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1 May 2003 : Column 500W—continued


Dr. Cable: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs how many civil servants have been seconded from his Department to (a) the private sector, (b) NGOs and (c) other, broken down by (i) grade of civil servants seconded, (ii) location and (iii) dates of secondments in each year since 1997–98. [108105]

Mr. Mike O'Brien: Under Cabinet Office interchange procedures, the term secondment relates solely to movement of staff to and from the private sector and other non-civil service organisations.

British Trade International (the joint DTI/FCO organisation leading on trade development and investment) has provided the information requested on FCO secondments to the private sector as set out in the table.

The second table shows FCO secondments to other non-civil service organisations. The FCO does not hold comprehensive records for the year 1997, so the information begins from 1998.

Secondments from the FCO to private sector: March 1997-April 2003

FCO gradeSecondment location StartEnd
D6RTZOctober 1996March 1997
C4China Britain Trade GroupJune 1996August 1997
D6Rolls RoyceMarch 1997November 1997
D6British Aerospace February 1997November 1997
Legal AdviserInternational Committee Red CrossJanuary 1996January 1999
SMSUnileverAugust 1997March 1998
SMSUnileverNovember 1997April 1998
D6 Shell January 1997June 1998
SMS Unilever (Shanghai)September 1998February 1999
SMS Unilever November 1998February 1999
SMSStandard Chartered BankMarch 1997August 1998
B3 Glencree CentreDecember 1997November 1998
SMSNew Millennium Experience CoSeptember 1998December 1998
D6British AerospaceJanuary 1998January 1999
B3London Chamber of CommerceApril 1997April 1999
SMSBOCSeptember 1998February 1999
D6Price WaterhouseSeptember 1997May 1999
D6BPNovember 1997May 1999
D6British InvisiblesJanuary 1999May 1999
C4Institute of ExportMarch 1998June 1999
SMSBritish AerospaceMay 1999November 1999
SMS Prince's TrustOctober 1996December 1999
B3China Britain Trade GroupOctober 1997January 1999
B3 China Britain Business CouncilFebruary 1999December 1999
EconomistBPOctober 1997December 1999
C4AMECNovember 1999February 2000
SMSBPOctober 1999February 2000
D6 CBIMay 1999March 2000
SMSSmithkline Beecham International (Nairobi)January 2000March 2000
D6Standard Chartered BankNovember 1998March 2000
C4Open Broadcast NetworkJune 1998April 2000
D6Reading UniversityDecember 1999June 2000
SMSAndersen ConsultingAugust 1999May 2000
D7London First CentreApril 1998June 2000
D7British InvisiblesJune 1998June 2000
D6FidelityJune 1999July 2000
C5ICLNovember 1998July 2000
C4Totectors Ltd.May 2000August 2000
SMSAndersen ConsultingJanuary 1998September 2000
C4Fire Industry ConfederationMay 2000October 2000
D6 Standard Chartered BankSeptember 2000November 2000
SMSStandard Chartered BankOctober 2000November 2000
C4Institute of Waste ManagementAugust 2000November 2000
SMSNew Millennium Experience CoApril 1999December 2000
C4Institute of ExportAugust 1999February 2001
SMSBPFebruary 2001May 2001
SMSBP Amoco Cape Town (South Africa)November 2000April 2001
B3London Chamber of Commerce May 1999April 2001
D6CBIFebruary 2001June 2001
SMSStandard Chartered BankOctober 2001February 2002
SMSLehman BrosMarch 2000March 2002
C4Asia HouseMay 2001May 2002
C4Halcrow (Singapore)February 1999July 2002
C5Partnership Sourcing Ltd.April 2001August 2002
D6BAE Systems TokyoOctober 2001September 2002
SMSShell InternationalMay 2002November 200
B3Bacon and WoodrowFebruary 2001November 2002
TP/C5BCB Worldwide August 2000December 2002
SMSInternational Financial Services (formally British Invisibles)September 2000January 2003
SMSUnileverSeptember 2001March 2003
C4B. Link Manchester (formerly Oldham Chamber)October 1998September 2003
C4United ResponseAugust 2002August 2003
C4Petrofac Chemicals May 2000July 2003
B3London Chamber of CommerceJune 2001June 2003
D6Technical Assistance and Development Services (TADS) Ltd.April 2002April 2004
TC/5Partnership Sourcing Ltd.October 2002October 2003
TC/5CBIOctober 2002May 2003
C4Business Link WestNovember 2002November 2003
B3Greater Merseyside EnterpriseJanuary 2003January 2004
C4North West Development AgencyJanuary 2003January 2004
SMSInternational Financial Services (formally British Invisibles)January 2003January 2005
T/D6BCCBJanuary 2003January 2005
C4South Yorkshire International Trade CouncilMarch 2003March 2004
B4BL NottsMarch 2003August 2003

