Select Committee on Regulatory Reform Thirteenth Report

2 Introduction

2. On 13 March 2003 the Government laid before Parliament the proposal for the Regulatory Reform (Gaming Machines) Order 2003 in the form of a draft of the order and an explanatory memorandum from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (the Department).[1] The proposed regulatory reform order would amend the Gaming Act 1968 (the 1968 Act) by removing restrictions on the way in which money can be paid into, and prizes paid out of, certain categories of gaming machine. The 1968 Act would be amended in order to:

  • allow certain gaming machines to accept payment for play by means other than by coin, and pay out in non-cash means
  • allow certain categories of machine to retain a player's winnings in the machine for further play, and
  • dispense with the requirement that certain gaming machines must be able to accept payment for a single play.

3. The House has instructed us to examine the proposal against the criteria specified in Standing Order No. 141(6) and then, in the light of that examination, to report whether the Government should proceed, whether amendments should be made, or whether the order should not be made.[2]

4. Our discussion of matters arising from our examination is set out below. Where a criterion specified in Standing Order No. 141(6) is not discussed in the report, this indicates that we have no concerns to raise about that criterion. In the course of our examination, we requested further information from the Department about a number of issues relating to the proposal. The Department's response is reproduced at Appendix B.

5. The Committee was assisted in its consideration of the proposal by a demonstration, arranged by the trade association BACTA, of a prototype gaming machine which could be legally operated in Great Britain should the draft order be made. We are grateful to Mr Rolf Nielsen, of Gamestec Leisure Ltd, and Mr Bos Anderson, of Bell-Fruit Games Ltd, for their assistance in demonstrating the prototype to us.

1   Copies of the proposal are available to Members of Parliament from the Vote Office and to members of the public from the Department. The proposal is also available on the Cabinet Office website:  Back

2   Standing Order No. 141(2) Back

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Prepared 28 May 2003