Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Written Evidence

Memorandum from the Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

  During my evidence session with the Committee on the FCO's Departmental Report on 24 June, [74]Sir John Stanley asked for additional information on three points, related to the Iraq enquiry.

  The first, how the attribution of the material drawn from Dr Al-Marashi's article was lost, is addressed in Alastair Campbell's Memorandum to the Committee. [75]If the Committee would like further details, Mr Campbell will be happy to provide these when he gives oral evidence.

  On the question of FCO staff working in the CIC at the time the January briefing paper was produced, it was headed by an FCO Counsellor and there was one other FCO official in the CIC in a support capacity.

  Finally, Sir John asked if we had considered the risk to Dr Al-Marashi before deciding to draw on his material for use in the briefing paper. As the material was already in the public domain and freely available from the Internet, we did not at the time consider that using it in the briefing paper would present a risk to Dr Al-Marashi.

Permanent Under-Secretary of State

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

25 June 2003

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Prepared 7 July 2003