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6 Mar 2003 : Column 1162W—continued

RAF Continuous Attitude Survey

Mr. Keetch: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence pursuant to his answer of 25 February, ref. 99186, where and how the RAF Continuous Attitude Survey was published in September 2002; and if he will make a statement. [101369]

Dr. Moonie: The RAF continuous General Attitude Survey was published for limited internal use only in September 2002; a copy was not placed in the Library of

6 Mar 2003 : Column 1163W

the House. We are currently reviewing the range of survey material to release and appropriate ways of putting it in the public domain.

RAF Fairford

Mr. Drew: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what the operational status is of RAF Fairford. [101172]

Mr. Ingram: RAF Fairford is a NATO designated standby base made available to the United States Visiting Force. We have recently agreed to a US request to deploy 14 B-52 aircraft to RAF Fairford as part of our contingency planning designed to maintain the flexibility of our military options. The deployment does not represent a decision to take military action.

The use of United Kingdom bases, including RAF Fairford, by US forces for combat operations against Iraq would be a matter for joint decision by the UK and US Governments at the appropriate time.


Mr. Frank Field: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many inquiries from (a) reservists and (b) the families of reservists he has received concerning miscalculation of their enhanced pay since being called up. [101231]

Dr. Moonie: None.

Mr. Frank Field: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence when the (a) allowances and (b) enhanced pay paid to reservists were last increased. [101232]

Dr. Moonie: Pay levels for members of the armed forces (including the reserve forces) are set by the Armed Forces Pay Review Body (AFPRB), whose annual report was published on 7 February 2003. A copy is available in the Library of the House. Its recommendations have been accepted in full, and will come into force on 1 April with the exception of the changes to Longer Separated Service Allowance (LSSA) and Longer Service at Sea Bonus (LSSB), which were implemented on 1 March.

Those allowances not set by the AFPRB are reviewed biannually by the Ministry of Defence, with changes usually coming into effect in August.

When called out into permanent service, reservists receive the same basic pay and allowances as their regular counterparts. In addition, members of the reserve forces whose civilian earnings are greater than their military pay may claim financial assistance under regulations set out in the Reserve Forces (Call-Out and Recall) (Financial Assistance) Regulations 1997 (Statutory Instrument 1997/309).

Mr. Frank Field: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence whether he plans to lay orders before the House increasing the allowances and enhanced pay to reservists. [101233]

Dr. Moonie: Directed letters setting out the new pay rates for reservists, as well as the levels of training bounty, were dispatched on 24 February. These reflect

6 Mar 2003 : Column 1164W

the recommendations of the Armed Forces Pay Review Body's report of 7 February, a copy of which is available in the Library of the House.

The regulations governing financial assistance for reservists ("The Reserve Forces (Call-Out and Recall) (Financial Assistance) Regulations 1997"—SI 1997/309) are currently under review.

South Korea

Patrick Mercer: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many British personnel are attached to the United Nations staff in South Korea. [101163]

Mr. Ingram: One British Naval lieutenant is currently working for the United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission (UNCMAC) on a six month attachment. In addition, the Defence Attaché (a Brigadier) and the Naval/Air Attaché (a Group Captain) are accredited to UNCMAC in their capacities as Commonwealth Member of the MAC and Chief of the UK Advisory Group respectively.

US Ballistic Missile Defence

Mr. Oaten: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what timetable has been set for a decision on the upgrade and use of (a) RAF Fylingdales and (b) RAF Menwith Hill as part of the US Administration's Ballistic Missile Defence System. [99912]

Mr. Hoon: As I informed the House on 5 February 2003, Official Report, columns 11–12WS, the Government has agreed to the US Administration's request to upgrade the early warning radar at RAF Fylingdales for missile defence purposes. The upgrade work is expected to begin towards the end of this year and take about two years to complete.

In advance of the work beginning, the Government needs to negotiate a detailed agreement with the US covering both the upgrade itself and future arrangements for the upgraded radar, while the US also need to undertake comprehensive design work, site surveys, budgetary planning and other preparatory work.

No request has been received for the use of RAF Menwith Hill for missile defence purposes.

US Bases

Jeremy Corbyn: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what arrangements exist for members of the US National Guard to be deployed at US bases in the UK; and if he will make a statement. [101235]

Mr. Ingram: Any deployment of members of the US National Guard to bases made available to the US Visiting Force in the United Kingdom falls within the arrangements laid down by the NATO Status of Forces Agreement 1951.


Community Legal Services

Mr. Nigel Jones: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department what assessment has

6 Mar 2003 : Column 1165W

been made of the impact of Amendment 3 of the Community Legal Services (Financial) Regulations 2001; and what assessment has been made of the impact on people with disposable incomes of between £263 and £695 per month. [100465]

Ms Rosie Winterton: Amendment 3 of the Community Legal Services (Financial) Regulations 2001 revised the financial eligibility criteria for Community Legal Service (CLS) funding. The primary intentions behind the eligibility reforms were to simplify the procedure for gaining Legal Representation (while broadly preserving the numbers qualifying), and to bring the eligibility level for Legal Help closer to that for Legal Representation.

Data provided by the Legal Services Research Centre from its applicant survey showed that if we are to target the most needy, the gross income cap should be maintained and certain state benefits should be disregarded from the gross income test.

The impact on people with a disposable income between £263 and £695 per month who are required to make a contribution to their funding has been limited. There has been no significant increase in the mean contribution required.

HM Land Registry

Mr. Laws: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department what the market value is of each property owned by HM Land Registry; how many staff work in each office; and if she will make a statement. [99826]

Ms Rosie Winterton: The Land Registry's policy is to obtain a professional valuation of its freehold and long leasehold land and buildings every three years. In the intervening years, the figures are updated by "desktop" valuations. The last full valuation was carried out in January 2002 and the market value for each of the Registry's freehold buildings from that valuation is shown in the following table.

Freehold propertyMarket value 2002 (£)
Southfield House, Durham3,700,000
Earle House, Hull1,640,000
Birkenhead House, Lytham3,900,000
Old Market House, Birkenhead3,550,000
Warton Camp, Lytham4,400,000
Lincoln's Inn Fields8,970,000
Forest Court, Tunbridge Wells6,850,000
Brickdale House, Stevenage6,000,000
Henlow Camp, Stevenage150,000
St. Andrew's Court, Portsmouth5,319,000
Plumer House, Plymouth5,500,000
Drake's Hill Court, Plymouth1,676,000
Ty Bryn Glas, Swansea2,825,000
Manselton, Swansea50,000
Parkside Court, Telford4,195,000
Rosebrae Court, Birkenhead4,985,000
Boldon House, Durham3,400,000
Melcombe Court, Weymouth5,400,000
Chalfont Drive, Nottingham4,000,000
Westbridge Place, Leicester4,500,000

The current staffing level at each of the Land Registry's offices is listed as follows. Part-time staff have been treated as whole units.

6 Mar 2003 : Column 1166W

Land Registry OfficeStaffing
Birkenhead (Old Market House)319
Birkenhead (Rosebrae)269
Durham (Boldon)357
Durham (Southfield)401
Nottingham (East)307
Nottingham (West)421
Tunbridge Wells315
Computer Services, Plymouth389
Land Charges89

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