Select Committee on Education and Skills Third Report


  9. In 1989 a new examination was introduced for 18 year olds: the Advanced Supplementary (AS). The aim of it was to broaden the experience of those taking A levels and its standard was to be the same as that of the A level, on half the content. This was contrary to the perceived need for an intermediate examination between GCSE and A level, and the AS was not taken up by as many students as the Government had hoped it would be.[9]

  10. The 1996 review undertaken by Lord Dearing recognised the lack of appeal of the AS and proposed a new Advanced Subsidiary examination, which could be taken either as a free­standing qualification or as a precursor to the A­level itself.[10] The new AS was to be set at a standard appropriate to the end of one year's study in the sixth form, thus similar to the intermediate examinations proposed earlier.

9   The Story of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) ­ Advanced level - Colin Robinson

September 2001. Commissioned by Statistics and Information Management Team; Communications and Knowledge Management Division; QCA. Back

10   Lord Dearing: Review of Qualifications for 16-19 Year Olds 1996. Back

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