Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Fourth Report


72. The promotion of tourism is now to be organised under new structures. We would like to believe that these arrangements will improve the promotion of tourism. What we do believe is that there is a danger of further confusion rather than less, that the promotion of tourism in England will have even less cohesion than before, and that the institutions created by the devolution settlement will be tempted to go their own way rather than be coordinated with an unworkable whole. Furthermore, this potentially inoperable structure is made worse by the lack of emphatic, authoritative, and clearly recognisable ministerial leadership. This is not a criticism of the Minister himself but of the impossible task he has been given without the power or resources to go with it. The success of the UK tourism industry is crucial to our cultural and economic well-being. It is time the Government gave tourism the priority it deserves.

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Prepared 4 February 2003