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EAGLE, Angela (Wallasey)
6. Overseas visits
10-16 November 2002, to Australia, for visit to Australian Parliament organised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Australian Parliamentary Exchange Council. All travel and accommodation costs were met by the Australian Government. (Registered 21 November 2002)

EAGLE, Maria (Liverpool Garston)

EDWARDS, Huw (Monmouth)
6. Overseas visits
28 May-8 June 2002, to Japan as a member of the Parliamentary Football Club, with a contribution towards the cost of the trip from Nomura Bank, First Group, T-Mobile and Waterfront Properties; hospitality and transport provided by Nomura Bank, transport by First Group; sports kit by Nike; and suits and accessories at discounted price by Burtons. (Registered 19 July 2002)
8. Land and Property
Two-bedroom flat in Monmouth.

EFFORD, Clive (Eltham)

ELLMAN, Louise (Liverpool Riverside)
4. Sponsorship or financial or material support
Provision of premises for surgery for constituents free of charge by the Lodge Lane Credit Union, the Eldonian Trust, St. Michael's and Lark Lane Community Association and the Southern Neighbourhood Council.

ENNIS, Jeff (Barnsley East and Mexborough)

ETHERINGTON, Bill (Sunderland North)

EVANS, Nigel (Ribble Valley)
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Owner of a retail convenience store in Swansea.
Consultant (including on parliamentary and political issues) to; a business news service company. Remuneration in the form of shares in the company (Up to £5,000).
Member of Board of Advisors to Mansat Limited; a telecommunications company.
5. Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
Complimentary membership of the gym at County Hall from Whitbreads.
6. Overseas visits
8 November 2001, to Toulouse, paid for by Astrium to visit their satellite manufacturers. (Registered 18 December 2001)
14-18 February 2002, to Gibraltar as member of a parliamentary delegation, as a guest of the Government of Gibraltar. (Registered 4 March 2002)
1-4 February 2002, to Kuwait as a guest of the Kuwait Information Office. (Registered 4 March 2002)
28 September-2 October 2002, to Bahrain, courtesy of the Bahraini Government. (Registered 28 October 2002)
7. Overseas benefits and gifts
Following my trip to Kuwait in February 2002 I received a watch from the Kuwait Information office, which I have donated to the Royal British Legion. (Registered 14 May 2002)

EWING, Annabelle (Perth)
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Consultant to Leslie Wolfson and Co., Solicitors, Glasgow (from 1 November 2001).

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Prepared 5 December 2002