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AAT deficiency

Abandoned vehicles

Academic year

Accident and emergency departments



    Advocate General for Scotland 479w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 335w

    Dept for Education and Skills 406w

    Dept for International Development 145w

    Dept for Transport 135w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 395w

    Northern Ireland Office 874w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 476w

    President of the Council 248w

    Scotland Office 480w


Adams, Mrs Irene

                  Chamber Debates

    National Minimum Wage (Enforcement Notices) Bill (HL), 3R (28.04.03) 113-4

Administration of justice


Adoption and Children Act 2002


Adult education


Advocate General for Scotland

    Industrial disputes 479w

Aerospace industry

    Environment protection 178w


    International assistance 676-8


Agency nurses

Agricultural products

Agricultural shows

"Agricultural Use of Sludge"


    Import controls 458w

Agriculture Holdings (Scotland) Bill (SP)


Agri-environment action plan

Ainsworth, Bob, Parliamentary Secretary, Home Office


    Antisocial behaviour, Wales 521w

    Benzodiazepines, Misuse 354-5w

    Community support police officers 12-3, 353w

    Community support police officers, Riot control weapons 746w

    Community support police officers, Self-defence 745w

    Crime prevention 217w

    Crimes of violence, Females 220w

    Drug treatment and testing orders, Derbyshire 212w

    Drugs, Buckinghamshire 211w

    Drugs, Easington 747w

    Durham Constabulary, Manpower 203w

    Firearms, Amnesties 749w

    Firearms, Licensing 525w

    Forensic Science Service 820-1w

    Genetics, Databases 524w

    Graffiti, Magazine press 750w

    Greater Manchester Police, Inquiries 217-8w

    Metropolitan Police, Manpower 7-9

    Metropolitan Police, Vehicles 202w

    Orders and regulations, Home Office 218w

    Police, Finance 203w

    Police, Hackney 757w

    Police, Pensions 527w

    Police, Shrewsbury 757w

    Police, Somerset 201w

    Police stations 203w

    Police stations, West Sussex 203-4w

    Pub watch schemes 758w

    RAF Fairford, Security 219w

    "Respect and Responsibility White Paper" 207-8w

    Thames Valley Police, Housing 202w

    Transport police, Mersey tunnel 755w

    Victim support schemes, Home Office 758-9w

Ainsworth, Mr Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq conflict (28.04.03) 29


    Cultural heritage, Iraq 726-8w

    Iraq, Detainees 498w

Air force

Air pollution


    Spare parts 9w

Aircraft carriers

Airport tax


    Customs officers 617w

    South East region 303w

Al Muhajiroon

Al Qaeda

Alcoholic drinks

Alexander, Mr Douglas, Minister of State, Cabinet Office

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Ministerial policy advisors (08.05.03) 319-28wh


    Accountancy, Cabinet Office 173w

    Annual reports, Cabinet Office 43w

    Civil servants, Equal opportunities 338-9w

    Civil service agencies, Standards 42-3w

    Consultation papers, Codes of practice 173-4w

    Disabled, Cabinet Office 690-1w

    Discrimination, Cabinet Office 173w

    Information officers, Cabinet Office 43-4w

    Leave, Cabinet Office 43w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Cabinet Office 45w

    Office of the e-Envoy 692w

    Official hospitality, Cabinet Office 691w

    Official secrets, Cabinet Office 692w

    Orders and regulations, Cabinet Office 45w

    Parental leave, Cabinet Office 43w

    Part-time employment, Cabinet Office 174w

    Property, Cabinet Office 691w

    Publicity, Cabinet Office 42w

    Recruitment, Cabinet Office 173w

    Regional government, Cabinet Office 174w

    Secondment, Cabinet Office 44-6w

    Sick leave, Cabinet Office 691-3w

    Standards, Cabinet Office 339w

    Wood, Cabinet Office 45-6w


    Entry clearances 19-20ws

Allen, Mr Graham

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Consultation papers, Codes of practice 173-4w

    Economic and monetary union 817-8

    Iraq conflict, Divisions 557w

    Police, Standards 202w


    Alcoholic drinks 81w


Alzheimer's disease

    Prescription drugs 254w

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