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Iddon, Dr Brian

                  Chamber Debates

    Illegal immigrants (02.12.02) 623

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Health services, Prisons 747

    Housing benefit, Reform 14

    Offences against children 577w

    Prescription drugs, Codes of practice 908w

    Prescription drugs, Elderly 217w

    Private Members' bills, Allowances 983w

Identity cards

Illegal immigrants

    Ministerial statements (02.12.02) 611-25

Illsley, Mr Eric


    Drax power station 986w

    Northern Ireland Assembly 305

    Police, Emergency calls 575w




Immigration and Nationality Directorate

    Telephone services 253w

Immigration controls

Immigration rules

    Domestic violence 5-6ws

Immunity from prosecution

Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine

    University College London 96w, 731w

Import controls


Incapacity benefit

    Medical examinations 5-6

    SchlumbergerSema 5-6


Income support

Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Bill 2002/03

                  Chamber Debates


    Diplomatic service 644w

    Entry clearances 956w

    Export credit guarantees 508w

Indian subcontinent

Industrial accidents

"Industrial Action by the Fire Brigades Union"


Industrial diseases

Industrial disputes

Industrial health and safety

Industrial relations

Infectious diseases


Information technology

    Jobcentre Plus 15w

    Lord Chancellor's Dept 438w

    National Probation Service for England and Wales 587w

Ingram, Rt Hon Adam, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence

                  Written Statements

    Armed forces, Training 1-2ws

    HMS Nottingham 70ws

    Royal Artillery 55-6ws


    Accountancy, Ministry of Defence 476-7w

    Armed forces, Chemical and biological warfare 692w

    Armed forces, Civil defence 811-2w

    Armed forces, Legal advice and assistance 6w, 927w

    Armed forces, Northern Ireland 481w

    Armed forces, Private finance initiative 336w

    Challenger tanks 326w

    Chinook helicopters 691w

    Civil contingency reaction forces 3-4w

    Defence, Gibraltar 469w

    Defence, Private finance initiative 336w

    Defence Logistics Organisation 4w

    Defence Logistics Organisation, Consultants 4w

    Defence Vetting Agency, Standards 473-4w

    Fire services, Industrial disputes 5w

    Hercules aircraft 927w

    HMS Nottingham, Repairs and maintenance 6w

    Iraq, Armed conflict 811w

    Iraq, Military aircraft 330-1w

    Macedonia, Peace keeping operations 482w

    McKinsey and Company, Ministry of Defence 377w

    McMaster, Stuart 8-9w

    Military aid, Foot and mouth disease 478w

    Military aid, Southern Africa 697w

    Military aircraft 929w

    Military aircraft, Occupied territories 340w

    Military bases, Colchester 339w

    Military exercises, Netherlands 329w

    Official visits, Ministry of Defence 696w

    Operation Sandcastle 335w

    Public expenditure, Ministry of Defence 691-2w

    Puma helicopters, South Africa 9w

    Sea King helicopters 930w

Inland Revenue

    Departmental expenditure limits 28ws

    Information technology 315w


Inquiry into A Level Standards

    see A Level Standards Inquiry


    Nuclear power stations 227w

Insolvency Service


    Aviation 7ws

Integrated administration and control system

Intelligence services

Interest rates

    Monetary Policy Committee 835w

International classification of diseases

International Coffee Organisation

International Development Association (Thirteenth Replenishment) Order 2003

                  Chamber Debates


    Government departments 736w

    Integrated administration and control system 50w

    National Air Traffic Services 72-3w

    Parliamentary scrutiny 163-4

    Public libraries 375w


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