Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Fifth Report

Annex C: Privacy law in other countries

AustraliaPrivacy Act (1988)
AustriaCivil Code (1811), Data Protection Act (1978), Data Protection Act (2000)
BelgiumAct concerning the Protection of Personal Privacy in Relation to the Processing of Personal Data (1992)

CanadaPrivacy Act (1982)
DenmarkPersonal Data Act (2000)
FinlandConstitution (1919), Personal Data Act ( 1999)
FranceLaw Regarding Data Processing, Files and Individual Liberties (1978)
GermanyFederal Data Protection Act (1977, 2000) amended 2001
Hong KongPersonal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (1995)
Hungary Constitution (1949), Act on the Protection of Personal Data and on the Publicity of Data of Public Interest (1992)
IcelandAct on the Protection of Individuals with Regard to Processing of Personal Data (2000)
IrelandData Protection Act (1988)
IsraelProtection of Privacy Law (1981)
ItalyLaw on Protection of Individuals and Other Subjects with Regard to Processing of Personal Information (1996)
LuxembourgAct Regulating the Use of Nominative Data in Computer Processing (1979)
NetherlandsAct Providing Rules for the Protection of Privacy in Connection with Personal Data Files (1988)
New ZealandPrivacy Act (1993)
NorwayPersonal Data Act (2000)
PortugalAct on the Protection of Personal Data (1998)
Slovak RepublicConstitution (1992)
SpainConstitution (1978), Law on Personal Data Protection (1998)
SwedenPersonal Data Act (1998)
SwitzerlandCivil Code (1907), Federal Law on the Protection of Data (1992)
United StatesPrivacy Act (1974), Freedom of Information Act (1967), privacy statutes in many states (see HC 294-I (1992-93), Annex 1)

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Prepared 16 June 2003