Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Written Evidence

Memorandum from Philip Miller

  It is sensible to debate the motion of war in Iraq even in retrospect. The desire or the requirement for going to war must always not be taken lightly.

  If intent and funds are provided with adequate learning any man or woman is capable of producing Weapons of Mass Destruction from factories, airfields and medical facilities besides research departments of Universities and electricity generating stations.

  These are under the United Nations remit to investigate the use of dual-use factory, manufacturing and medical facilities where the ability to produce weapons is also known alongside that of commercial use. Even recent surveys in the United Kingdom have shown that it is reasonably possible to gain weapons of mass destruction from fertilizer ingredients commonly used on the land.

  There is also the issue of the Iraqi super gun which we in Britain helped build. This is an example of the use of dual-use facilities, components for this super gun were manufactured to precise dimensions, much more so than is usual for their common use but accessible in any manufacturing factory that could produce them.

  Defecting scientists from Iraq from 1994-98 and in 2001 all described the use of strontium, tritium and Unranium 238 besides the use of heavy water which are needed for these to be produced. Iran also has a plan for six nuclear reactors for producing electricity today. Near the two central cities of Baghdad and Basra, radioactive containers have been found even after the war.

  The two scientists called "Chemical Ali" and "Chemical Sally" by the armed personnel would be able with their resume alone to produce nerve agents and toxins. The Iraqi Scientists who of their own accord desired the presence of Mr Saddam Hussein's representatives at any and all meetings and interviews because Mr Hussein had shown himself repeatedly able to remove any and all opposition, the mass graves and the torture centre near Basra found by British troops confirm this.

  The Weapons of Mass Destruction , their location and description can be explained. Dual use facilities can already produce them in the factories and medical facilities and physics research departments and electricity generating stations and airports in Iraq. The intent and ability to provide these can be found in the words and funds of Saddam Hussein witnessed by the media for some years. The actual presence of these amenities can be found in those who have produced them before, the Iraqi scientists and those who are defectors from the regime who were not in the country at the time but knew what was being planned. These scientist's resumes would make difficult reading for those opposed to war with Iraq because they describe the use of western universities and resources as with the Iraqi super gun where as with airports, unwittingly the west has trained those who would use and make quickly weapons of mass destruction. 45 minutes is about the time it would take a missile fired at Israel to arrive with a payload available from one of the six nuclear reactors being built in Iraq and now jointly monitored by the USA and Russia. While people are aware of war and how terrible it is, a much more serious one has been avoided.

Philip Miller

June 2003

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Prepared 7 July 2003