Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 80-82)

Wednesday 7 May 2003

Mrs Marilyn Day

  Q80  Mr Wiggin: On that, would you not suggest that perhaps the Government has quite a lot of responsibility? After all, they are responsible for the issuing of a visa or allowing people into the country or accepting whether someone is a student or not and actually the legislation that you would like to see brought in, from what you were saying earlier, some of it already exists and just is not being enforced properly. Is that fair?

  Mrs Day: That is correct and some of it can be adopted. I think with a bit of thought with what is happening already, plus some extra tweaks, we could probably bring the whole thing in fairly quickly.

  Q81   Mr Wiggin: And the abuses you were talking about of the SAWS scheme, that should be dealt with immediately?

  Mrs Day: Well, it should be dealt with because the thing is that we are dealing with foreign nationals and what are they going to think of us when they go back? What sort of impression will it give to the rest of Europe? Also with the enlargement of Europe, we are going to have a much more fluid workforce and, therefore, traceability is going to be even more important.

  Q82  Chairman: Mrs Day, thank you very much indeed for coming. Is there any final parting shot you want to make? There are journalists sitting here and I am afraid we cannot offer you protection when you leave.

  Mrs Day: Basically I just hope you go ahead and do this. There are one or two other agencies which still exist from those times and we are really keen because we do not want to see agricultural labour decimated and we do not want the training schemes to go. We want to continue the high standards we have in agriculture in this country and if we do not do something about it, we fear that it will be gone and we will never get it back once it has gone as there are too many hungry industries out there.

  Chairman: Thank you very much indeed, Mrs Day.

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Prepared 27 June 2003