Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Written Evidence

Memorandum from Laura Quillia

  I'm from the US and I feel grateful how Britain has backed us up. I also feel saddened by the thought that the parliament needs to investigate the war. Many great things have happened because of the war. Many that Britain should be proud of. To say it was wrong is wrong and to try to give the Minister a Black Eye would be stepping on your own feet. Let the world remember you as The Great Britain who will help others who needed. Hasn't the war shown that Iraq was and still is in need of great help? It was under a horrible man and followers. That the WMD may not be immediately visible, but, wasn't it when we all found many tortured people, mass graves, no participation for the inspectors, the lies, the starving people, the homeless children and wife's, the victims from the leaders chemical testing, the poor people next to a leaders castle, money transactions that fed other countries and leaders to help support terrorists, the leader who took the poor peoples money and lied to the world of it's doing, the children that were jailed because they would not join their military, and let's not forget the constant reluctant French and Russia (what are they truly hiding)? There is much more that have been found maybe in pieces, but, when put together it spells WMD. I see WMD in all that I've said. Many it's not a big bomb but to be destructive it does not have to be. America was hit by planes, it wasn't a big bomb, but, you might as well say it was. Let it go and don't make yourselves look bad. The world is watching, Britain is a leader. There is no doubt time will be on Britain and US side. The world will stand up and thank all. Maybe, not immediately, but, in time. I know I'm thankful.

Laura Quillia

June 2003

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Prepared 7 July 2003