Select Committee on Environmental Audit Ninth Report


Wednesday 30 April 2003
John Healey MP, Economic Secretary and Mr Paul O'Sullivan, Head of Environmental and Transport Taxation, HM Treasury.
Wednesday 4 June 2003
Mr Keith Mans, Chairman, Dr Hugh Somerville and Mr Colin Beesley, Executive Members, Air Transport-Greener by Design
Mr Tim Johnson, Director, Mr Jeffrey Gazzard, Project Manager, Mr Brendon Sewill, Economic Adviser, Aviation Environment Federation; and Mr Nic Ferriday, Friends of the Earth
Mr Brian Pearce, Director, Centre for Sustainable Investment, Forum for the Future.
Wednesday 11 June 2003
Mr Alastair McDermid, Group Planning and Environmental Director and Mr Tim Hawkins, Strategic Planning Manager, British Airports Authority
Dr Andrew Sentance, Chief Economist and Head of Environmental Affairs, British Airways plc
Mr Roger Wiltshire, Secretary General, Mr Mike Smith, Manager, Commercial and External Affairs, Monarch Airlines; and Ms Vanessa Tamms, Manager, Competition and Regulatory Affairs, Virgin Atlantic Airways, British Air Transport Association
Tuesday 1 July 2003
Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP, Secretary of State for Transport, Mr Roy Griffins, Director, Aviation Directorate; and Mr Graham Pendlebury, Divisional Manager, Aviation Environmental Division, Department for Transport

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© Parliamentary copyright 2003
Prepared 29 July 2003