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European Scrutiny - Thirty-Third Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 15 October 2003.


Terms of Reference


Documents for debate

1 C&E (24783) Reduced rates of VAT

2 DOH (24598) Quality and safety of human tissues and cells

3 HMT (24811) (21814) Activities of OLAF and the fight against fraud

Documents not cleared

4 CA/SEJD (24782) Law applicable to non-contractual obligations

5 DEFRA (24189) Emissions of volatile organic compounds from solvents used
in paints

6 DEFRA (24788) Incidental catches of dolphins and porpoises

7 DEFRA (24841) Atmospheric emissions from sea-going ships

8 DEFRA (24846) Controls on fluorinated greenhouse gases

9 DFT (24767) Motor vehicle type approval

10 DFT (24831) Global navigation satellite system

11 DFT (24840) European Maritime Safety Agency

12 DFT/HO (24535) (24480) Pollution from ships

13 DOH (24835) Establishment of a European Centre for Disease Prevention
and Control

14 DTI (24786) Cross-border enforcement of consumer protection

15 DTI (24800) Implementation of the Directive on the posting of workers

16 DWP (24821) Social security schemes for people moving within the Community

17 FCO (24682) Promotion of "active European citizenship"

18 FSA (24763) Nutrition and health claims made on foods

19 HMT/DFT (24818) Road user charging

20 HO (24366) (24860) Minimum standards for procedures for granting and withdrawing refugee status

21 HO (24819) Access to Schengen Information System by vehicle
registration authorities

22 HO (24826) Assistance in the removal of third country nationals through
the territory of other Member States

Documents cleared

23 DEFRA (24244) Descriptions of organic produce

24 DEFRA (24844) Use in stockfeeding of substances having a hormonal or thyrostatic action and beta-agonists

25 DEFRA (24867) Community accession to the International Plant Protection Convention

26 DEFRA (24886) Protection of deep-water coral reefs

27 DFID (24336) PHARE pre-accession assistance programme

28 DFID (24385) Food security policy in developing countries

29 DFID (24623) Environmental projects in the candidate countries

30 DFID (24651) Pre-accession assistance in 2001

31 DFID (24660) Supporting institution-building in the candidate countries through Twinning

32 DFID (24685) Assistance to the Democratic Republic of Congo

33 DFT (24187) Safety of road tunnels

34 DFT (24864) Single European Sky

35 DOH (22514) Advertising and sponsorship of tobacco products

36 DOH (24719) Medical devices

37 DTI (24776) Liability in the field of nuclear energy

38 DTI (24809) Information on investment in the nuclear sector

39 FCO (24891) (24917) EU Police Mission in Macedonia

40 HMT (24834) Annual activity reports of the Commission's
Directorates-General and Services

41 HO (24630) EU policy against corruption

42 HO (24825) Joint flights for the removal of illegally-resident third
country nationals

43 IR (24850) Undeclared work

44 IR/C&E (24805) Taxation: mutual assistance

Documents not raising questions of sufficient legal or political importance to warrant a substantive report to the House

45 List of documents

Appendix 1: reports on Council meetings held during a recess

Formal minutes

Standing order and membership

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Prepared 30 October 2003