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Leader of the Opposition

Learning disability

Leave of absence

    Speaker (07.02.03) 539


    Antisocial behaviour orders 763-4w

Legal aid scheme

Legislative drafting

    Parliamentary scrutiny 134w

Leigh, Mr Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    Aviation (Offences) Bill, 2R (07.02.03) 590, 592, 595, 597-8

    House of Lords, Reform (04.02.03) 154, 157, 163

    Iraq (03.02.03) 32

    Members, Points of order (11.02.03) 781

    Sunday Working (Scotland) Bill, 2R (07.02.03) 564


Leslie, Mr Christopher, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

                  Chamber Debates

    Local government finance, Manchester (06.02.03) 534-8

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Unitary councils (05.02.03) 125-7wh

                  Written Statements

    Electronic government 1ws


    Audit Commission, Human rights 575w

    Business improvement districts 10-1w

    Climate change 11w

    Constituency size 578w

    Council tax, Non-payment 326w

    Eastern region, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 578w

    Local government, Managers 969w

    Local government finance 345w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 12w

    Regional planning and development, South West region 14w

Letwin, Rt Hon Oliver

                  Chamber Debates

    Home Office, Points of order (03.02.03) 39

    Terrorism, Points of order (12.02.03) 867-8, 935

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Asylum, France 69w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Animal welfare 7w

    Home detention curfews 539w

    Passports, Forms 76w

    Social security benefits, Automated credit transfer 950-2w

Level crossings

Levitt, Mr Tom

                  Chamber Debates

Lewis, Mr Ivan, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept for Education and Skills

                  Chamber Debates


    Adult and Community Learning Fund 189-90w

    Construction Industry Training Board 689w

    Education, Trade unions 354w

    Further education, Finance 420-1

    Modern apprenticeships, Warrington 350w

    Primary education, Security 692-3w

    School leaving 90w

    Schools, Discipline 433

    Secondary education, Attendance 187w

    Sector Skills Development Agency 693-5w

    Sector Skills Development Agency, Standards 357-8w

Lewis, Dr Julian

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions intervention (13.02.03) 1046

    Iraq (13.02.03) 1071

    Terrorism, Points of order (12.02.03) 937

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 49w

    Ambulance services, Emergency calls 434w

    Armed forces, Deployment 60w

    Armed forces, Terrorism 68w

    Armed forces, Uniforms 632w

    Astute class submarines 52w

    British Military Powerboat Trust 628w

    Business questions 1050

    Emergency calls, Greater London 432-3w

    Greenpeace, Marchwood Military Port 400w

    Harrier aircraft 55w

    HMS Fearless 53w

    Military bases, Mediterranean region 58w

    Navy, Eastern Europe 634w

    Navy, Higher education 870w

    Navy, Hydrography 67w

    Navy, Tankers 68w

    Nuclear submarines 510w

    Sea King helicopters 50w

    Sonar, Marine animals 509w

    Swiftsure class submarines 67-8w

    Tankers, Procurement 512w

    Tomahawk missiles, Submarines 464w

    Travelling people, Caravan sites 542w

    Type 23 frigates 514w

    Type 23 frigates, Guided weapons 68w

    Type 23 frigates, Sonar 514w

    Warships, Decommissioning 744w

    Warships, Design 515w

    Warships, Repairs and maintenance 63-4w

    Warships, Russia 635w


    Strategic Rail Authority 625w



    see Public libraries

"Libraries Learning and Information in the Next Decade"


Licensing Bill (HL) 2002/03

                  Written Statements

    7-8ws, 55ws


Licensing laws

    Fees and charges 782w

Liddell, Rt Hon Mrs Helen, Secretary of State for Scotland


    Act of Union 1707, Anniversaries 900-1w

    Air pollution, Scotland 898-9w

    Devolution, Scotland 131w

    Employment, Fife 409w

    Fisheries, Scotland 127-9

    Hedgehogs, Hebrides 899w

    Manpower, Scotland Office 131-3

    Members, Scotland 132w

    Official cars, Scotland Office 901w

    Official visits, Scotland Office 290w

    Paper, Scotland Office 899w

    Scottish Parliament, Members 132w

    Telephone services, Scotland Office 900w

    Union of the Crowns 1603 901w

    Work sharing, Scotland Office 409w

Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    Local government finance (05.02.03) 391, 397


    Armoured fighting vehicles, Spare parts 170-1w

    Iraq, Armed conflict 66w

    Parrett Catchment Project 880w

    Probation and aftercare, Minehead 541w

    Probation and aftercare, Somerset 541w

    Probation and aftercare, Standards 339w

    Probation officers, Somerset 541-2w

Lidington, Mr David


    Agriculture, Climate change 371w

    Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust 435-6w

    Correspondence, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 147w

    Entry clearances, Pakistan 910-1w

    Flood control, Finance 375w

    Floods, Property development 160-1w

    Horticulture, Planning permission 343w

    Immigration, Applications 244w

    Incinerators, Farms 640w

    Inheritance tax, Farms 299w

    Junior doctors, Working hours 443w

    NHS, National insurance contributions 438-9w

    Slaughterhouses, Disease control 444w

    Strategic Rail Authority 138w

    Thames Valley Strategic Health Authority, Finance 593w

    Thames Valley Strategic Health Authority, Primary care trusts 594w

    Theft, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 645w

    Waste management, Standards 378-9w

Life imprisonment

    Sexual offences 913w

Life insurance

Light dues


Lilley, Rt Hon Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq, Points of order (10.02.03) 646-7


    Council housing, Rents 234w

    General certificate of secondary education 83-6w

    Gold and foreign exchange reserves, Sales 30w

    Hospitals, Standards 664w


Line of route

Linton, Martin


    East London line 620w

Liquefied petroleum gas

Lisburn-Antrim railway line


Liver diseases


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