into the senior civil service since we are looking for those who have demonstrated the relevant skills and experience for the particular job. However, graduate recruitment exercises are run at lower levels of the service, both through individual Departments' schemes and the centrally-run fast stream graduate trainee scheme.


Customs (Northern Ireland)

Mr. Beggs: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether Customs and Excise in Northern Ireland has received any additional Government funding since 1 April 2002. [97009]

John Healey: Since 1April 2002 additional funding has been made available to Customs to further enhance their efforts in Northern Ireland to help tackle oils fraud and to assure compliance with a range of other taxes including landfill tax, aggregates levy and the climate change levy.

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United Kingdom GDP

Mr. Djanogly: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what percentage of the total UK GDP was constituted by (a) business-to-business transactions and (b) business-to-consumer transactions in (i) 2000, (ii) 2001 and (iii) 2002. [97236]

Ruth Kelly [holding answer 11 February 2003]: The information requested falls within the responsibility of the National Statistician. I have asked him to reply.

Letter from L. Cook to Mr. Jonathon Djanogly, dated 13 February 2003:

As National Statistician I have been asked to reply to your recent question concerning what percentage of total UK GDP was constituted by (a) business-to business transactions and (b) business-to-consumer transactions in (i) 2000, (ii) 2001 and (iii) 2002. (97236)
The National Accounts do not separately identify business-to-business transactions or business-to-consumer transactions.
In the National Accounts only business-to-business transactions on capital items are recorded in GDP. The concept that measures this in the National Accounts is business investment.
Business-to-business transactions, non capital items or intermediate expenditure as it is defined in National Accounts, do not add to GDP as the expenditure and incomes in the buying and selling industries cancel out. The ONS publishes estimates of total intermediate expenditure for the corporate sector, the latest figure available is for 2000.
The table below summarises the available data. Figures are expressed in billion at current prices or as percentages. First estimates for 2002 will be published on 26 February 2003.

Gross Domestic Product (billion)902.5950.4990.9
Business Investment (billion)108.2109.8112.5
Business Investment as a proportion of GDP (%)12.011.611.3
Household expenditure (billion) 569.5603.6630.8
Household expenditure as a proportion of GDP (%)63.163.563.7
Intermediate expenditure by the corporate sector (billion)683.5721.2Notavailable

Departmental Consultations

Mr. Yeo: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will list consultations his Department has conducted since 1997; and when each consultation (a) opened and (b) closed. [97421]

Ruth Kelly: The Cabinet Office Code of Practice on Written Consultation applies to all formal national public consultation documents issued by Departments from 1 January 2001. From that date, full details of consultations conducted by HM Treasury are published on our public website, www.hm-treasury.gov.uk. Our website also lists consultations issued between May and December 2000. A list of consultations from 16 May 2000 to 5 February 2003, the dates launched and the closing dates are given below. Prior to May 2000 the information requested is not available.

