Select Committee on Environmental Audit Minutes of Evidence

Letter to the Clerk of the Committee from Jeffrey Gazzard, Board Member, Aviation Environment Federation

  Following the Environmental Audit Committee's decision to look at this important issue, we have submitted the following evidence by post and electronically, which we hope the Committee's members find useful and informative:

    —  Six page memorandum responding to the Committee's five headline questions[1].

    —  Copy of the INFRAS/IWW study "External Costs of Transport"[2].

    —  Copy of the AEF publication "The Hidden Cost of Flying"[3].

    —  Copy of the CE Delft summary document "Economic incentives to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from air transport in Europe"[4].

    —  Copy of the AEF/AirportWatch submission to the Transport Committee's Aviation Inquiry[5]

  We believe our submission and the supporting documentation provided give both the detail and context necessary to help make our views clearly understood.

  As the oral evidence given to the Committee recently by John Healey MP, Economic Secretary, on behalf of Her Majesty's Treasury shows, questions on the external costs of aviation almost always lead to a wider discussion of the role demand management could play in controlling and reducing the growing environmental impacts of air transport. This is why we have sent the Committee a comprehensive selection of contextual material.

  We would be very grateful for an opportunity to present and answer questions on our submission from the Committee's members in due course.

May 2003

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Prepared 29 July 2003