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Volume No. 413 Part No. 461

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Westminster Hall Debates for
19 November 2003

Column: 263WH

Ethiopia [19 Nov 2003]

9.30 am
Vera Baird (Redcar)

Column: 264WH

Column: 265WH

Column: 266WH

Column: 267WH

Column: 268WH

Julie Morgan (Cardiff, North)

Vera Baird

Column: 269WH

Mr. John Bercow (Buckingham)

Vera Baird

Andy King (Rugby and Kenilworth)

Vera Baird

Column: 270WH

Mr. Joe Benton

10 am
Mr. Tom Clarke (Coatbridge and Chryston)

Column: 271WH

Column: 272WH

10.10 am
Mr. David Borrow (South Ribble)

Column: 273WH

Mr. Bercow

Mr. Borrow

Mr. Bercow

Mr. Borrow

Column: 274WH

10.20 am
Julie Morgan (Cardiff, North)

Column: 275WH

10.27 am
Mr. David Drew (Stroud)

Column: 276WH

10.30 am
John Barrett (Edinburgh, West)

Column: 277WH

Column: 278WH

Column: 279WH

10.40 am
Mr. John Bercow (Buckingham)

Column: 280WH

Column: 281WH

10.49 am
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development (Mr. Gareth Thomas)

Column: 282WH

Column: 283WH

Column: 284WH

ATOL Scheme [19 Nov 2003]

11 am
Laura Moffatt (Crawley)

Column: 285WH

Column: 286WH

Column: 287WH

11.15 am
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport (Mr. Tony McNulty)

Column: 288WH

Column: 289WH

11.24 am

Column: 290WH

St. Helena [19 Nov 2003]

2 pm
Mr. Anthony Steen (Totnes)

Column: 291WH

Peter Bradley (The Wrekin)

Mr. Steen

Column: 292WH

Column: 293WH

Column: 294WH

Mr. Roger Gale

Mr. Steen

Column: 295WH

Column: 296WH

Column: 297WH

Column: 298WH

2.29 pm
Mr. John Smith (Vale of Glamorgan)

Column: 299WH

Mr. Roger Gale

2.34 pm
2.36 pm
Mr. Roger Gale

2.51 pm
Mr. Steen

Mr. Roger Gale

Mr. John Smith

Column: 300WH

Column: 301WH

Mr. Roger Gale

3.1 pm
Mr. Andrew Rosindell (Romford)

Column: 302WH

Mr. Steen

Mr. Rosindell

Column: 303WH

3.8 pm
Bob Russell (Colchester)

Column: 304WH

3.14 pm
Mr. Nigel Jones (Cheltenham)

Column: 305WH

Column: 306WH

Mr. Steen

Mr. Jones

Column: 307WH

3.26 pm
Mr. Gary Streeter (South-West Devon)

Column: 308WH

Column: 309WH

Column: 310WH

3.35 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development (Mr. Gareth Thomas)

Column: 311WH

Column: 312WH

Bob Russell

Mr. Thomas

Column: 311WH

Column: 313WH

Travellers Sites [19 Nov 2003]

3.47 pm
Mr. James Paice (South-East Cambridgeshire)

Column: 314WH

Mr. James Gray (North Wiltshire)

Mr. Paice

Column: 315WH

Column: 316WH

Column: 317WH

Column: 318WH

4.9 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (Yvette Cooper)

Mr. Gray

Yvette Cooper

Column: 319WH

Column: 320WH

Column: 319WH

Column: 321WH

A38 and A50 [19 Nov 2003]

4.17 pm
Mrs. Janet Dean (Burton)

Column: 322WH

Column: 323WH

4.25 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport (Mr. David Jamieson)

Column: 324WH

Column: 325WH

Column: 326WH

Mrs. Dean

Mr. Jamieson

Mrs. Dean

Mr. Jamieson

Column: 327WH

Column: 328WH

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