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SA80 rifle

Sabbatical leave

Safety belts

St Bees School

    After school clubs 789w

St George's Hospital Tooting

St Helena


    Magistrates' courts 138-9

Salisbury Plain

    Water abstraction 464w

Salmond, Mr Alex

                  Chamber Debates

    Divisions, Points of order (04.02.03) 148

    Iraq (13.02.03) 1067


    Fisheries, Scotland 128-9

    Iraq, Armed conflict 863-4


Salter, Mr Martin

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Democratic Republic of Congo 791w

Sanders, Mr Adrian

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    European Capital of Culture 785w

Satellite communications

Saudi Arabia

Savidge, Mr Malcolm

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq, Points of order (10.02.03) 644

    Sunday Working (Scotland) Bill, 2R (07.02.03) 547, 562, 567, 571-3, 576


    Business questions 1054

Sawford, Phil


    Iraq, Armed conflict 866

    Sports, Schools 1-3

    Voting rights, Young people 432w

Sayeed, Mr Jonathan

                  Chamber Debates

    Common agricultural policy (12.02.03) 983

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Floods, Thames Valley (04.02.03) 49-51wh

    Tolls, Greater London (11.02.03) 191-2wh


    Air quality management areas 871-3w

    Iraq, Armed conflict 860

    Regional planning and development, Milton Keynes 417w


School leaving

School leaving certificates

School meals

"School Teachers Review Body Report, 2003"



    East Riding 91w

    Repairs and maintenance 432



    Higher education 92w

    Industrial health and safety 129-31

    National Asylum Support Service 75w

    New deal for disabled people 961-2w

    Winter fuel payments 132w

Scotland Act 1998


Scotland Office

    Official visits 290w

    Telephone services 900w

Scottish Affairs Select Committee

Scottish Land Fund

Scottish Parliament

Scottish Trades' Union Congress

Sea King helicopters


    Crown Estate Commissioners (11.02.03) 245-52wh


Seas and oceans

    Nature reserves 643w

Seaside and country homes scheme

Secondary education


Sector Skills Development Agency

Secure accommodation

Secure psychiatric units

    Per capita costs 471w


    Heathrow Airport 863



    Nuclear fuel reprocessing 492w

Selous, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Sunday Working (Scotland) Bill, 2R (07.02.03) 545-50, 564, 567-8


    Churches, Licensing laws 19-20

    Eastern region, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 644-6w

    Eastern region, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 578w

    Music, Crime 9

    Regional planning and development, Milton Keynes 233w

    Sentencing, Appeals 359w

    Specialist schools, Finance 431-2

"Senior Salaries Review Body Report, 2003"




Serious Fraud Office

Severn barrage

    Renewable energy (04.02.03) 63-72wh

Sewel motions


Sex change operations

Sex Discrimination in Private Clubs Bill 2002/03

                  Chamber Debates

Sexual offences

    Life imprisonment 913w

    Victim support schemes 254w

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