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Volume No. 412 Part No. 452

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Westminster Hall Debates for
4 November 2003

Column: 193WH

Equitable Life [4 Nov 2003]

9.30 am
Richard Ottaway (Croydon, South)

Column: 194WH

Column: 195WH

Mr. Patrick McLoughlin (West Derbyshire)

Richard Ottaway

Column: 196WH

Jane Griffiths (Reading, East)

Richard Ottaway

Column: 197WH

9.46 am
John Barrett (Edinburgh, West)

Column: 198WH

9.52 am
Chris Grayling (Epsom and Ewell)

Column: 199WH

Column: 200WH

10 am
Dr. Vincent Cable (Twickenham)

Column: 201WH

Column: 202WH

Mr. Stephen O'Brien (Eddisbury)

Dr. Cable

Column: 203WH

10.12 am
Mr. Stephen O'Brien (Eddisbury)

Column: 204WH

Column: 205WH

Column: 206WH

Column: 207WH

Column: 208WH

Column: 209WH

Mr. George Stephenson

Mr. O'Brien

Column: 210WH

10.38 am
The Financial Secretary to the Treasury (Ruth Kelly)

Column: 211WH

Column: 212WH

Richard Ottaway

Ruth Kelly

Mr. Stephen O'Brien

Column: 213WH

Mr. George Stevenson

Ruth Kelly

Dr. Cable

Ruth Kelly

Column: 214WH

Richard Ottaway

Ruth Kelly

Mr. Stephen O'Brien

Ruth Kelly

Column: 215WH

Chris Grayling

Ruth Kelly

Column: 216WH

Seal Hunting [4 Nov 2003]

11 am
Mr. David Amess (Southend, West)

Column: 217WH

Column: 218WH

Column: 219WH

11.16 am
The Minister for Trade and Investment (Mr. Mike O'Brien)

Column: 220WH

Column: 221WH

Column: 222WH

11.30 am

Column: 221WH

Column: 223WH

Children's Play [4 Nov 2003]

2 pm
Paddy Tipping (Sherwood)

Column: 224WH

Column: 225WH

Column: 226WH

Column: 227WH

2.21 pm
Mr. Hilton Dawson (Lancaster and Wyre)

Column: 228WH

Mrs. Lorna Fitzsimons (Rochdale)

Mr. Dawson

Column: 229WH

2.37 pm
Dr. Jenny Tonge (Richmond Park)

Column: 230WH

Column: 231WH

Column: 232WH

2.52 pm
Mr. Malcolm Moss (North-East Cambridgeshire)

Column: 233WH

Column: 234WH

Column: 235WH

Mr. Dawson

Mr. Moss

Column: 236WH

Column: 237WH

3.13 pm
The Minister for the Arts (Estelle Morris)

Column: 238WH

Mr. Dawson

Estelle Morris

Column: 239WH

Column: 240WH

Column: 241WH

Column: 242WH

Israeli Security Wall [4 Nov 2003]

3.30 pm
Mr. Gerald Kaufman (Manchester, Gorton)

Column: 243WH

Column: 244WH

Column: 245WH

3.43 pm
Mr. Mark Hendrick (Preston)

3.44 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Mr. Bill Rammell)

Column: 246WH

Ms Oona King (Bethnal Green and Bow)

Mr. Rammell

Mr. Mohammad Sarwar (Glasgow, Govan)

Mr. Rammell

Mr. Sarwar

Mr. Rammell

Column: 247WH

Mr. Alan Duncan (Rutland and Melton)

Mr. Rammell

Column: 248WH

Dr. Jenny Tonge (Richmond Park)

Mr. Rammell

Dr. Tonge

Mr. Rammell

Dr. Tonge

Column: 249WH

Mr. Rammell

Mr. Deputy Speaker

Column: 250WH

Parenting [4 Nov 2003]

4 pm
Mr. Steve Webb (Northavon)

Column: 251WH

Column: 252WH

Mr. Graham Allen (Nottingham, North)

Mr. Webb

Column: 253WH

Mr. Adrian Flook (Taunton)

Mr. Webb

Mr. Andy Reed (Loughborough)

Column: 254WH

Mr. Webb

Column: 255WH

4.19 pm
The Minister for Children (Margaret Hodge)

Column: 256WH

Column: 257WH

Column: 258WH

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