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BACON, Richard (South Norfolk)
6. Overseas visits
14-22 February 2002, to the Falkland Islands, at the invitation of the Falkland Islands Government. (Registered 12 March 2002)
21-25 July 2002, to Israel, at the invitation of the Conservative Friends of Israel. (Registered 31 July 2002)

BAILEY, Adrian (West Bromwich West)

BAIRD, Vera (Redcar)
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Occasional cases as Queen's Counsel remunerated by the Legal Services Commission.
March 2002, I undertook a working visit to Ethiopia, all expenses paid by the British Council, who also paid me a fee. (Up to £5,000). (Registered 17 April 2002)

BAKER, Norman (Lewes)
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Fees from the Centre for Management and Policy Studies for lectures given to civil servants.
Fees from Mail on Sunday for articles.
4. Sponsorship or financial or material support
January-February 2002, a research assistant was provided for my House of Commons office by Forum for the Future, an organisation that organises placements for students studying sustainable development. (Registered 4 March 2002)
January-March 2002, a research assistant was provided by Regent's College, London, as part of their internship programme. (Registered 5 August 2002)
8. Land and Property
Part-share in property in Lewes which contains both my constituency office and my main residence since September 2000.

BALDRY, Tony (Banbury)
1. Remunerated directorships
Chairman (non-executive), XiMed PLC; pharmaceutical research and development.
Transense Technologies PLC (non-executive); development of tyre monitoring technology.
AKMA Solutions International Ltd. and subsidiary companies; property development refurbishment in the UK and overseas.
Medpharma PLC (non-executive Deputy Chairman); pharmaceutical research.
STAR Holdings UK Limited; the UK holding and investment company of Saudi Trading and Resources Company Limited of Saudi Arabia.
Chairman (non-executive), Blue Wings Aviation Ltd.; operating agency airlines between Europe and Central Asia and India.
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Practising barrister.
Executive Partner in Diamond Film Partnership; a UK partnership promoting UK film and television production rights.
4. Sponsorship or financial or material support
Annual donation to the North Oxfordshire Conservative Association made by Jim Perry, a constituent who is also Chief Executive of Transense Technologies PLC, a company of which I am a non-executive director.
I employ a research assistant who receives some funding direct from the Lighting Industry Federation, solely in connection with work that she does in support of the Associate All-Party Lighting Group.
I employ a secretary who receives some financial support direct from the Turkish Business Council solely in relation to secretarial and administrative work that she carries out in connection with the All-Party Parliamentary Turkish Group.
6. Overseas visits
3-6 May 2002, to Turkey with members of the All-Party Parliamentary Turkey Group as guests of the Turkish Government. (Registered 7 May 2002)
4-6 June 2002, to United States to meet members of Congress and members of the US administration to discuss international development. Travel and accommodation paid for by CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development). (Registered 11 June 2002)
8. Land and Property
A flat in central London, from which rental income is received.
9. Registrable shareholdings
(a)AKMA Solutions International Ltd.
Mastermailer Group Limited.
(b)3DM PLC, an AIM-listed company; owners and promoters in Europe of US patents relating to plastics in the automotive industry.
Transense Technologies PLC.
XiMed PLC (share options).
Medpharma PLC (share options).

BANKS, Tony (West Ham)
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
From time to time I buy and sell items of political iconography.
Fee of £1,000 received from Ernst and Young for a debate on the economy in Harrogate on 22 November 2001. (Registered 6 March 2002)
May/June 2002, five articles on the World Cup for Property Week. (Up to £5,000)
6. Overseas visits
1-4 September 2001, to Tunisia at the invitation of the Tunisian Government. (Registered 6 March 2002)
9. Registrable shareholdings
(a)Charles James Fox (Fine Arts) Ltd.
Sticklips Ltd.; cosmetics.

BARKER, Gregory (Bexhill and Battle)
1. Remunerated directorships
Director, Flare View Ltd.; property investment company holding freehold property let to commercial tenants.
Chairman, Haus Publishing Limited, Publisher of historical biographies.
8. Land and Property
Freehold commercial business park property in East Anglia, from which I receive rental income.
9. Registrable shareholdings
(a)Flare View Ltd.
Simplygames Limited.
(b)Great Portland Estates PLC
Scottish & Newcastle PLC
Electra Kingsway VCT PLC
Quester VCT 5 PLC
Close Technology and General VCT PLC
New Star European Growth Fund PLC
New Star UK Growth Fund PLC
Henderson High Income Trust PLC.

BARNES, Harry (North East Derbyshire)

BARON, John (Billericay)
1. Remunerated directorships
J T Investments Ltd.; property and investment company (no salary currently being paid).
Barons Property Services Ltd.; property services company (no salary currently being paid).
8. Land and Property
Two residential properties in London SW4 from which rental income is received.
Second home in the constituency from which we run the office.
9. Registrable shareholdings
(a)J T Investments Ltd.
Barons Property Services Ltd.

BARRETT, John (Edinburgh West)
9. Registrable shareholdings
(a)A.B.C. Productions Ltd.; commercial property leasing.

