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Higher education

    Complaints 22

    General Agreement on Trade in Services 468w

Hinchliffe, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Community Care (Delayed Discharges Etc) Bill, Rep and 3R (15.01.03) 779-80

    Foundation trusts (08.01.03) 213-6


    Foundation trusts 535

Hire Association Europe

    Construction Industry Training Board 718w

HIV infection

HMS Ark Royal

HMS Invincible

HMS Nottingham

HMS Sheffield

Hoban, Mr Mark


    Business, Higher education 149w

    Drugs, Rehabilitation 520w

Hodge, Margaret, Minister of State for Universities, Dept for Education and Skills


    Education maintenance allowance 118w, 466w

    Education maintenance allowance, Northumberland 640w

    General Agreement on Trade in Services, Higher education 468w

    Higher education 334w

    Higher education, Manpower 117w

    Higher education, Student wastage 120-1w

    Learning and Skills Council for England, Finance 123w

    Medicine, Student numbers 117w

    Medicine, Student wastage 116w

    Public appointments 469w

    Students, Fees and charges 312-3

    Students, Leeds 133w

Hoey, Miss Kate

                  Chamber Debates

    Education, Northern Ireland (14.01.03) 564, 576-9

    Olympic Games (14.01.03) 609, 613

Hogg, Rt Hon Douglas

                  Chamber Debates

    Ballistic missile defence (15.01.03) 705

    Iraq (07.01.03) 33


    House of Lords, Reform 20

Home care services

    Northern Ireland 357w

Home energy efficiency scheme

Home Office

    Green Ministers Committee 655w

    Official engagements 312w

"Home Secretary's Employment Targets"


Home visits

    Pension Service 333w


    Temporary accommodation 351-2w

Homelessness Act 2002





Hood, Mr Jimmy


    EC Telecommunications Council 156-7w

    EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council 80-4w

Hook, Iain


Hoon, Rt Hon Geoffrey, Secretary of State for Defence

                  Chamber Debates

    Ballistic missile defence, Ministerial statements (15.01.03) 696-713

    Iraq, Ministerial statements (07.01.03) 23-39

                  Written Statements

    Iraq, Armed conflict 24ws


    Defence, International cooperation 547w

    Financial Dynamics 45w

    Gulf states, Logistics 47w

    Nimrod aircraft, Procurement 48w

    RAF Fylingdales 46w

    RAF Fylingdales, Early warning systems 294w

Hopkins, Mr Kelvin


    Pensioners, Means tested benefits 391

Horam, Mr John


    Police, Bromley 657w

Horserace Totalisator Board


    Conservation 29w

    Disease control 612w

Horton Hospital

    Property transfer 194w


    National Lottery 73w

Hospital beds

    Secure psychiatric units 503w


    Infectious diseases 195w



House insurance

House of Commons

    Conditions of employment 608w

House of Lords

    Parliamentary procedure (09.01.03) 374-8

House sellers pack

    Northern Ireland 689w


    Northern Ireland Prison Service 786-7w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 786-7w

Housing Act 1985


Housing benefit

    Antisocial behaviour 395-6

Housing market

Housing occupancy

Howarth, Rt Hon Alan


    Urban areas, Wales 664

Howarth, Mr George


    Local government, Per capita costs 384-6w

    Population, Scotland 511w

    Population, Wales 393w

    Public expenditure, Scotland 725w

Howarth, Mr Gerald


    Civil servants, Pensions 172w

    Military aircraft 50w

    Qinetiq, Finance 635w

Howells, Dr Kim, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept for Culture Media and Sport


    Annual reports, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 507-8w

    BBC, Independent producers 638w

    Broadcasting programmes, Independent producers 72-3w

    Capita, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 508w

    Christmas, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 241w

    Christmas cards, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 507w

    Consultants, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 710w

    Contracts, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 710w

    Green Ministers Committee, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 32-3w, 421w

    Horserace Totalisator Board 510w

    Industrial disputes, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 638w

    Licensing laws, Churches 638-9w

    Manpower, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 709-10w

    Minimum wage, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 710w

    Museums and galleries 74w

    National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts, Internet 508-9w

    Press, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 709w

    Procurement, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 507-8w

    Public lending right 710w

    Public libraries 710w

    Public private partnerships, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 509w

    Radio, Local broadcasting 420w

    Sick leave, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 711-2w

    Sustainable development, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 74w

    Television, Sports 74w

    Work sharing, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 710w

Hoyle, Mr Lindsay

                  Chamber Debates

    Foundation trusts (08.01.03) 192


    Falkland Islands, Armed conflict 636-7w

    Post offices, Chorley 152w

    Royal Ordnance factories, Contracts 225w

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