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National Asylum Support Service

    Clearsprings Management 67w

National Experience Corps

    see Experience Corps

National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990


National Institute for Clinical Excellence

National insurance

National insurance contributions

National Lottery

"National Minimum Wage Building on Success"


National parks

National Probation Directorate

National Savings and Investments

Nationalised industries

    Departmental responsibilities 869w

Nationality Immigration and Asylum Act 2002

                  Written Statements

    41-2ws, 53-4ws

Natural resources

    Democratic Republic of Congo 521w

Nature Conservancy Council for England

Nature conservation



    Military aircraft 386w

    South Korea 64w


Neighbourhood Renewal Fund


Network Rail


    Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast 314w

New deal for 50 plus

New deal for communities

    Termination of employment 991w

New deal for young people

New Deal Innovation Fund

New deal schemes

New Opportunities Fund

New Partnership for Africas Development

New Scotland Yard

    see Metropolitan Police



Newspaper press

    Children (17.03.03) 733-8


    Public libraries 193w


    Information technology 241w

NHS Estate Management and Health Building Agency

    Private finance initiative 553w

NHS Professionals

    Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 342w

NHS trusts

    Private patients 950w

NHS University

Nightingale Hall Farm

Nitrate sensitive areas


Norman, Mr Archie

                  Chamber Debates


    Doctors' list of patients 465w

    Food Standards Agency, Manpower 237w

    Health services, Children 454w

    Junior doctors, Working hours 751-2

    Local government, Manpower 109w

    Manpower, Cabinet Office 763w

    Members, Correspondence 391-2w

    Office of the Rail Regulator, Manpower 53w

    Speed limits, Cameras 424w

    Traffic wardens, Manpower 966-7w

North Cumbria Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

North East region

    Museums and galleries 14-5

    Social security benefits 917-8w

North Korea

    Nuclear reactors 360w

North Sea oil

North South Ministerial Council

North West region

    Regional planning and development 326w

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Police


    Free school meals 80w


    Child tax credit 26w

    Listed buildings 178w

    Working tax credit 26w

Northern Ireland

    Bill of rights 279

    Blue badge scheme 191w

    Compulsory purchase 191w

    District policing partnerships 31w

    Exhaust emissions 29w

    Financial services 192w

    Health education 811w

    Illegal immigrants 938w

    Intelligence services 966w

    Local government finance 892-3w

    Out of area treatment 314w

    Prerogative of mercy 895w

    Prisoners' discharge grants 31w

    Social rented housing 814w

    Special educational needs 191-2w

    Supporting people programme 814w

    Water 11-2ws

Northern Ireland Assembly

Northern Ireland Assembly Elections Bill 2002/03

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (13.03.03) 447

    Allocation of time motion, 2R and rem stages (17.03.03) 631-702

    Order relating to Com (13.03.03) 518

    Royal Assent (20.03.03) 1086

"Northern Ireland Census 2001 Standard Tables"


Northern Ireland government

"Northern Ireland Housing Executive Accounts, 2001/02"


Northern Ireland Office

    Information technology 805w

    Official visits 806w

Northern Ireland Police Service

    see Police Service of Northern Ireland

Northern region


Northwick Park Hospital


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