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Education and Skills - Fifth Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 23 June 2003.


Terms of Reference


1. Introduction


The White Paper

2. Research

Further concentration of research funding

Dual support system for research

Review of the Research Assessment Exercise

Concentration of funding: a science model

Regional strength

The link between quality of teaching and research

Conclusions and recommendations

3. Higher education and business

Knowledge transfer

Foundation degrees

Conclusions and recommendations

4. Teaching and learning

Academic pay

Excellence in teaching

The Teaching Quality Academy

Qualification for university status

Conclusions and recommendations

5. Expanding higher education

Expansion through foundation degrees

Progression from foundation degrees

Higher education in further education

Conclusions and recommendations

6. Fair access

Raising aspirations

Access premium

Student retention and drop-out rates

Mature, disabled and part-time students

The access regulator

Conclusions and recommendations

7. University funding and student support

University funding

Differential fees

Graduate tax

Deferred payment of fees

The £3,000 cap

Different fees for different courses

Student support

Maintenance grants

Education Maintenance Allowance

Eligibility for the maintenance grant

Assistance with payment of tuition fees

Student debt

The interest rate subsidy for student loans

Conclusions and recommendations

University funding

Student support

8. Higher education in the future

Conclusions and recommendations


Higher education institutions invited to contribute to the Committee's inquiry

Formal minutes


Monday 10 February 2003

Wednesday 12 Februray 2003

Wednesday 26 February 2003

Wednesday 5 March 2003

Monday 17 March 2003

Wednesday 19 March 2003

Thursday 12 June 2003


List of written evidence

List of unprinted written evidence

Reports from the Education and Skills Committee since 2001

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