BARRON, Kevin (Rother Valley)
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Lay member of General Medical Council, for which a daily attendance allowance is paid. (£20,000-£25,000)

BATTLE, John (Leeds West)
6. Overseas visits
4-6 June 2002, to Washington, USA, for meetings on international aid and development. Travel and accommodation paid for by CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development). (Registered 19 June 2002)

BAYLEY, Hugh (City of York)
6. Overseas visits
9-13 September 2002, to the West Bank and Gaza, paid for by UNAIS, a York based development charity, to meet their development workers. UNAIS paid for my air fare and hotel bill. (Registered 25 September 2002)

BEARD, Nigel (Bexleyheath and Crayford)

BECKETT, Rt. Hon. Margaret (Derby South)
8. Land and Property
Residential rented property; flat in Westminster, London SW1.

BEGG, Anne (Aberdeen South)
6. Overseas visits
27-29 August 2002, to Norway, with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the British Offshore Oil and Gas Industry to visit the Offshore Northern Seas exhibition in Stavanger, to meet Norwegian parliamentary colleagues and to visit Statoil's gas terminals at Kaarsto. Flights, accommodation, transport and hospitality sponsored by UK Offshore Operators Association, Chevron Texaco and Statoil. (Registered 18 October 2002)

BEGGS, Roy (East Antrim)
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Councillor, Larne Borough Council.
6. Overseas visits
14-18 February 2002, to Gibraltar as member of a parliamentary delegation, as a guest of the Government of Gibraltar. (Registered 22 March 2002)
8. Land and Property
Home/farm in Larne.
Land including registered landfill site at Ballyrickard Road, Larne, Co. Antrim.
Land at Carnlea, Ballyclare.
Part ownership of land and property at Inver Road, Larne, Co. Antrim.

BEITH, Rt. Hon. Alan (Berwick-upon-Tweed)
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.
Consultant to Bourne Leisure Group Ltd.; a holiday park operator in Britain and overseas, on general and parliamentary matters. (£5,001-£10,000)
A regular column for the Clubs Journal of the Club and Institute Union. (Up to "£5,000)
6. Overseas visits
2-7 June 2002, to Norway, to visit Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo, accompanied by my wife, as a member of the British-Norwegian All-Party Parliamentary Group, sponsored by Norwegian Government and Storting, including off-shore visit to Oseberg C platform as a guest of Norsk Hydro. (Registered 13 June 2002)

BELL, Stuart (Middlesbrough)
1. Remunerated directorships
SpenView Communications Ltd.; a consultancy.
SpenView Publications Ltd.; publishing company.
(Both companies are subsidiaries of SpenView Ltd; see below.)
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.
Barrister (non-practising).
9. Registrable shareholdings
(a)SpenView Ltd.; private holding company which owns the shares of SpenView Communications Ltd and SpenView Publications Ltd.
10. Miscellaneous and unremunerated interests
Director (unremunerated) SpenView Ltd.

BELLINGHAM, Henry (North West Norfolk)
1. Remunerated directorships
Glencara Estate Company Ltd.; property company owning commercial and agricultural land.
Global Tourism Solutions Ltd.; tourism consultancy.
White Knight Investments PLC; AIM-listed venture capital company specialising in mining sector.
Lansdowne Advisory Ltd.; consultancy specialising in inward investment.
8. Land and Property
Forestry and arable land in Norfolk.
House in West Norfolk, from which rental income is received.
9. Registrable shareholdings
(a)Glencara Estate Co. Ltd.
Lansdowne Advisory Ltd.

BENN, Hilary (Leeds Central)
8. Land and Property
Part-owner of house in London.
Part-owner of small nature reserve in Essex.

BENNETT, Andrew F. (Denton and Reddish)
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Fee and expenses received from Banwaste and Newcastle City Council for chairing an inquiry on their behalf into their waste policy in Newcastle. (Registered 10 December 2001)

BENTON, Joe (Bootle)

BERCOW, John (Buckingham)
1. Remunerated directorships
Kent and Essex Wind Energy Limited (non-executive).

BERESFORD, Sir Paul (Mole Valley)
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Self-employed dental surgeon.
8. Land and Property
Private accommodation and surgery, Putney, London SW15.

BERRY, Roger (Kingswood)

BEST, Harold (North West Leeds)
4. Sponsorship or financial or material support
Premises provided by Leeds City Council at a peppercorn rent for use as my constituency office. The Council does not pay running and maintenance costs.

BETTS, Clive (Sheffield, Attercliffe)
4. Sponsorship or financial or material support
Sheffield City Council provide me with an office at a reduced charge towards rent and rates. Staff, furniture, telephone and cleaning costs are paid by myself; heating and lighting is provided by the Council.
6. Overseas visits
2-10 February 2002, to Japan for a conference with Japanese Parliamentarians. Half of the cost was met by the Japanese Government and half by the British Government. (Registered 8 March 2002)
4-6 May 2002, to Qatar, on behalf of the Council for the Advancement of Arab British Understanding, to meet Prime Minister and other Government representatives. Return flight and accommodation paid for by the State of Qatar. (Registered 20 October 2002)
28 May-8 June 2002, to Japan as a member of the Parliamentary Football Club, with a contribution towards the cost of the trip from Nomura Bank, First Group, T-Mobile and Waterfront Properties; hospitality and transport provided by Nomura Bank, transport by First Group; sports kit by Nike; and suits and accessories at discounted price by Burtons. (Registered 20 October 2002)

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