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Higher civil servants

    Pay 22-3ws

Higher education

    Complementary medicine 81w

    Per capita costs 550w

Highways Act 1980

                  Written Statements



Hinchliffe, Mr David


    Foundation trusts 763

Historic buildings

Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England

    see English Heritage

Historic Churches Preservation Trust

HIV infection

    Health professions 220w

HM Chief Inspector of Schools

    see Office for Standards in Education

HM Customs and Excise

    see Customs and Excise

HM Land Registry

    see Land Registry

HM Prison Service

    see Prison Service

HMS Fearless

HMS Illustrious

HMS Invincible

HMS Nottingham

HMS Ocean

HMS Sheffield

HMS Trafalgar

Hoaxes and false alarms

Hoban, Mr Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Bill, 3R (12.02.03) 939, 949, 956


    Asylum, Health Services 214-5w

    Health professions, HIV infection 220w

    Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Finance 110-1w

    Post offices, Closures 392w

    Sleeping rough, Hampshire 970-1w

    Taxation, Business 607w

    Victim support schemes, Finance 254-5w

    Visits abroad, Prime Minister 16-7w

    Women's Royal Voluntary Service, Contracts 114w

Hodge, Margaret, Minister of State for Universities, Dept for Education and Skills


    Education maintenance allowance 788-9w

    Education maintenance allowance, Redcar 89-90w, 788w

    Higher education, Bureaucracy 543w

    Higher education, Complementary medicine 81w

    Higher education, Cumbria 86-7w

    Higher education, Per capita costs 550w

    Higher education, Scotland 92w

    Higher education, Student numbers 93-4w

    National vocational qualifications 543-6w

    Student numbers, Medicine 542-4w

    Teachers, Training 790w

    Vocational education, Degrees 82w

Hoey, Miss Kate

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Church Commissioners, Land use 16-7

    Fruit, Nursery schools 432w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Correspondence 325-6w

    Iraq, Armed conflict 862w

    Post offices, Closures 663w

    Sports Council for Northern Ireland, Finance 933w

    Sportsgrounds, Northern Ireland 257-8

    Zimbabwe, Politics and government 360w

Hogg, Rt Hon Douglas

                  Chamber Debates

    House of Lords, Reform (04.02.03) 153, 175-7

    Iraq (03.02.03) 38


    Asylum, Lincolnshire 70w

    House of Lords, Reform 268-9

    Official engagements, Home Office 331-2w

Holmes, Paul


    Blue badge scheme 890w

    Higher education, Admissions 419

Home detention curfews

Home economics

Home energy efficiency scheme

Home Office

    Crimes against property 474w

    Greater London Authority 774-5w

    Telephone services 718w

"Home Office Targets Delivery Report"


Home Start

Homefirst Community HSS Trust


    Accident and emergency departments 312-3w

Homelessness Act 2002




Hood, Mr Jimmy


    EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council 145-6w

    EU General Affairs and External Relations Council 195-201w

Hook, Iain

Hoon, Rt Hon Geoffrey, Secretary of State for Defence

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq, Ministerial statements (06.02.03) 455-66

                  Written Statements

    Armed forces, Pay 22ws

    Ballistic missile defence, USA 11-2ws

    Unmanned air vehicles, Procurement 12ws, 21-2ws


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 502w, 862w

    Defence equipment, Procurement 52-3w

    International Military Services 400w

    Warships, Russia 635w

Hope, Phil

                  Chamber Debates

Hopkins, Mr Kelvin

                  Chamber Debates

    Aviation (Offences) Bill, 2R (07.02.03) 585


Horam, Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Electricity (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, Rem stages (06.02.03) 478-9



    EC internal trade (05.02.03) 407-16


    Planning permission 343w


    National Lottery 212w

Hospital beds

    St George's Hospital Tooting 596w

    Worcestershire Royal Hospital 664w

Hospital ships

Hospital wards

Hospitality Association of Northern Ireland


    Crimes of violence 670w

    Infectious diseases 104w

    Northern Ireland 118w

    Worcestershire (03.02.03) 115-26


House insurance

House of Commons

House of Lords


    Ministerial statements (05.02.03) 273-94

Housing benefit

    Temporary accommodation 522w

Housing Corporation

Housing market

Housing (Northern Ireland) Order 2003


Housing revenue accounts

Howard, Rt Hon Michael

                  Chamber Debates

Howarth, Rt Hon Alan

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq (13.02.03) 1063

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Severn barrage, Renewable energy (04.02.03) 67-8wh


    Higher education, Admissions 417-8

Howarth, Mr George

                  Chamber Debates


    Higher education, Complementary medicine 81w

    Higher education, Student wastage 546-7w

    Human centrifuge project 864w

Howarth, Mr Gerald

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Aircraft carriers 947w

    Defence equipment, Procurement 52-3w

    Inheritance tax 180w

    Inheritance tax, Tax yields 606w

    Iraq, Military aircraft 867w

Howells, Dr Kim, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept for Culture Media and Sport

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Act of Union 1707, Anniversaries 896-7w

    Archaeological sites, Cornwall 781w

    Aviation, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 551w

    BBC, Advertising 2w

    BBC, Commercial activities 676w

    British Library, Sight impaired 208w

    British Tourist Authority, Finance 896w

    Capita, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 676w

    Capital Modernisation Fund, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 782w

    Communications Bill 2002/03, Parliamentary scrutiny 895w

    Computers, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 782-3w

    Digital broadcasting, Rural areas 676w

    Educational broadcasting, Curriculum 209w

    Electronic commerce, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 786-7w

    Elstree Studios 3-4

    Email, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 783-5w

    English Heritage, Capital investment 209w

    Greater London Authority, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 551w

    Historic buildings, City of London 786w

    Licensing laws, Entertainments 552w, 785w

    Licensing laws, Fees and charges 782w

    Licensing laws, Public houses 552w

    Licensing laws, Staffordshire 211-2w

    Mass media, Domestic violence 895w

    Mass media, Regulation 3w

    North West Tourist Board, Lancashire 213w

    Official cars, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 553-4w

    Orders and regulations, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 552-3w

    Pay, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 208w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 784w

    Public participation, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 784w

    Radio, Local broadcasting 14

    "Review of the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard" 552w

    Telephone services, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 213-4w

    Theatre, Greater London 7-9

    Writers, Finance 782w

Hoyle, Mr Lindsay

                  Chamber Debates

    European Parliament (Representation) Bill, Rep and 3R (03.02.03) 49, 52, 110, 112


    Agriculture, North West region 24w

    Aircraft carriers, Procurement 285w

    Arms trade, France 739w

    Care homes, Lancashire 943w

    Cricket, Zimbabwe 386w

    Dairy farming, North West region 875-6w

    Foundation trusts 220w

    Future integrated soldier technology programme 741-2w

    Gibraltar, Anniversaries 55w

    Harrier aircraft 286w

    Higher education, Finance 87w

    Hospitals, Standards 229w

    Iraq, Weapons 857

    Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Waiting lists 106w

    North West Tourist Board, Lancashire 213w

    Prisoners, Correspondence 79w

    Railways, North West region 734w

    Royal ordnance factories, Chorley 64w

    Schools, Chorley 352w

    Schools, Finance 356w

    Smuggling, Wildlife 781w

    Teachers, Conditions of employment 192-3w

    Territorial Army, Lancashire 748w

    Travel, Concessions 13w

    Vocational education 91w

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