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Oaten, Mr Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq (13.02.03) 1062


O'Brien, Mr Mike, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                  Written Statements

    Arms Control and Disarmament (Inspections) Bill (HL) 2002/03 46ws

    Cayman Islands, Constitutions 58ws


    Afghanistan, Drugs 720w

    Afghanistan, International assistance 720w

    Afghanistan, Politics and government 304w

    Al Qaeda, Radio 565w

    Arms trade, Export controls 10w, 391w

    Bangladesh, Politics and government 379w

    Bermuda, Constitutions 935w

    British Indian Ocean Territory 935w

    Burma, Political prisoners 936-7w

    Burma, Travel restrictions 565-6w

    Cayman Islands, Euro Bank Corporation 567-8w

    Embassies, Offenders 379w

    Industrial health and safety, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 8w

    Iran, Export controls 478w

    Iraq, International assistance 526w

    Israel, Travel information 570w

    Jordan, Human rights 382w

    Kosovo, Travel information 304w

    Members, Correspondence 477-8w

    Middle East, Armed conflict 381-2w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 382w

    Minimum wage, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 203w

    North Africa, Terrorism 10w

    Pakistan, Nuclear weapons 793w

    Pakistan, Politics and government 305w

    Proscribed organisations 305w

    Stress related illnesses, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 203-4w

    Zimbabwe, Passports 797w

O'Brien, Mr Stephen

                  Chamber Debates

    Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Bill, 3R (12.02.03) 941, 947-66


    Accountancy, Consultants 268-9w

    Business improvement districts 10-1w

    Child Trust Fund 602w

    Construction, Insurance 752w

    Consumer Credit Act 1974 269w

    EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council 754w

    Financial services, Insurance 600w

    Higher education, Finance 394w

    Investigation and Discipline Board 268w

    Police Standards Unit 778w

    Public expenditure 33w

O'Brien, Mr William


    Child support 635

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 764-6

O'Brien Clarke, Mario

Ocalan, Abdullah

Occupational health

Occupational pensions


Office for National Statistics

Office for Standards in Education

    Private education 89w

Office for the Supervision of Solicitors

Office of Government Commerce

    Information technology 5w

Office of Surveillance Commissioners

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

    Capital Modernisation Fund 967w

    Civil service agencies 12w

    Non-departmental public bodies 12w

Office of the Oversight Commissioner

    see Oversight Commissioner

Office of the Rail Regulator

    Public appointments 624w

Office of the Secretary of State for Wales

    Ministerial policy advisors 407w

    Telephone services 408w

Office of Water Services


    Dept for International Development 18w

Official cars

    CDC Capital Partners 654w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 553-4w

    Dept for International Development 370w

    Dept for Transport 363w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 393w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 408w

    Scotland Office 901w

Official engagements

Official hospitality

    Alcoholic drinks 6w

    Dept for Transport 140w

    Lord Chancellor's Dept 430w

Official report

    Rulings and statements (04.02.03) 148

Official residences

    Repairs and maintenance 14-5w

Official visits

    Dept of Trade and Industry 22w

    Ministry of Defence 400w

    Prime Minister 16w

    Scotland Office 290w


Oilseed rape

Older workers

Olympic Games


    Manpower 5w

O'Neill, Mr Martin

                  Chamber Debates

    Electricity (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, Rem stages (06.02.03) 477, 480-1, 520-1, 525

Opening hours

    General practitioners 311w

Operation Resinate

Ophthalmic services

Opik, Lembit

                  Chamber Debates

    European Parliament (Representation) Bill, Rep and 3R (03.02.03) 89-90, 93, 95

    Northern Ireland Arms Decommissioning Act 1997 (Amnesty Period) Order (11.02.03) 814, 820-3, 827, 831

    Parliamentary procedure, Points of order (10.02.03) 644

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Economic growth, Wales 847-8

    Police, Northern Ireland 259

    Pre-school education, Northern Ireland 560-1w

    Railways, Wales 562w

    Wales and Borders Trains 626-7w

Opposition days

    Economic situation (12.02.03) 872-935

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