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17 Mar 2003 : Column 570W—continued

Standards Fund

Mr. Damian Green: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills (1) how many officials in his Department are employed to work on the Standards Fund; [102291]

17 Mar 2003 : Column 571W

Mr. Charles Clarke: A circular giving details of the Standards Fund is sent to local education authorities each year. It is for them to determine how that information is passed on to schools. Any additional information is posted on the Department's website or issued to LEAs by e-mail.

Five officials in the Department are employed specifically to manage the Standards Fund programme.

Student Fees

Mr. Dawson: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills if he will list franchising arrangements between higher education institutions and associated colleges, indicating the proportion of student fees paid to each party. [102318]

Margaret Hodge [holding answer 11 March 2003]: The data requested is not collected by my Department. However, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) does collate information on higher education institutions which franchise students to other teaching institutions. I have asked the Chief Executive of HEFCE to send the hon. Member the information he

17 Mar 2003 : Column 572W

has requested. The proportion of student fees paid to each party is a matter for the individual institutions concerned.

University Debt

Mr. Pope: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what the total debt of universities in England was in the last year for which figures are available. [102398]

Margaret Hodge: The Higher Education Funding Council for England published "Outcomes of 2002 financial forecasts and annual operating statements" in January 2003. This report is based on information provided by higher education institutions in July 2002. The forecasts were based on assumptions reflecting the prevailing general economic climate and the funding announcements made at the time and so do not take account of the Spending Review settlement for 2003–04 to 2005–06.

The table is at Annex D of that report and shows the balance sheet for universities in England based on actual figures as at 31 July 2001 and forecasts to July 2006. Debt is some £4.5 billion as at end July 2001, significantly below the total funds for the sector of £11.69 billion overall. (Debt is quantified by adding 4d and 7d from the following table.)

Annex D: 2002 financial forecasts—Balance sheet

As at 31 July:
1. Fixed assets
1a. Tangible assets10,813,16111,437,22612,978,76913,774,18213,886,58813,819,834
1b. Investments357,316319,013308,851308,789287,007288,555
1c. Total fixed assets11,170,47711,756,23913,287,62014,082,97114,173,59514,108,389
2. Endowment asset investments2,326,7762,219,0102,332,8322,393,1622,457,1362,524,118
3. Current assets
3a. Stocks and stores in hand60,67458,47060,16361,72263,26264,806
3b. Debtors1,481,7991,434,7631,489,8421,553,1431,593,3621,613,411
3c. Investments996,075995,141784,449723,384735,457812,479
3d. Cash in hand and at bank475,253467,931398,781426,070456,561503,365
3e. Total current assets3,013,8012,956,3042,733,2352,764,3182,848,6432,994,061
4. Creditors: amounts falling due within one year
4a. Creditors2,108,7342,157,5952,177,6862,217,4622,258,4832,309,017
4b. Current portion of long-term liabilities83,23798,601107,606125,298121,168116,694
4c. Bank overdrafts55,86436,88375,63843,82444,03443,417
4d. Total amounts falling due within one year2,247,8352,293,0792,360,9302,386,5842,423,6852,469,128
5. Net current assets/liabilities765,966663,225372,305377,734424,958524,933
6. Total assets less current liabilities14,263,21914,638,47515,992,75716,853,86717,055,68917,157,440
7. Creditors: amounts falling due after more than one year
7a. Reimbursable by the funding council153,570141,170131,658122,437113,467105,441
7b. External borrowing1,958,0212,106,9182,504,1752,750,1792,706,1092,694,432
7c. Other long-term creditors167,741119,299107,134102,62492,82384,291
7d. Total amounts due after more than one year2,279,3322,367,3862,742,9672,975,2392,912,4002,884,164
8. Provisions for liabilities and charges291,480276,280253,488235,804228,405224,071
9. Total net assets11,692,40711,994,80812,996,30213,642,82413,914,88414,049,204
10. Deferred capital grants2,614,6733,076,1893,970,3044,391,0614,466,5314,419,872
11. Endowments
11a. Specific endowments1,801,0971,722,1261,832,2211,885,6831,942,0472,001,148
11b. General endowments525,679496,884500,611507,479515,089522,970
11c. Total endowments2,326,7762,219,0102,332,8322,393,1622,457,1362,524,118
12. Reserves
12a. Revaluation reserve3,020,2632,846,2822,773,9442,662,1112,599,1202,556,747
12b. Minority interest42,4184,9744,7325,3776,2217,855
12c. Income and expenditure account3,688,2773,848,3533,914,4894,191,1134,385,8774,540,613
12d. Total reserves6,750,9586,699,6106,693,1656,858,6016,991,2187,105,215
13. Total funds11,692,40711,994,80912,996,30113,642,82413,914,88614,049,205

(10) Actual

(11) Forecast

17 Mar 2003 : Column 573W

As a result of the latest Spending Review announcements, Government spending on higher education will rise by more than 6 per cent. a year above inflation over the next three years.



Mr. Hepburn: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department (1) what the detection rate for burglaries in homes was in (a) the Jarrow constituency, (b) South Tyneside, (c) Tyne and Wear and (d) the UK in each year since 1997; [100769]

17 Mar 2003 : Column 574W

Mr. Denham: Crime statistics for South Tyneside are recorded at Basic Command Unit level (BCU). At BCU level, data has been collected from police forces since 1 April 1999, therefore figures are available only for the last three financial years. Detection rates and numbers of offences per 1,000 households for domestic burglary are given in the table.

Also included are figures at total police force area level for England and Wales.

Statistics for the remaining requested areas are not collected centrally.

Recorded crime statistics for South Tyneside Basic Command Unit (BCU) and England and Wales

South Tyneside detection rate (per cent.)181411
South Tyneside offences per 1,000 household21.120.817.4
England and Wales detection rate (per cent.)2622151414
England and Wales offences per 1,000 household25.823.522.020.021.4

1. Recorded on a calendar year basis up to 1997, and thereafter on a financial year, basis (12 months to March).

2. The number of crimes recorded in that financial year using the expanded offence coverage and revised counting rules which came into effect on 1 April 1998. This will also have affected the detection rate.

3. The counting rules for detections changed on 1 April 1999.

There was a change in counting rules for recorded crime on 1 April 1998, which would have the tendency to increase the number of offences counted. Numbers of offences before and after this date are therefore not directly comparable.

There was also a change in counting rules for detections on 1 April 1999. The new instructions provide more precise and rigorous criteria for recording a detection, with the underlying emphasis on the successful result of a police investigation. Numbers of detections before and after this date are therefore not directly comparable.

Information relating to Scotland and Northern Ireland are matters for my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Scotland (Helen Liddell) and my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (Paul Murphy).

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