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Lloyd, Mr Tony

                  Chamber Debates

    Local government finance, Manchester (06.02.03) 535

    Police grant (05.02.03) 302


    Iraq, Armed conflict 858

    Mesothelioma, Medical treatments 747-8

Llwyd, Mr Elfyn

                  Chamber Debates

    European Parliament (Representation) Bill, Rep and 3R (03.02.03) 94

    Police grant (05.02.03) 336-8


    Aerials, Planning permission 421w

    Aviation, Wales 850

    Freshwater fish, Conservation 280w

    Garages and petrol stations, Storage 378w

    Higher education, Wales 406w

    Integrated administration and control system 164-5w

    Legal aid scheme, Contracts 563w

    Magistrates' courts, Closures 729w

    Manpower, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 407-8w

    Members, Correspondence 405w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 407w

    Pay, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 408w

    Press releases, Welsh language 406-7w

    Probation officers, Manpower 540-1w

    Railways, Wales 407w

    Riot control weapons 777w

Local broadcasting

Local government

Local government finance

    Manchester (06.02.03) 530-8

Local government services


    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 281w


    see Greater London

London airports

London Stock Exchange

London Underground

    Public private partnerships 733w

Lone parents

Long stay patients

Long term unemployed

Lord Chancellor's Dept

    Industrial health and safety 127w

    Information officers 974w

    Ministerial policy advisors 974w

    Official hospitality 430w


Lost working days

    Dept for International Development 193w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 489w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 920-1w

Loughton, Tim

                  Chamber Debates

    Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Bill, 3R (12.02.03) 942-3

    Local government finance (05.02.03) 379-80


    AIDS support grant, Brighton 807w

    Airguns, Young people 705w

    Alcoholic drinks, Misuse 804-5w

    Alzheimer's disease 584w

    Antisocial behaviour orders 763w

    Asylum, Jobseeker's allowance 627

    Blood transfusion services 807w

    Blood transfusion services, Surgery 817w

    Bowel cancer, Screening 665w

    Child protection committees 584w

    Children in care 945w

    Children in care, Abuse 808-9w

    Children in care, Education 809w

    Children in care, Missing persons 586w, 808w

    Criminal Records Bureau, Capita 473w

    Dental services, West Sussex 820-2w

    Diabetes, Children 814w

    Dialysis machines, Asylum 806w

    Dialysis machines, Medical treatments 814w

    Entry clearances 719w

    Females, Dept of Trade and Industry 488w

    Floods, Telephone services 844w

    General practitioners, Homelessness 312-3w

    General practitioners, Vacancies 816w

    Health professions, Screening 670w

    Hospitals, Crimes of violence 670w

    Hospitals, Food 104w

    Hospitals, Infectious diseases 104w

    Immigrants, Algeria 707w

    Immigration, Applications 764-6w

    Iraq, Armed conflict 569w

    Kava-Kava in Food (England) Regulations 2002 816w

    Livestock, Transport 843w

    Livestock, Waste disposal 842-3w

    Meat, Smuggling 873w

    Medical equipment, Contamination 596w

    "National Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy Consultation Paper" 669w

    National parks, South Downs 482-3w

    Nurses, Employment agencies 225w

    Ophthalmic services, West Sussex 589-90w

    Patients' forums 594w

    Pets, Terrorism 147w

    Prisoners, Deportation 910w

    Prisoners, Pensioners 912w

    Secure psychiatric units, Sussex 946w

    Social workers, Employment agencies 944w

    Social workers, Greater London 946-7w

    Social workers, Recruitment 944w

    Social workers, Vacancies 944w

    Surgery, Medical equipment 828-9w

    Surgery, Negligence 669w

    Sussex Police, Manpower 780w

    Terminal care, Consultants 824-6w

    Trials, Youth courts 976w

    Written questions, Administrative delays 825w

Love, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic situation (12.02.03) 909

    Local government finance (05.02.03) 365, 372

Low incomes

Lucas, Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq (03.02.03) 37


    Constituency size 578w

    Higher education, Finance 427

    Iraq, Armed conflict 266w

    Railway stations, Wales 46-7w

    Schools, Uniforms 13w

    Students, Loans 549w

    Working families tax credit, Wales 617-8w

Luff, Mr Peter

                  Chamber Debates


    GCE A level 430

    Licensing laws, Churches 3w

    Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust 113-4w

Luke, Mr Iain

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Southern Africa, Food aid (06.02.03) 161-6wh

Lung cancer

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