Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Fourteenth Report


Session 2002-03
Thirteenth Report Poultry Farming in the United Kingdom
HC 779-I
Twelfth Report The Departmental Annual Report 2003
HC 832
Eleventh Report Rural Broadband
HC 587
Tenth Report Horticulture Research International (Reply HC 1086)
HC 873
Ninth Report The Delivery of Education in Rural Areas (Reply HC 1085)
HC 467
Eighth Report The Future of Waste Management (Reply HC 1084)
HC 385
Seventh Report Badgers and Bovine TB (Reply HC 831)
HC 432
Sixth Report Rural Payments Agency (Reply HC 830)
HC 382
Fifth Report The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (Reply HC 748)
HC 394
Fourth Report Water Framework Directive (Reply HC 749)
HC 130
Third Report The Mid-term Review of the Common Agricultural Policy (Reply, HC 615)
HC 151
Second Report Annual Report of the Committee 2002
HC 269
First Report Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (Reply, HC 478)
HC 110
Session 2001-02
Tenth Report The Role of Defra (Reply, HC 340, Session 2002-03)
HC 991
Ninth Report The Future of UK Agriculture in a Changing World (Reply, HC 384, Session 2002-03)
HC 550
Eighth Report Hazardous Waste (Reply, HC 1225)
HC 919
Seventh Report Illegal Meat Imports (Reply, HC 1224)
HC 968
Sixth Report Departmental Annual Report 2002 (Reply, HC 1223)
HC 969
Fifth Report Genetically Modified Organisms (Reply, HC 1222)
HC 767
Fourth Report Disposal of Refrigerators (Reply, HC 1226)
HC 673
Third Report Radioactive Waste: The Government's Consultation Process (Reply, HC 1221)
HC 407
Second Report The Countryside Agency (Reply, HC 829)
HC 386
First Report The Impact of Food and Mouth Disease (Reply, HC 856)
HC 323

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© Parliamentary copyright 2003
Prepared 18 September 2003