Consultation subjectLaunch dateClosing date
Proposed product specifications for Sandler "stakeholder" products.5 February 20032 May 2003
Proposed revision of the Money Laundering Regulations 1993 to 200115 November 200214 February 2003
Simplifying the taxation of pensions: increasing choice and flexibility for all17 December 200211 April 2003
Transfer of Audit Responsibility for the Special Health Authorities from the Audit Commission to the Comptroller and Auditor General10 December 20024 February 2003
Regulating Insurance Mediation21 October 200231 January 2003
Implementation of the Insurers Reorganisation and Widing-Up Directive15 November 200231 January 2003
Proposed sanctions for breach of the Regulation on Cross-Border payment in Euro17 September 200217 December 2002
Proposal for a European Parliament and Council Directive amending Council Directive 91/308/EEC of 10 June 1991 on prevention of the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering29 September 199931 December 2002
Modernising the arrangements for registration and transfer of British Government Stock1 Novembwe 200224 January 2003
Modernising the settlement of Money Market Instruments13 September 20026 November 2002
Beneficial Ownership of Unlisted Companies23 July 200214 November 2002
Reform of Corporation Tax Consultation5 September 200229 October 2002
Increased Statutory Powers for the Comptroller and the Auditor General (C&AG)1 August 200224 October 2002
The Green Book: Appraisal and Evaluation in Central Government24 July 200218 October 2002
Economic instruments to improve household energy efficiency16 July 20028 October 2002
Implementing the Fourth Motor Insurance Directive24 April 200217 July 2002
Possible Changes to the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme17 April 200217 June 2002
Implementation of the E-Commerce Directive in Financial Services7 March 20022 May 2002
Regulating Mortgages28 February 200230 April 2002
Insider Dealing (Securities and Regulated markets) (Amendment) Order 20025 February 200219 April 2002
Delivering Saving and Assets27 November 20018 February 2002
Reforming Motorcycle Vehicle Excise Duty27 November 20018 February 2002
Implementation of the E-Commerce Directive in Financial Services14 December 20018 February 2002
Modernising the Taxation of the Haulage Industry27 November 20018 February 2002
Promoting Sport in the Community30 November 20011 February 2002
Financial Services and Markets Act 2000: Administration Orders for Insurers5 November 200129 January 2002
Wanless Report: Securing our Future Health27 November 200122 January 2002
Designs for Innovation4 December 200118 January 2002
Changes to Credit Unions Legislation15 October 200118 January 2002
Financial Services and Markets Act 2000: Communications by Actuaries Regulations 200117 October 20019 January 2002
Implementation of the Electronic Money Directive16 October 20018 January 2002
Protection of the Euro against Counterfeiting Regulations 200115 October 200126 November 2001
Regulatory Regime for Bureaux de Change, Money Transmission Agents and Cheque Cashers (Money Service Business)15 October 20015 November 2001
Consultative Documents: proposal on the Statute for a European Co-operative Society27 July 200131 October 2001
Domestic and International Initiatives Concerning Conflict of Law Inssues Relating to Securities18 July 200117 October 2001
Review of the Supply of Scientists and Engineers: Key Issues Consultation Paper (Sir Gareth Robert's Review)21 June 200131 July 2001
New Proposals to Increase Saving and Asset Ownership for all27 April 200131 July 2001
Enterprising communities: A tax incentive for community investment A Consultation document1 March 20012 July 2001
Green Technology Challenge: Consultation Document25 July 200128 September 2001
Large Business Taxation: The Government's Strategy and Corporate Tax Reforms19 July 20011 October 2001
Review of Medium and Long-term Retail Savings30 February 200111 May 2001
Small Business must improve its Investment Readiness—Small Business Service2 April 200111 May 2001
Standards for Retail Financial Services30 January 200130 April 2001
Long Term Care Insurance21 December 200030 March 2001
Competition in Payment Systems21 December 200020 March 2001
Disclosure of Confidential Information Rgulations 20012 April 200125 May 2001
Mutual Societies Order2 April 200125 May 2001
Control of Business Transfers (Requirements on Applicants) Regulations 20012 April 200125 May 2001
The Transition to the New Ombudsman Scheme and the Investigation of Complaints against the Financial Services Authority2 April 200125 May 2001
The Transition to the New Compensation Scheme2 April 200125 May 2001
Rights of Action7 December 20002 February 2001
Disclosure of Information by Prescribed Persons Regulations 20017 December 20002 February 2001
Service of Notices7 December 20002 February 2001
Market Abuse: Prescribed Markets and Qualifying Investments Order7 December 20002 February 2001
Recognition Requirements for Investment Exchanges and Clearing Houses7 December 20002 February 2000
Regulated Activities—Second Consultation26 October 200020 December 2000
Financial Promotion—Third Consultation26 October 200020 December 2000
The Open Ended Investment Companies (Companies with Variable Capital) Regulations28 January 200030 April 2000
Regulating Mortgages26 October 200020 December 2001
Security for Occupational Pensions, Consultation Document14 September 200031 January 2001
Consultation on the objectives of the Sustainability Fund under the Aggregates Levy Package25 August 200029 September 2000
Individual Pension Accounts11 July 200031 August 2000
The Myners Review of Institutional Investment for HM Treasury16 May 200014 July 2000

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