1 May 2003 : Column 501W

Non-private sector

FCO gradeSecondment locationStartEnd
SMSEU Commission 01/01/199801/06/1999
D6Turks and Caicos01/03/199801/12/1999
D6House of Lords 01/04/199819/04/2002
D6Council of European Union08/07/199801/08/2001
SMSCareer Dev Attachment (CDA) Harvard01/08/199801/06/1999
SMSDitchley Foundation01/08/199801/08/2001
SMSEU Commission01/09/199801/09/2000
C5EnergyCharter Secretariat, Brussels15/10/199815/10/2001
C4CDA Ecole National d'Admin (ENA)01/11/199801/07/1999
SMSBuckingham Palace01/01/199915/09/2002
SMSCDA Sussex University01/01/199901/12/1999
D6Imperial College01/01/199909/04/2000
SMSOffice of High Rep Sarajevo01/02/199901/02/2000
D6International Org for Migration Geneva19/04/199909/04/2002
SMSCDA Harvard01/07/199901/04/2000
B3Football Association01/07/199931/08/2000
D6London Business School26/08/199926/08/2001
SMSEU Commission01/09/199901/09/2004
D6EU Commission01/09/199901/09/2002
C4NGO Article 1901/09/199901/12/1999
D6CDA ENA01/09/199901/03/2001
D6Office of Special Coord, Brussels01/09/199913/08/2001
D6Academic Study Masters01/10/199901/10/2001
SMSCDA St. Anthony's College01/10/199901/06/2000
SMSEU Commission01/10/199901/10/2004
D6EU Commission01/12/199915/07/2002
D6EU Commission01/12/199901/11/2000
D6CDA NATO Defence College, Rome01/02/200001/07/2000
D6CU Commission01/02/200028/01/2002
D6States of Jersey: St. Helier01/04/200001/09/2003
SMSCareer Development Attachment01/05/200001/12/2000
SMSNew Zealand MFA01/05/200001/12/2000
D6St. James's Palace01/06/200026/06/2003
D6Population Council HGO, Hanoi01/07/200001/07/2001
SMSCDA Harvard01/07/200001/07/2001
D6DFA Dublin CDA01/10/200001/04/2001
D6NGO Interights23/10/200031/12/2000
SMSRomanian MFA01/12/200001/12/2001
SMSGerman MFA08/01/200108/08/2001
SMSMostar Deputy High Rep/Sarajevo14/01/200114/01/2003
D6EU Comm01/02/200101/07/2003
SMSOSCE Belgrade21/02/200128/02/2003
D6Buckingham Palace12/06/200101/06/2004
SMSCDA St. Anthony's College01/10/200113/07/2002
D6German MFA04/10/200115/06/2002
D6Office of Czech President's Office02/01/200231/03/2002
D6Czech MFA01/04/200215/01/2003
SMSEU Council Secretariat01/05/200215/05/2007
SMSOHR Sarajevo15/05/200215/05/2004
SMSSt. James's Palace14/04/200314/04/2006


The FCO grading system equates as follows:

SMS = Senior Civil Service

D7 = Home Civil Service 6

D6 = Home Civil Service 7

C5 = Senior Executive Officer

C4 = Higher Executive Officer

B3 = Executive Officer

1 May 2003 : Column 503W

US Forces (Indian Ocean)

Mr. Swire: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs how long US military forces will be stationed on British territory in the Indian Ocean. [109642]

Mr. Mike O'Brien: HMG in 1966 and subsequently has entered into a series of bilateral agreements with the United States on the use of the British Indian Ocean Territory under which the whole territory is to remain available for the defence needs of the two countries for an initial period of 50 years from 1966, and thereafter for a further period of 20 years unless either party has given prior notice to terminate it.

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