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Abbott, Ms Diane

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq (06.02.03) 461


    Higher education, Finance 425


Absent voting


Academic year

    Higher education 355w

Access funds

    Further education 307w

Accident and emergency departments

    Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust 229w, 454w

    Waiting lists 99w


    Chancery Lane Station 40w, 864

    Fees and charges 452w


Accountancy Foundation


Act of Union 1707


Adams, Mrs Irene


    Winter fuel payments, Scotland 132w


Adult and Community Learning Fund

Adult education


Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service

Advisory Panel on Country Information

Advisory services

    Dept for Work and Pensions 236-7w

Advocate General for Scotland


    Planning permission 421w

Aerospace industry

    Environment protection 20w


    Politics and government 304w


African Union

After school clubs


    Public appointments 267w


    see also Farmers and Farms

    North West region 24w

AIDS support grant

Ainsworth, Bob, Parliamentary Secretary, Home Office

                  Written Statements

    Animal experiments, Primates 46-8ws


    Airguns, Young people 705w

    Animal experiments, Primates 903w

    Animals, Clones 241w

    Drug treatment and testing orders 327-8w

    Drugs, Lincolnshire 249w

    Drugs, Rehabilitation 248w

    Firearms, Smuggling 774w

    Gamma hydroxybutyrate 328w

    National Hi-Tech Crime Unit 907-8w

Ainsworth, Mr Peter


    Asylum, Horley 70w

Air force

Air Navigation Order 2000


Air pollution

Air quality management areas

Air routes

    Government assistance 142w

    Palace of Westminster 885w

Air space

Air traffic control

Air Travel Trust Fund

Aircraft carriers

    Departmental coordination 300-1w




    South East region 41w

Al Qaeda

Alcoholic drinks

    Official hospitality 6w

Alexander, Mr Douglas, Minister of State, Cabinet Office

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    Ministerial policy advisors 49-50ws


    Central Office of Information, Standards 494w

    Civil defence, Telecommunications 267-8w

    Civil servants, Pensions 493w

    Civil servants, Recruitment 855w

    Delivery Unit, Manpower 4-5w

    Ethnic groups, Employment 494w

    Government Car and Despatch Agency 757w

    Government departments, Standards 268w, 398w

    Leader of the Opposition, Tolls 476w

    Ministers, Travel 494w

    Ombudsman, Manpower 5w

    Public appointments, Age 267w

    Supply estimates, Cabinet Office 349w


Allan, Mr Richard

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Office of Government Commerce, Information technology 5w

Allen, Mr Graham

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Birds, Conservation (04.02.03) 22-8wh


    Air routes, Palace of Westminster 885w

    Armed forces, Higher education 514w

    Government departments, Standards 398w

    Planning, Broxtowe 967w

    Plea bargaining 359w

    Police, Accountability 336w

    Police, Higher education 333-4w

    Prison Service, Career structure 252w

    Probation officers, Manpower 338-9w

    Secure accommodation 246w

    Specialist schools, Finance 432


    Industrial estates 968w

Alzheimer's disease

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