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Lloyd, Mr Tony

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Armed forces, Sierra Leone 632-3w

    Business questions 435

    Ivory Coast, Mercenaries 726w

    Members, Correspondence 941-2w

Llwyd, Mr Elfyn

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq conflict (18.03.03) 777, 821

    Local Government Bill, Rep and 3R (10.03.03) 58, 63-4

    Terrorism (11.03.03) 231-4


    Drugs, Wales 922

    Iraq conflict 285

    Small businesses 598w

Local authorities

Local Authorities (Charges for Specified Welfare Services) (England) Regulations 2003

                  Chamber Debates

Local Communities Sustainability Bill 2002/03

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (12.03.03) 309

Local government

    Accountancy 8ws

    Government departments 932w

Local Government Bill 2002/03

                  Chamber Debates


Local government finance

    Stratford-on-Avon 425w


    Health services 341w


    Local authorities 325w


    see Greater London

London Underground

Londonderry School

    Pre-school education 805w

Lone parents

    Unemployment 617

Long stay patients

Long term unemployed

Longworth, Peter

Lord Chancellor's Dept

    Consultants 157

    Crimes against property 860w

    Industrial disputes 351w

    Information officers 216w

    Ministerial policy advisors 546-7w

    Official residences 986w

Lords Lieutenant


Lost working days

    Northern Ireland Office 811-3w

Loughton, Tim

                  Chamber Debates

    Antisocial behaviour (12.03.03) 301

    Registration of Private Foster Carers and Child Protection Bill, 1R (19.03.03) 954-7


    Alzheimer's disease, Screening 96w

    Asylum, Children 77w

    Burglary, Crime prevention 968-9w

    Child protection committees 96w

    Criminal Records Bureau 307w

    Foster care, Allowances 340w

    Hospices, Children 659w

    Hospitals, Elderly 672w

    Hospitals, Repairs and maintenance 239w

    Junior doctors, Working hours 752-3

    Medical treatments abroad 243w

    Mental health, Exservicemen 344w

    Mental health services, Children 103w

    Mental health services, Iraq conflict 344w, 460w

    Mental health services, Young people 460-1w

    NHS, Negligence 246w

    NHS, Property transfer 459w

    NHS trusts, Pay 950w

    NHS University, Royal charters 419w

    Obesity, Health services 464w

    Passports, Languages 715w

    Post traumatic stress disorder 349w

    Prisoner escapes 473w

    Social services, Children 102w

    Social services, Standards 339w

    Social workers, Qualifications 468-9w

    Social workers, Recruitment 469w

    Tuberculosis, Nurses 350w

Low flying

Low incomes

Low pay

Lucas, Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    Newspaper press, Children (17.03.03) 733-5, 737


    Drugs, Wales 922

Luff, Mr Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Waste and Emissions Trading Bill (HL), 2R (20.03.03) 1164-8

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Hospitals (11.03.03) 56wh

Luke, Mr Iain

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Investment, Northern Ireland 273-4



Lyons, Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Fire services (20.03.03) 1111

                  Westminster Hall Debates

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