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Jack, Rt Hon Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq (13.02.03) 1069


    Arts, Local government services 4w

    Ministers of religion, Pensions 1w

    Social rented housing, Preston 579w

Jackson, Ms Glenda

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq (13.02.03) 1071

    Iraq, Points of order (06.02.03) 467, (10.02.03) 646, 648

    Members, Points of order (12.02.03) 867

    Transport, Points of order (03.02.03) 40

    Urgent question intervention (11.02.03) 775


    Jobseeker's allowance, Asylum 626-7

    Theatre, Greater London 8

Jackson, Helen

                  Chamber Debates

    House of Lords, Reform (04.02.03) 153

    Police (Northern Ireland) Bill (HL), 2R (10.02.03) 653, 675-6


    House of Lords, Reform 145

    Police, Northern Ireland 258

Jamieson, Mr David, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept for Transport

                  Chamber Debates

    Aviation (Offences) Bill, 2R (07.02.03) 611-2

    Property development, Colchester (07.02.03) 619-22

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Bus services, Young people (12.02.03) 278-82wh


    A14, Cambridgeshire 44-5w

    A14, Freight 35w

    Air routes, Government assistance 142w

    Air routes, Palace of Westminster 885w

    Airports, Police 34w

    Airports, South East region 41w

    Aviation, Exhaust emissions 43w

    Aviation, Fuels 457w

    Aviation, Midlands 39w

    Blue badge scheme 890w

    British Transport Police, Stress related illnesses 39-40w

    Bus services, Cambridgeshire 44w

    Bus services, Safety belts 139w

    Capita, Dept for Transport 886-8w

    Capital Modernisation Fund, Dept for Transport 887w

    Chancery Lane Station, Accidents 40w

    Company cars, Dept for Transport 272-3w

    Computers, Dept for Transport 887-8w

    Consultants, Dept for Transport 458w, 731w

    Crimes against property, Dept for Transport 363w

    Cycling, Road signs and markings 889w

    Delivery Unit, Dept for Transport 889-90w

    Driver information systems 40w

    Driving, Licensing 41w

    Electronic commerce, Dept for Transport 892w

    Email, Dept for Transport 732w

    Empty property, Dept for Transport 361-2w

    Exhaust emissions, Pollution control 620-3w

    First North Western Trains, Industrial disputes 458w

    Internet, Dept for Transport 37-8w

    London airports, Finance 619w

    London Underground, Public private partnerships 733w

    Lost working days, Dept for Transport 48w, 890w

    Members, Correspondence 45w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Dept for Transport 143w

    Motor vehicles, Licensing 735w

    National Union of Marine Aviation and Shipping Transport 44w

    Network Rail, Directors 458w

    Office of the Rail Regulator, Standards 274w

    Official cars, Dept for Transport 363w

    Official hospitality, Dept for Transport 140w

    Park and ride schemes, Birmingham 45w

    Parking, Dept for Transport 730-1w

    Public participation, Dept for Transport 732w

    Rail passenger partnership scheme 47w

    Rail Passengers Council 141w

    Railway network, Rural areas 274-5w

    Railway stations, Newcastle upon Tyne 273w

    Railway stations, Wales 46-7w

    Railways, Birmingham 46w

    Railways, North West region 734w

    Roads, Accidents 142w

    Roads, Gloucestershire 274w

    Roads, Lighting 275w

    Roads, Rural areas 142w

    Rolling stock, South East region 49w

    Ryanair, Compensation 625w

    Standards, Dept for Transport 48w

    Strategic Rail Authority, Franchises 144w

    Strategic Rail Authority, Liability 625w

    Strategic Rail Authority, Public appointments 624w

    Telephone services, Dept for Transport 367-9w

    Theft, Dept for Transport 144w

    Tolls, Dept for Transport 888w

    Tolls, Public opinion 888w

    Transport, EC grants and loans 624w

    Transport, Infrastructure 43w

    Transport, South East region 730w

    TransportEnergy 625w

    Travel, Concessions 13w

    Virgin Rail 45w

    Wales and Borders Trains 626-7w


    Radioactive materials 490w

Jenkin, Mr Bernard

                  Chamber Debates


    Armed forces, Deployment 59w

    Armed forces, Vaccination 170w

    Armilla Patrol, Persian Gulf 627-8w

    Armoured fighting vehicles, Training 636w

    Defence equipment, Thermal imaging 866-8w

    EH101 helicopters 743w

    Flags of convenience 741w

    Greenpeace, Marchwood Military Port 511w

    Patrol craft, Caribbean 628w

    Security, Ministry of Defence 635w

Jenkins, Mr Brian


    Motor vehicles, Excise duties 620w

    Schools, Finance 549w

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